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12-19-2016, 11:35 PM
I wanted to start a discussion thread about how many Bo staff movie props that have surfaced over the last year and a half. Several collectors have pointed this out and I wanted to see what everyones thoughts are.

Leif Tilden who was the suit actor for the first 2 original movies has sold a total of 7 Bo staff's to collectors, and has listed another tonight on ebay.
he could have sold more privately but I am unsure.

When I had first spoken to him it was via private message on ebay back in November of 2015. I noticed a bo was sold recently in completed listings section and was saddened to see that I missed out on another movie prop.

I contacted him to see if he had any other movie props that he had also taken home after filming.

He stated he did have 2 other Bo's but he would be keeping 1 to pass along to his kids. I gave him my email so he could send some photos.

These are what he sent below
http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k27/exotik4doorcivic/IMG_1431_zpseio9dm1h.jpg (http://s84.photobucket.com/user/exotik4doorcivic/media/IMG_1431_zpseio9dm1h.jpg.html)

At this put I had some doubt as the screenshots looked nothing like the photos he sent. The leather was completely different. He stated this was due to the bo being one he carried around and they were made this way to have better grip.

I went ahead and sent his screenshots to show him that the bo had a chip of wood missing at the end and it had a twine style leather instead.

A week later I saw a post on Facebook which showed another collector had purchased a Bo and had it signed at a comic con. I contacted him to see if it was purchased recently, thinking Leif had sold it from under me.

He told me he had bought it several months prior.

http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k27/exotik4doorcivic/Screenshot_20161219-214517_zps1ramczes.png (http://s84.photobucket.com/user/exotik4doorcivic/media/Screenshot_20161219-214517_zps1ramczes.png.html)

I was starting to get suspicious and spoke with a fellow Drome member who has had a long history of collecting movie props. He was also a part of the acquisition of the full weapon set that sold. According to the property master only 3 sets of weapons were ever produced. The member pointed out the Bo for the 2nd film was thinner and had less leather and the one Leif was selling didnt seem to be real.

When I spoke to Leif he stated there were several produced and that he had one in storage that matched the screenshots I provided.

After a month or so of waiting he finally sent me a photo. This time the cord matched the style but the # of cross patterns was not right. Also the staff was stained a dark color instead of bare wood like the first film.

At this point I told him i wasnt interested as the leather still didnt match and that I couldnt screen match with the alteration of the wood. Leif noted the leather came loose over the years, and he was having it repaired. After I declined he listed it on ebay and sold it for about $3500. This was back in January of 2016 and since then he has sold 5 on top of the 2 that the leather was way off.

http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k27/exotik4doorcivic/received_1204679576238154_zpsvaabx8xb.jpeg (http://s84.photobucket.com/user/exotik4doorcivic/media/received_1204679576238154_zpsvaabx8xb.jpeg.html)

Im really not trying to slander Leif, and I can take this down if members think I am, but I wanted everyone aware that he has sold 7 Bo's and he continues to have more. He is now starting to add a hologram decal to the wood to show its real but this only confuses collectors who have already bought one previously. recently He even had Kevin Eastman and Michelen Sisti sign one he has currently on ebay.

http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k27/exotik4doorcivic/Screenshot_20161219-214225_zps4hoz2ao4.png (http://s84.photobucket.com/user/exotik4doorcivic/media/Screenshot_20161219-214225_zps4hoz2ao4.png.html)

12-20-2016, 12:49 PM
This does seem very fishy to me as well. Even if they produced over 7 Bo Staff's between the two films why would Leif get them all and why do they all look so different! :ohwell:

12-20-2016, 01:08 PM
Might be best to crunch this down to one discussion thread? I didn't even see this thread. Might be a better spot for it here than For Sale.


12-20-2016, 01:27 PM
Ya sorry I wasn't sure which thread catagory to put it in since the movie discussion thread doesn't seem to have as much traffic.

12-20-2016, 01:28 PM
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