View Full Version : need help with TMNT Heroclix Mouser MAdness help and also idw tmnt board game

03-27-2017, 05:49 PM

I bought my gf Heroclix TMNT Mouser Mayhem. Seems like a fun game because it involves tmnt + co-op

Before we start buying all the tmnt varieties in heroclix wed like to get the basic gist of save splinter down.

Another question would be does anyone like that tmnt idw kickstart game that came out a few years ago? I see a great sale on it from coolstuffinc!
Please send links to youtube video reviews and or gameplay.

I tried looking for mouser mayhem on youtube, but I know the people playing the game are playing wrong (even somebody commented on their gameplay!)

thanks in advance! I am in chicago so if you know of any good deals on heroclix please let me know thanks

Here are my questions

I was able to play a game of hero clix mouser mayhem with her and friends! We survived 12 rounds and successfully saved Splinter, however I feel we played wrong.

Here are my questions

Turtles and actions.

Do I need to place action tokens underneath my turtles and casey/splinter in the scenario games? It does not say if this is required in the scenarios. We played without. It seems like you are able to do so specially for these games since I cannot use willpower...

Mouser movement. I wish I knew how to upload photos, but I have a question on how the mousers move. Do the mousers need to ALWAYS to move towards Splinter? My friends thought the mousers would need to move close to the turtles if there were only 2 squares away? I think the mousers should always move towards splinter unless a turtle is standing in their way.

Do mousers/rats blow up with critical miss?

DO the mousers and rats simply die if they roll snake eyes? We have been playing that way, but am not sure if it's the correct way to play.

I may have more questions later, but these are my main concerns because all 3 will greatly influence the game and "MY TURTLES" would like to win honorably.