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11-18-2016, 04:00 PM
Alright, I know that we've had a gazillion threads like this already, but I figured giving my spin wouldn't help. With that said, I present to you...


COLD OPEN (Acts coming very soon)

*To those wondering, this scene and certain other parts are in subtitles, as they are in the Japanese language.*

We open on a murky night in ancient Japan, as Hamato Yoshi is returning to his village from a successful fishing trip. As he approaches the village, however, he drops his bucket, as he, as well as the audience, immediately discover that something horrific has occurred. Practically everything has been set ablaze, corpses of slain villagers are strewn about, and those who have managed to survive are in a mad dash of terror and panic from the executioners of the attack, the Foot Clan. After managing to fight some of them off, Yoshi saves a traumatized, manically whimpering man from collapsing woodwork. Yoshi attempts to comfort the man and asks him what happened. Though he is not successful in the former, he is given a one-word answer: "Saki". Struck with complete disbelief, Yoshi rushes back to his home only to find it completely wrecked, with broken pottery and torn curtains, giving off the impression that although we have just been subjected to a village in ruins, the worst has truly yet to arrive. Frantically searching for his wife Tang Shen and his four sons, he comes across a sight that not only horrifies him, but completely destroys him on the inside; the lifeless, bloody bodies of Shen and his sons, at the feet of none other than Oroku Saki himself. Taking the opportunity to revel in his heinous deed and Saki's utter misery, Saki says that he was rather impressed at the fury Yoshi's sons displayed at him once he "disposed of" Shen, even remarking that one of them managed to scar his face, though he states that he was able to deal with them fairly easily as well. With his despair slowly but surely turning into unstoppable rage, Yoshi lunges at Saki; however, right before we are presented the inevitable battle, the scene cuts to black. Following this, the Paramount Pictures logo is shown.

11-18-2016, 06:38 PM
With all due respect, there are already a few threads that you could have posted this on.