View Full Version : How would you want the character to appear in animation?

04-01-2017, 07:20 AM
Here's an example

If I wanted Krang to show up in an animated show, this is what I would want.

To be voiced by Pat Fraley

to have the IDW design. The 80s design was so outlandish and memorable and weird, but the IDW design I think is the coolest and most practical. Krang is up near chest level instead of being in the stomach area and even has a glass shield to protect him

To have the backstory of his vicious warlord life in the 80s cartoon as well as personality. Still being a vicious warlord, but not so dark that he doesn't have a sense of humor or even breaks the 4th wall like he did in the 80s

I'd like the Technodrome to have the Turtles Forever design. I love all the versions of the technodrome but I think this design would be the best to me

He had weapons pop out of him in the IDW comics but I would prefer it if his arms actually shape shifted into weapons and tools.

I'd want him to be formidable, where he would be made of Adamantium, just like Chrome Dome and the ability to grow into a giant like the 80s cartoon. I think all in all this would be a pretty cool version of Krang, especially if he was animated.

Is there any character you would like to be designed a certain way or to be voiced by someone, or to have certain abilities from other tmnt comics, shows or movies if a different tmnt show was coming on, especially a darker one?

For example , one would like the 2012 version of Baxter Stockman the fly, but would prefer him to be voiced by Pat Fraley. These are just hypothetical of course

04-01-2017, 03:22 PM
I really want to see Pimiko in animation.

A. She deserves another take. More specifically, a new version without the Extreme 90's/Dominatrix motif.

B. The spawn of Oroku Saki is a cool concept and there's plenty of directions to take it, but Pimiko allows Karai to be her own character.