View Full Version : Rabbids Invasion

02-16-2017, 09:07 AM
Anybody like the show Rabbids Invasion? And have you played the VR game?

02-16-2017, 09:29 AM
I've had a grudge against Rabbids ever since Smash Up.

02-16-2017, 11:38 AM
I've had a grudge against Rabbids ever since Smash Up.

You know, I still question what happened. My best guess is because of Nick buying tmnt.

When the contract was happening between viz and mirage, it would have happened during production of the game. So when bought everything, it meant everything probably even the videogame contract with Ubisoft; which meant from that point forward that they couldn't use nick's now tmnt without a new contract and that probably would have been more of a hassle.

Ultimately they were probably allowed to release the game as is, but of course it was an incomplete game l and because of that they probably added the rabbids as filler since they were popular around them.

At least this is the only theory I have that makes the most sense.

I mean Ubisoft stopped promotion for the game in the middle of the summer (aside from one trailer which were alternate costume) which would have put it about the right time for the contract (before the announcement in the fall

02-16-2017, 01:34 PM
I thought the point was just to get you interested in Rabbids.

02-16-2017, 01:56 PM
Yeah, they just wanted to put their own characters in. Probably because their low budget game only had like 10 TMNT characters.