View Full Version : What are your primary media sources?

02-28-2017, 10:34 AM
As far as international media outlets go I tend to read BBC the most. It's free to read their articles online and it doesn't feel intrusive(doesn't force you to disable adblock) since it's a TV network and not a newspaper, therefore they don't depend on selling information printed on paper.

I really like The Economist, but my brother hasn't lived with me in years(he used to subscribe to it) so I no longer read that on a monthly basis. And there's a free online article limit on their website.

Then I read Die Zeit at times. Always good to rust off my German.

I really don't read any others on a regular basis.

What about you?

02-28-2017, 08:38 PM
My Fire came with Washington Post site and lately I've been reading that a lot.

02-28-2017, 11:09 PM
I listen to news radio in the morning. And usually check Google news throughout the day, which collects articles from various sites. And then local TV news at night. I used to watch the nightly national news, but now I'm at karate every night during it. Don't have cable, so thankfully don't get sucked into any of those.

02-28-2017, 11:15 PM
Well TV and the internet. I don't actually follow any new source though. Whatever I see in passing or mentioned around.

02-28-2017, 11:22 PM
BBC news and facebook pages that usually link to the Guardian and Huffington Post.

03-01-2017, 09:33 AM
RTÉ and Newstalk.

03-01-2017, 02:58 PM
My Fire came with Washington Post site and lately I've been reading that a lot.
Kindle Fire? My brother owns one, I think. I own a Kobo Touch. But that one is strictly an e-reader and not a tablet.

03-02-2017, 05:39 PM
I love mine. It was an early Christmas gift last year from the mother-in-law. She got each of us one, but hubby barely uses his since he's only on wi-fi at his treatments and usually plays on his phone or watches their cable TV when he's there. I take mine to work with me every day and use it on my break and after I get off. I've even downloaded most of my D&D game book PDFs onto it for use when I go to my game group at the library. I even get games on it! The fact that I can check my emails and read up on the latest Trumpisms is a bonus!