View Full Version : [Want to Buy] WANTED RARE Fred Wolf TMNT Season 5 DVD

05-06-2017, 05:03 PM
Apparently Lionsgate re-released TMNT Original Series Season 5 in a regular DVD case without that stupid gimmick pizza box packaging. 2 copies Have shown up on ebay in the last 2 months and I missed out. I have went to nearly every store in town with no luck. One copy sold from NJ and one from GA. It is obvious that both copies from ebay had the same price tag residue on them so they came from the same chain. Now *which* chain is what I need to know. Neither Ebay seller would tell me where they found it (that would be too easy) so now I am asking here: HAS ANYBODY SEEN ME? Here are links to the ended ebay auctions:


http://www.ebay.com/itm/TMNT-Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Original-Series-Season-5-DVD-New-Sealed-/262843549101?hash=item3d32b245ad:g:02QAAOSw4DJYm4P 8

If you've seen this PLEASE tell me where. If by some chance you have this still brand new and want to make a killer profit PLEASE let me know. I've spent two months trying to find a 5.00 DVD, i'm ready to just throw money at this problem now and move on.

05-06-2017, 05:31 PM
Think Wally world has this not sure if image is actual item though so I may just be wasting your time

05-06-2017, 06:03 PM
I appreciate the reply. I am not sure, I ordered 2 copies from amazon about 3 weeks ago because their listing says "non enhanced packaging" and sure enough they sent me 2 of the thick pizza box packaging. I am not really sure why I have had this much trouble finding this. My guess is that these are showing up at some off the wall retail outlet and I just haven't made it that far yet. These 2 sellers act like they are ashamed to tell me where they got them, maybe I should try the Dollar Tree lol.

05-10-2017, 02:37 PM
Drove 4 hours to another state today and found four copies! Thanks anyway

05-10-2017, 03:01 PM
Damn, did you make that 4 hour drive solely for the DVD?

05-10-2017, 05:36 PM
Don't mind him, NoPressApril. Powder is just a casual, he won't understand the need.

05-10-2017, 10:59 PM
Damn, did you make that 4 hour drive solely for the DVD?

Yes I did. I love physical media and I buy two of each FW TMNT dvd. A collector copy and a watcher copy. I hate the original packaging and the turtle van set. I want a set of regular dvds in normal dvd packaging and slowly Lionsgate is getting it done. It took me nearly two months of searching before even finding out which retail outlet they were coming through so I just turned it into a day with the bf and we had a blast.😀

05-10-2017, 11:15 PM
Impressive, that's dedication.

05-11-2017, 08:05 AM
I'll confess I loved the unorthodox "pizza box" packaging. The only I hated was the lack of a disc-specific episode listing. I printed up a custom one and inserted it into the pizza box. Works pretty well.

I guess the only original series dVd packaging I disliked was the Season 4 slip cover for being so over-the-top and space consuming. The Season 7 gimmick of the mini-figures was nice, but for those interested in the episodes, I think the 4-disc sleeve-case set was the way to go.