View Full Version : David Goyer might direct Green Lantern corps?

03-17-2017, 07:25 PM

We heard last night that Warner Bros. want to put one of five projects on the fast track so that they can be released alongside Aquaman in 2018, but could Green Lantern Corps be it? Well, on the latest addition of Meet The Movie Press, Tracking-Board E-i-C Jeff Sneider revealed that David Goyer, who is currently writing the screenplay alongside Justin Rhodes, may step into the director's chair!

It's noted on the show that Goyer, "could very well wind up directing Green Lantern Corps himself," and that may not be music to the ears of some fans. After all, the writer's work has often proven to be divisive, while his crack at the superhero movie genre crashed and burned with Blade: Trinity.

Since then, he's directed episodes of Flashforward and Da Vinci's Demons, but nothing anywhere close to the scale of Green Lantern Corps. Handing over a project like this to Goyer regardless of when it's ultimately released is a risky move and one which may spell doom for a franchise in desperate need of some capable hands after the 2011 version flopped with critics and at the box office.

03-17-2017, 07:28 PM
Wesley Snipes as John Stewart lol.

03-18-2017, 02:47 AM
Wesley Snipes as John Stewart lol.

Haha, maybe he can finish the job this time.