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06-17-2017, 03:43 PM
My Grandma of waning mind tends to many bills around here & thanks to her newly developing senility has not paid one in particular for 2 months now (guess I needa stay on top of things now). If I don't get it squared away in like 3 days time, we're f**ked.

The overall total is around $400, but if they get at least half in the meanwhile, we'll have a grace period to amass the rest.

Anyone interested in anything I've got, PLEASE PM me ASAP, & be ready to do immediate business. I've uploaded an album of photos, all kinds of different stuff. Toys, RC cars, art prints, storybooks, comic books, coloring books, clothes, you name it. All TMNT related & all in good shape. I also have non-TMNT stuff of a geeky sort, anime & video game items.

Some prices are negotiable due to my immediate need for money, but most things are priced fairly so don't take me for a dummy.

Nick Leo keychain figure: $9 shipped
Troll Michelangelo: $12 shipped
Vintage youth beanies & single glove: $12 shipped
Nick Raph mini speaker (opened but 'on card'): $12 shipped
4kids Donatello: $15 shipped
Sealed holographic puzzles:$15 shipped
Leonardo & Michelangelo placemats: $15 shipped for pair
TMNT Kids books (Fred Wolf Era): $15 shipped
Talking Nick Shredder: $15 shipped
TMNT shot glasses: $18 shipped
Ray Fillet MOC: $18 shipped
Archie TMNT poster: $20 shipped
TMNT Kids Books (Nick Era- coloring books un-used) $20 shipped
Assorted Usagi Yojimbo comics: $25 shipped
Kevin Eastman Quarter Century Celebration book: $30 shipped
Vintage Plush assortment: $30 shipped
Remote Controlled Leonardos (opened but 'on card'): Make Offer
Sludgerunner MOC: Make Offer

Technodrome playset (one door is a little loose & slightly warped but its in good condition overall, might be missing a piece or two, see pics): $70 shipped

Various (mostly signed) prints- IDW, Mirage, My own, etc: Inquire by PM

Non-TMNT items
Olimar figure: $9 shipped
Paperboy 2 SNES: $10 shipped
Yui (K-on!) prize figure: $15 shipped
Zelda guides (most have their posters in tact): $15 shipped a piece
Super Gameboy: $20 shipped
Nichijou anime art book: $25 shipped
Samurai Jack sketch (8.5x11) by character designer Andy Suriano: Make Offer
Working Playstation with collection of largely non-working games: Make Offer
(I believe Megaman Legends, Crash 3 & Crash Team racing are fine, the rest I'm not sure. They're all pretty scratched, some don't work at all, others work only half of the time. Think of this as a gamble, like bidding on a storage unit.)

06-17-2017, 05:35 PM
Don't need anything you have but just wanted to wish you the best!

Peter Palmer
06-18-2017, 08:14 PM
I sent a private message. :tsmile:

06-18-2017, 09:32 PM
PM sent! Hope things turn around, man.

07-11-2017, 09:52 PM
Bumping this with the addition of my TMNT trading card collection, which I'll sell whole or in chunks. Not sure how to price its contents so make offers.