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I thought about this thread for a while. I am of DC preference and a Batfan. I have a love of the villain side as well and thought about posting pieces about various villains in the DC Universe and discussing the different ones that I post or whatever you all post a write up on. The frequency of the villains I post will depend upon participation. Hope you like the idea.

I will start with a reluctant villain,Blockbuster (Mark Desmond). He first appeared in Detective Comics#345(1965) and reoccurred until his death in 1987 22 years later. He was once a chemist who ingested a steroid he developed to give him super strength. The reason why he wanted super strength was never explained. Despite not being a true villain he was incorporated into the villain team Secret Society of Super Villains to act as the team's muscle. Mark had a history of being used by others. Originally his older brother a low level criminal in the Gotham underworld,Roland took advantage for financial gain and against Batman once Batman and Robin got involved. From that point on an interesting yet strange plot twist developed. Mark is near mindless capabilities saw Batman as trying to hurt him so he wanted to kill Batman for harming him. However, when they middle school aged Mark was an acquaintance of Bruce Wayne who saved him from drowning.Somehow after his accidental mutation he remembers this and when Bruce removes his cowl he stops his rampage to kill Batman. He listens to only Bruce Wayne and his brother Roland. An interesting side note is that Roland was held off by Dick "Robin" Grayson in his first appearance alongside his behemoth brother and thirty two years later they will face each other multiple times over Roland's control of Bludhaven. After his involvement with the super villain organization he would try to help a suicidal woman in her twenties on Christmas Eve. He apparently died when saving her after Batman misunderstood the situation from the nearly nonverbal monster. He washed up on the shore of northern Virginia and wondered into a West Virginia mining town where was taken in and found peace. X years later he was recruited by the government to join the Suicide Squad despite not having any prison sentence to work off. Perhaps a cure for his condition was offered for his participation? I am honestly not sure. In the inception mission Blockbuster was killed off against the Brimstone creature saving the day for the Suicide Squad. After that he did appear except for a flashback story in Batgirl Year One which depicted Robin (Dick Grayson) and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) stopping him from derailing a subway train and harming the passengers. I am curious of the level of super strength of Blockbuster compared to others. He held his own if not overpowered Superwoman who I would believe would have equal the super strength of her counterpart Wonder Woman. Especially when compared to the other two muscle focused Bat Rogues Killer Croc and Bane. During most of Mark's 22 year run as a reluctant villain he was the lone muscle focused villain in the Batman Rogues Gallery.

Ironically his brother was dusted off and he suffered an accident to become just like his brother was. However, Roland unlike Mark was truly evil. A couple of years after he was mutated he sold his sold to Neron to become hyper intelligent to match his super strength Perhaps aside from gaining a Kingpin-like role over Gotham's little sister city, his best arc was when he put a hit on Oracle(Barbara Gordon)'s head for her hacking into his crime syndicate's computer mainframe and taking all of his resources away. Roland like his brother would be killed off. Roland's death was controversial for Dick Grayson because Nightwing allowed for it to happen instead of stop it. This would be played up again in Blackest Night when everyone's demons are revisited with the zombie Black Lantern Corps.

The New 52 came and went and during that time Mark Desmond as Blockbuster was back from the dead more than a quarter century after being dead to fight low level heroes Hawk and DOve alongside c-list Batman villain Signal Man never to be seen again before the Rebirth. Roland is back as Blockbuster instead as Dick Grayson recent encountered him. Will Roland serve as Nightwing's archenemy? Time will tell.

In other media I believe Blockbuster I was used to serve as a background character alongside KGBeast during the Bat-embargo in the SSoV in Justice League's final season and used as a fairly minor character in Batman:The Brace and The Bold. Roland appeared as Penguin's right-hand man in the recent Batman:The Telltale Series. While Blockbuster has had other media exposure he never got a prominent role in anything to date.

Should the reluctant villain that was Blockbuster I be brought back full time or is Roland, the evil brother a more effective villain? Thoughts on the Blockbuster brothers?

http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/marvel_dc/images/8/87/Blockbuster_Mark_Desmond_0001.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20141022061601 Mark Desmond aka Blockbuster I
http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/villains/images/c/c9/Roland_Desmond.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20101010094215 Roland Desmond aka Blockbuster II
Roland Desmond pre-mutation.

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I only know Blockbuster from the original Nightwing run. Apparently they're bringing him back for the current Nightwing title, which feels awfully retread...

I'd read on Wikipedia that he was really Blockbuster II, but never came across the old stuff or the first brother in any of my reading.

06-14-2017, 06:49 PM
I only know Blockbuster from the original Nightwing run. Apparently they're bringing him back for the current Nightwing title, which feels awfully retread...

I'd read on Wikipedia that he was really Blockbuster II, but never came across the old stuff or the first brother in any of my reading.

I copy and pasted the first Blockbuster's list of chronological appearances
Detective Comics #345 (November 1965): "The Blockbuster Invasion of Gotham City"
Detective Comics #349 (March 1966): "The Blockbuster Breaks Loose"
Justice League of America #46 (August 1966): "Crisis Between Earth-One and Earth-Two!"
Justice League of America #47 (September 1966): "The Bridge Between Earths"
Batman #194 (August 1967): "The Blockbuster Goes Bat-Mad"
Batgirl: Year One #8 (September 2003): "Chapter Eight: Seasoned Crime-Fighter"
Justice League of America #135 (October 1976): "Crisis in Eternity!"
Secret Society of Super-Villains #12 (January 1978): "The Plunder Plan!"
Secret Society of Super-Villains #13 (March 1978): "One Earth Too Many"
Secret Society of Super-Villains #14 (April-May 1978): "Crisis on Earth-3 (Reprise)"
Secret Society of Super-Villains #15 (June-July 1978): "The Wizard's War of the Worlds"
Cancelled Comic Cavalcade #2/11 (fall 1978): "Murder Times Seven"
Justice League of America #166 (May 1979): "The Long Way Home"
Justice League of America #167 (June 1979): "The League That Defeated Itself"
Justice League of America #168 (July 1979): "The Last Great Switcheroo"
Batman #308 (February 1979): "There'll be a Cold Time in the Old Town Tonight" (Cameo only)
Batman #309 (March 1979): "Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas"
Detective Comics #498 (January 1981): "Night of the Savage"
Detective Comics #499 (February 1981): "Allies in the Shadows"
Wonder Woman Vol. 1 #294 (August 1982): "Rampage"
Crisis on Infinite Earths #5 (August 1985): "Worlds in Limbo"
Crisis on Infinite Earths #9 (December 1985): "War Zone"
Crisis on Infinite Earths #10 (January 1986): "Death at the Dawn of Time!"
Legends #3 (January 1987): "Send For... the Suicide Squad!"-Death

Of the appearances I would recommend Detective Comics#345 which he debuts in and Batman#309. He is an interesting character in small doses. I just read the SSoV title appearances and Detective Comics#498/499 story. He is not a favorite,but a character that can be sympathetic and viewed as not inherently evil.

The one you know from the Nightwing run, his older brother and successor of the name,first appeared alongside Blockbuster in Detective Comics#345. I do hope Roland Desmond's revival will not be a retread of the Nightwing ongoing arc from 1996 through 2004 but it adds to what I have been saying about Dick Grayson having no solid direction as Nightwing. I would prefer to see Mark Desmond,the first one used again. New 52 teased it but never did anything with it.

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Why does Batman have a mustache in those comic pages? Looks like some crime mob boss rather than Bruce Wayne.

06-14-2017, 07:11 PM
Why does Batman have a mustache in those comic pages? Looks like some crime mob boss rather than Bruce Wayne.

Matches Malone, probably; his mob disguise.

06-14-2017, 07:16 PM
Why does Batman have a mustache in those comic pages? Looks like some crime mob boss rather than Bruce Wayne.

Long story short, that is Roland Desmond he is disguised as. Roland Desmond was Blockbuster's low level gangster brother who took advantage of his brother a chemist after an experiment goes wrong making his a brainless hulk. Blockbuster as he would be called listened to only two people. One was Roland Desmond and the other was Bruce Wayne. Batman for whatever reason could not risk removing his cowl so he projected Roland's face over Batman's to keep Blockbuster from killing Batman.

Later on Roland, the brother who took advantage of Blockbuster will become Blockbuster after his brother dies. However, it was a freak accident not him injecting himself with his brother's failed experiment. Does that clear everything up?

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The next profile is one more recognizable and in fact the widest appeared villain that could be considered DC wide despite starting as Teen Titans or simply Titans specific,Deathstroke. Originally referred to as simply, The Terminator(interestingly it was three years before the Arnold Schwarzenegger lead series debuted in theaters),Slade Wilson had a wife and three kids but the thrill of the job took a life of its own and his compulsion to finish the job ultimately tore his family apart. His elder son tried to get his father's approval by becoming an assassin, that and the Titans damaged his home. Deathstroke took pity on the college aged son and took his contract which had to be completed by compulsion and got Deathstroke a guy who couldn't let the job he loved go introduce him into the world of superheroes and super villains. I do not understand why being inmate with a high school sophomore, who is younger than two of his three kids is an effective plot point to convince her to be a mole. There are other ways like helping her secure her place on Markovia or teach her how to use her powers. What is interesting is he way a key player that took place over 55 issues and ended in his seventh appearance in that span in a coffee shop talking with Beast Boy. Next thing we know he has a hiatus and is dusted off to get his own comic. I am surprised he got his own comic back in 1990. Deathstoke from there became DC wide. Pinning a specific hero on him is difficult but perhaps Dick Grayson would fit best. He has personal history with both Batman and Green Arrow as well as Beast Boy as mentioned above. Cool in design the assassin has a fanbase and is like an evil Captain America. He did not have to go down this road as he was a family man,but ended up as one of DC's most notorious villains. I found this write up on his history on Blogspot to go into details on his character's history throughout his years of appearances. On a final note while Deathstroke is as vile as they come he has been an anti-hero even working with The Titans a few times so what would you say drives this character more than anything?
Deathstroke vs Wolverine

http://art.cafimg.com/images/Category_7828/subcat_18214/DeathstrokeColor-.jpg Image was too big.

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This time I will highlight The Gentleman Ghost also known as Jim Craddock of 1800s' Britain. He started as a Hawkman villain but plagued other superheroes as well notably Batman whom he fought on four occasions(3 of those were between 1979-1983)and fought the Justice Society of America.He oddly popped up in one of the few Batman villain gatherings but it was not necessarily out of place since it took place in the above stretch he faced Batman more than once but in a gathering of The Rogues just into Wally's stint of the Flash was odd never encountering any of them before. So while Hawkman is his main foe he branches out. His origin varies but the main origin is he is an actual ghost who was sentenced to hanging but keeping his promise he continued to commit jewel heist for the beyond. At times he is transported to the present(his future) as it depends on the origin. Gentlamn Ghost would go to appear in one episode of Superfriends, The All-New Super Friends Hour season and was a reoccuring villain in Batman:The Brave and The Bold. He haas had a cameo in Justice League episode of Unilimited Titled Ancient History facing Green Lantern(John Stewart) and Hawkman.



Thoughts on this supernatural foe that is an adversary Hawkman(only one aside from Shadow Thief and minor sense Hath Set) and the DCU at large?