View Full Version : [Make Offer] Interest: 6/7 inch scale Cartoon/Screen accurate COWboys of Moo Mesa

04-20-2017, 11:19 AM
Hey everyone. With an immense surge in companies doing screen accurate (or close) figures such as MOTU classics, Thundercats and the most recent FigureArts turtles, I am entertaining trying to make this happen for Moo Mesa. We got the tiysnfrom the 90s sure, but screen accurate incarnations of these characters have always been a major want of mine.

I'm working, and have been for the last year, on Dinosaucers figures and want another project. Hopefully I can convince Ryan Brown to grant me the license and we can do a crowdfunding campaign to make these official. Interest will need to be shown to try and convince him so if you'd like a Moo Montana to stand next to your figure arts turtles, speak up, share and lets see what we can do.

I'm currently gauging on my FB page Facebook.com/MasterTurtleCustoms as well as Twitter and Instagram. Search TheMasterTurtle or MasterTurtleCustoms


04-20-2017, 07:14 PM
If this could be done to where the figures would be affordable I'd be all in. Whether or not that could be done I have my doubts.