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11-02-2016, 09:02 PM
Some fans find it weird of a human being female with an anthro humanoid sapient turtle being, hey anything can happen in the Ninja Turtles world.

There is some interspecies romances like Raph and Mona Lisa in the original show (lizard mutant sapient humanoid woman and anthro turtle humanoid sapient being as both are sapient reptiles before Mona was turned into a sapient newt for the new show), Raph and Ninjara (anthro mutant sapient reptile and sapient anthro humanoid fox being) and so on.

Nothing wrong with interspecies or rather inter-being relationships but ONLY if they are humanoid sapient beings, alien beings, mutant beings and magical creature beings (ala mermaids or gargoyles or vampires or elves etc.) which is ok but never to a four legged regular feral creature as that would be true beastality.

There has been plenty of fine examples of how interspecies relationships worked like Roger and Jessica Rabbit (animated human and animated rabbit), Vinnie and Charlene on Biker Mice from Mars (Charlene is human and Vinnie is alien humanoid sapient sentient anthro mouse being and both are sapient mammal beings who are consenting adults), Sally Acorn and Sonic (anthro squirrel and hedgehog as both are mammal beings), Star Wars humans and alien beings, Star Trek humans and aliens, Margaret's father and mother Denise and Frank on Regular Show (human being and humanoid sapient bird being), Howard The Duck and Beverly Switzler in Marvel's Howard The Duck comics, Carley and Beast on X-Men TAS's Beauty and The Beast episode (remember that episode? human being and blue furred mutant being), Lilandra and Xavier in X-Men comics/show (mutant and alien), Eliza and Goliath, , Nick and Judy (Zootopia and both are mammals), Hellboy and Liz in the movies/comics, Eric and Ariel in Little Mermaid, Madison and Tom Hanks in Splash, Hepizah and Consair in X-Men comics/animated show (human space pirate and alien humanoid sapient feline/skunk being), Minerva Mink and a human lover in a Minerva Mink fanfiction story series, Duckman who romanced with different mammal anthro beings/different bird people/even human ladies on the show, Batman and Cheetah on Justice League, Tigra and her husband in Marvel comics, Beauty and The Beast 80's show, Polly Pineblossom and that rich guy who was once a jerk on New Adventures of Mighty Mouse etc. all proved love has no boundries

I believe in comics especially furry ones/fanfiction/sci-fi fantasy stories even Star Wars/animation/games/Sci-fi fantasy films etc. that a person should have that right to love whoever they want to love as the artist or writer thinks so and i am a long time open minded person as i do support it in interspecies romance even of humans with alien beings/humanoid beings/mutant and magical creature beings in Sci-fi fantasy stories, animation, games, comics and fanfiction.

As Prince Lir in Peter S Beagle's The Last Unicorn (Book and movie) once said when he found out the loveliest girl he ever laid eyes on and romanced known as Lady Amalthea is a humanized unicorn "Unicorn, mermaid, sorceress, vampire, gargoyle..no name you'd give her would surprise or frighten me, i love whom i love" which is one of my all time favorite quotes.

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Yup, it's Jakesully, the 'Drome's Angry Old Man.

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They make it so easy.

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Jessica Rabbit wank followed by a list of 50 plus random examples? Yeah thanks Jake/Cropsy. You stupid cuck.

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