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Hamato Yoshi
12-05-2016, 11:59 PM


And that's just US , take Norway for example (brief translation) :

"Every year food for tens of billions of krones is thrown away in Norway. Much of this food is completely safe to eat, and there is something seriously wrong when tons of food is wasted.

Now we need to put in place a ban here in Norway"

"The proposal comes after a new law came into force in France last week where is it now illegal for supermarket chains to throw food while it is still edible.

"We want to do like in France and fine grocery stores that throw edible food. The most important thing for us is that food that is fully edible should not go to waste and a ban on throwing food should help supermarkets in a big way and politicians realize the seriousness"

"Many supermarket chains have even initiated good arrangements to reduce waste but it's still too much food being thrown , 130,000 tons edible food.

"We know, moreover, that 10% of greenhouse gas emissions from the wealthy part of the world is due to food waste"

"There are simply a lot of good arguments to expedite this work"

"361 000 tons edible food was thrown in Norway in 2013"

Hit the nail right on the head with that article.

12-06-2016, 12:32 AM
Well I hardly waste food. I like to use up all the groceries or particular item before getting more. I even eat a lot of left overs if there's some from the previous day.

I am one of the people that tends to go by the date. If it's within reason like a week or so I'll eat it but if it's a month or over I usually throw it out. Especially if it's not canned. Still they should change them to reflect safety then.

We've used food banks before but some of the food we've gotten has turned bad almost immediately. Some things are on the verge of going bad. Some of the expiration dates are just outrageous. We're talking months old. Even worse some things have been opened and resealed with tape or staples.

Once we got cereal from a food bank. The bag itself was factory sealed but the box was ripped and taped back. I know this was done on purpose because the free prize inside was missing. :lol:

Not that it's a huge deal but come on. If it's a food bank crew member...how dare you take it but give away the cereal. Just keep both.

12-06-2016, 12:57 AM
This is kinda true and more people are guilty of this than they realize. You're never going to eat out your entire food 100%.