View Full Version : my little pony 1980's cartoon.

06-21-2017, 01:48 PM
With the friendship is magic so popular, decided to watch the 1980's cartoon because it was a thing back than also. But I came to conclusion the pony "heros" of the 1980's cant get anything done, mostly the plot goes like this, some villain, witches, water monster ete, has evil plan, Ponies lose, some get capture, than they go in and get there human friend Megan to fix things, and funny thing is, I find Megan the number 1 likeable person in the show lol. Yeah her siblings help, but its Megan that has the plan, the know how, and guts to get things done. If I was in charge of the cartoon, I would of renamed it the amazing Megan and her lame pony friends. lol. I forgot how bad ass Megan was in the show lol.

I guess Freindship is magic the Ponies have more personality than the 80's batch. They also can get things done with out outside help for the most part.

06-21-2017, 02:09 PM