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05-11-2017, 03:38 PM
Hey. I've seen other people post here when they want someone to RP with, so you know what, I'm gonna do it too and if there's some kind of issue with me asking then just let me know or something I guess.

Anyway I'm looking for people interested in RPing under the following rules:

18 or older and okay with RPing in the presence of rampant sexual activity [not 100% of the time, but "worst case scenario" [s]more like best]
Won't bitch when other people RP **** you don't like. If you think m/m buttsex is disgusting or that poly people are all cheaters, and intend on saying something about it when other members of the group are playing it when your character is not being touched at all, we don't want you
Have a Discord account or are willing to create one, we discuss OOC over it

Basically I run a group that does chat-based RP with a lot of sexual elements, IC parties, and everything your mother would disown you for RPing and everything your boss will fire you for. Despite needing to read and write like a capable adult, we don't take ourselves very seriously I'm just acting rather strict in this presentation because nobody in this section can write to save their life. RP is a writing based hobby and you're expected to use proper sentence structure and not litter your reply with typos.

Post length can vary widely; write as much as you need to for the moment. Character choice is loose, pick a canon, make an OC, apply an AU to a canon, play the same canon as somebody else, I don't care, but don't give anyone else **** for whatever they're playing because you're probably considering a turtle so don't call the kettle black.

I'm not looking for particular characters, just people that think they'd fit into this space and would have fun with us. Just reply here or PM me if you don't want the entire Drome knowing you're interested in my Weird Sex Things. [Btw, characters under 16 aren't allowed to partake in the weird sex things. They can be played, but have to leave the scene when adult things are happening, so they are limited in what they can do; we'd prefer a primary character that is an adult due to this but there's currently no cap on how many characters you can play.]

Also, genre-wise, I'd classify it as a Slice of Life long-term play with comedic and dramatic elements present, with a vague setting that appears to be modern if not a few years into the future. The primary IC hub is something of a nexus.

The group's needed more people for a long long time now, desperately, so I hope someone gives this a look because gdi I spent time writing this and I don't want it to go totally ignored. If someone is reading this in the future where this thread is ancient PM me anyway because damn it I'm always interested as long as you can write and aren't a jerk. [That's surprisingly hard to find in RPers.] You can at least have a guarantee we won't die though because we've been around for long enough that nobody is going to let it. :lol:

Lethal Lullaby
05-12-2017, 05:21 AM
I might consider making a Discord for this.

05-12-2017, 10:50 AM
Discord is a pretty nifty app. Uses up less system resources than Skype and group chat servers can have several channels. And the best part [for me] is that it operates exactly the same whether you're in browser or using the downloaded app, and messages sync across everything great, so when I hop from one device to another I don't miss any messages.

The only thing I dislike about it is that in order to add people you need their username and a unique 4-digit number Discord assigns to your account since more than one person can use the same name. Which makes it kinda a double-edged sword I guess, but I wish you could just add people via their email.

Machias Banshee
05-13-2017, 07:44 PM
For the sake of keeping this thread from turning into a trollfest, I'm just gonna close it and ask everyone to PM Netkeeper and keep it off the forums..