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12-04-2016, 07:40 PM
I know, another Krang thread but I thought I'd ask.

I don't mind if he's an Utrom but I felt the origin could have been different. He was banished by his cousin, Subprime but he seems so different from the other Utrom. It's not just his appearance but Krang doesn't have that slave mentality like the other Kraang do. Subprime willingly joined Prime while the others were enslaved. Remember it wasn't just Krang that was banished to Earth but his technodrome. But in 2012, there is already a technodrome in the 2012 universe. Why would Krang build a technodrome when there was already one. And Drakus helped him build it, but we don't see any signs of Drakus in the 2012 toon or other 1987 dimension x characters in the 2012 dimension x and vice versa except for the Neautrinos and they look nothing alike or act alike. He had rock soldiers like General Tragg that were loyal to him while Tragg from the 2012 version is loyal to the Kraang, and there was a war that was raging on near where the Neautrinos were after Krang was banished but we didn't see something like that in the 2012 version. That's one of the reasons why I think 3D Dimension X and 2D dimension X are not the same dimension. That and Dimension X from 1987 looks pretty different compared to the 2012 version.

I felt it went down like this

Krang was somehow immune to the control of Kraang Prime but is still bad. He ends up being an enemy to both the Utrom and the Kraang and was banished, not because he was incompetent, but because he was a threat. He was supposed to be sent to 2D Earth but due to a malfunction, he is sent to 2D Dimension X instead.

He's banished to the 2D Dimension X where he befriends Drakus who helps him build his own Technodrome, even using mutagen to create his own rock soldiers. He banishes Drakus afterwards and when fighting Neautrino resistance, they manage to fight Krang and destroy his body, but then escapes to the Technodrome using an escape pod The Resistance, knowing they cannot stop the Technodrome, decides to do a last ditch effort to stop him and send the Technodrome to another dimension. Tragg and his soldiers carry on the fight. I felt it makes more sense. They never said Krang was tried for war crimes and then banished, but if he was captured, why would they willingly send the Technodrome to another dimension where it can cause harm somewhere else. And if they captured him wouldn't that mean that war would be over? He said the war was still waging on long after he was banished. I don't think they would send a working technodrome to another dimension, unless they couldn't stop it and the only way they could get rid of it was send it somewhere else in a last ditch effort, sort of like when Donatello sent it back to Dimension X

Krang is banished once more and his founded this time by Shredder and then the 1987 show picks up from there.

12-04-2016, 08:38 PM
I like your take on it, Krang is no doubt one of the most fascinating tmnt characters in terms of backstory and its always fun to speculate as to what happened in history as the Warlord of his home dimension. I'm glad they didn't reveal too much about his origin in the show since it allows us to imagine it for ourselves, making it all the more interesting and mysterious.

Regarding your origin, I agree with Krang being immune to the mind control of Kraang Prime, and it seems more in line to have him banished for being a threat rather than for being incompetent. Obviously the Kraang would want to humiliate their cousin before banishing him, and what better way than to spread Propaganda that his idiocy caused his banishment.

I have my own headcannon regarding Krang's backstory, and I've written about it in another thread before, but I'll paste it here again. Its not 100% the same as yours, but its always fun to compare how people interpret Krang's backstory, this should be the thread for just that.

12-04-2016, 09:08 PM
Thank you :) He does have a mysterious past along with Lord Dregg. I also felt 2D and 3D Dimension X were different because Krang repeatedly said he ruled Dimension X and I could be wrong but I don't think he was referring to the 3D one. I feel it would have been cool if he was an enemy to both the Kraang and Utrom and he was banished because he threatened to overthrow Kraang Prime.
If he did have a robotic body like the other Utrom, it would be nice to know what his original body looked like, be it organic or inorganic.'

I was confused why Krang looked different from the other Utrom but it is possible that he could have been another breed of Utrom, just like different breeds of dogs, there'd probably different kinds of Utrom.

12-04-2016, 09:08 PM
Here's my take on Krang's backstory from the other thread:

1. Krang was originally an utrom that was related to Kraang subprime and the rest of the Kraang not as a literal first cousin of the same species, but as a different species sharing a common ancestor with the Nick Utroms, thus being biologically elated as cousins in a sense.

2. Sometime after Kraang prime mutated himself and controlled the majority of Utroms via a hive mind, Krang allied himself with prime voluntary like subprime, who never became a part of the hive mind despite being evil.

3. Krang became interested in the mutagen that Kraang Prime used on himself, having access to it due to his ties with the Kraang. Krang, however, wanted the mutagen to himself so that he could be all powerful and overthrow Kraang prime as the supreme ruler of Dimension X.

4. Krang often ventured into other parts of Dimension X (physical laws differed, thus making it Two-Dimensional) and experimented with his samples of mutagen there in order to avoid suspicion from the Kraang, creating an army of rock soldiers that were loyal to him by using mutagen on ordinary rocks. He also mutated himself into the large reptilian creature from "Invasion of the Krangzoids" in order to make himself stronger and more menacing.

5. Since the Kraang were busy fighting the triceratons, no one paid much attention to Krang's wherabouts in Dimension X and he was presumed killed or missing in action.

6. During this time, Krang got Drakus to build him the technodrome and did many of the things that he became known for (such as fighting the local Neutrinos who resided there and allied himself with inhabitants such as Shreeka during his conquest). Krang's intentions were to build a support network strong enough to overthrow the Kraang with himself as the new ruler, thus brainwashing his rock soldiers to worship him.

7. The war with the triceratons ended however when the Kraang blew up their homeworld. During this time, Krang thought it would be a good idea to try and overthrow his former allies. Krang saw the opportunity to use his technodrome and a large number of rock soldiers to infiltrate the 3D parts of Dimension X after the Kraang suffered losses at the hands of the triceratons. This came as a shock to the Kraang, who thought their cousin was long gone.

8. While Krang was able to put up a good fight against the already exhausted Kraang, he was ultimately overpowered due to the sheer size and power of his cousins. Outraged, Kraang Prime ordered subprime to banish Krang to 2D earth with his technodrome (stripping him of his body in the process to humiliate him). Subprime agreed, and made sure that parts of Dimension X controlled by the Kraang were heavily guarded so that Krang could never infiltrate it ever again with his rock soldiers.

9. Krang then met Shredder sometime on the Earth, and the events of the OT begin as we know them.

12-05-2016, 07:41 AM
I generally favor Krang being seperated from the Nick Series alltogether to be honest. His backstory would be best mixed up with his IDW background making him an Utrom and being a royal one on top of that. He is the prince of the Utroms so to speak.

But your origin story seems to be very interesting either way. :)

12-06-2016, 11:07 AM
I like aspects of both these origin ideas. Having different areas of Dimension X be controled by different factions or individuals makes sense. After all it is an entire "universe" which is bound to have anomalies of physical laws in some places. For that matter I don't really see ONE race/group/individual ruling over all of it. Maybe vast stretches if it, but there are bound to be parts they can't take over for whatever reason. Krang being just one ruler out of many makes it more interesting and plausible.

12-06-2016, 05:04 PM
I feel it'd be interesting to compare Krang and Kraang Subprime. Both are evil but don't have the hive mind mentality. I could see Krang planning deception and being both an enemy to the Utrom and Kraang, where he believes he should have his own rock soldiers and minions, while Subprime argues that being subservient to Kraang Prime is a better idea and I could see a rivalry between the two.

I could see both origins happening. Whether the Neutrino resistance banishes him after destroying his body or the Kraang banishing him and humiliating him by stripping him back to his original form instead of his mutated reptile form would be interesting.

I feel like it could have made an interesting story. If Krang was really part of the Kraang, why would he have his own mutagen, rock soldiers and Technodrome, when those things already exist? It makes me think he was planning to rebel against the Krang and have Dimension x for himself.

12-07-2016, 09:39 AM
I like your take on it, Krang is no doubt one of the most fascinating tmnt characters in terms of backstory and its always fun to speculate as to what happened in history as the Warlord of his home dimension. I'm glad they didn't reveal too much about his origin in the show since it allows us to imagine it for ourselves, making it all the more interesting and mysterious.

Agreed. Krang's backstory was one of the best things about the show. We still found out bits of stuff about him later on in the series, though, in episodes such as Shreeka's Revenge and Wrath of the Rat King.

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12-08-2016, 04:45 PM
using mutagen on ordinary rocks

Ordinary or depends on. I'm sure you just can't used it on ordinary rocks from Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Europa, Io, Titan, Triton, Pluto, Charon or any other rocky Solar System object. But Krang's rock soldiers are probably out of rocks from some extremely weird planet orbiting a Dimension-X star.

12-13-2016, 02:14 PM
Krangs backstory in the OT Toon was a mess, nothing else. It was confusing, contradicting and overall very sloppy done. IDW still is the best take on him yet. The Nick one i put in ( ) for that as he not really fits in there. He is made to an absolutely looser against Subprime and the rest of the Utroms.
It does not do Krang justice.

Heck, i dont think even Shredder called him a "Dingleberry" ever in his whole life lol.