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03-21-2017, 02:51 PM
There was chatter a few weeks ago about getting a big "production document/ephemera" thread going for the original TMNT films. Although I love props, I've always found production documents to be an incredibly fascinating look at the production of my favorite films. Nerd/Pop Culture Archaeology, if you will. We might as well get this party started!

Feel free to post scripts, treatments, production memos, notes, call sheets, schedules, conceptual art, storyboards, set blueprints, camera logs, candid set photos, continuity photos-- anything and everything! A word of warning, though-- To the non-cinema nerds of the forum, this stuff could appear to be pretty boring on the surface.

Technical processes, creative processes, the meshing and clashing of each, the boring day-to-day minutiae, business, legal, creative doodles, and everything in between. To us, it's a fun mix of nostalgia and magic. To the cast and crew involved, it was just another day at work. Old trade articles and behind the scenes retrospectives can only go so far, but in-depth production documents can really dive down deep into the information abyss that’s all but hidden to the regular fan.

The personal collection I've built up over the past 15 years or so is fairly extensive, and I 110% plan on sharing everything I can with the fanbase in the future. A good chunk of the really cool stuff is in the hands of the Turtle Power doc crew. As a documentary filmmaker myself, I obviously REALLY want to avoid stepping on their toes, but here's a fun taste to get the thread started off!

To other fans and collectors, post away!

First up is an interesting piece of TMNT history-- the cover letter attached to the first draft script of the unproduced TMNT IV project. There has been quite a bit of hate and misinformation for the project, even though very little is actually known of it. It had interesting ideas. It had potential. It didn’t see production for a reason, but some of the drafts aren't bad. It even seems that the story bones came directly from Eastman and Laird, something which I hadn’t known before diving in.

Also, the title page to Eastman's notated TMNT 2 draft script. The E&L thoughts/notes on SOTO are hilarious.

Much, much more to come down the road! :D