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07-21-2017, 05:18 PM
Jason Blum and his Blumhouse Productions are teaming up with Todd McFarlane to develop a new movie based on the comic book icon's creation, Spawn.

McFarlane has written the first draft of the script and is set to direct the project, marking a rare foray for a comic creator into the director's chair.

McFarlane became a comics superstar and one of the industry's first artist-millionaires in the 1980s, thanks to his work on Amazing Spider-Man. He later was one of the founding artists of Image Comics with his creation, Spawn.

Spawn told of a black-ops agent who is betrayed and killed, his soul sent to hell for all the innocents he killed. While there, he makes a deal with a demon who allows him to return to the earthly plane and his wife. However, five years have now passed, and his wife has moved on, while he is a disfigured and superpowered spawn of hell.

The comic was adapted into a 1997 New Line horror-action movie that starred Michael Jai White, as well as a late-1990s HBO cartoon series.

McFarlane, who also became an entrepreneur with a high-end toy company, has been developing the new movie for some time and was shopping it in the spring, only recently bringing it to Blumhouse. The company is envisioning the new Spawn project as a low-budget horror movie.


07-21-2017, 09:41 PM
I'll believe it when I actually see something like a poster or teaser. McFarlane has told us "it's definitely happening this time, just wait till next year for more news" For over a decade now. Same with the new Spawn cartoon.

Don't get me wrong I'd love for it to happen and think there's tons of potential but so far we've gotten nowhere but promises for over a decade.

Spike Spiegel
07-21-2017, 11:39 PM
Hasn't he been saying this since the end of the HBO animated series, which would make it almost 20 years now?

The Deadman
01-08-2018, 12:02 PM

This year marks the 21st anniversary of the first Spawn film, and it looks like 2018 is the year when we’ll finally start seeing some significant progress on its successor.

Todd McFarlane recently spoke with AZCentral to discuss his upcoming panel at Ace City Comic-Con with the legendary Stan Lee. McFarlane also spoke on his breakout run on Amazing Spider-Man, Venom, and of course his Image Comics creation SPAWN. When asked about the status of the new film, which McFarlane wrote himself, he offered a quick update: “We just signed off on the script, and are going into budgeting. We're also having our casting meeting.”

As for the tone of the film, McFarlane added, “It will be dark and heavy, serious, R-rated. It won't be a superhero movie. I don't think most people would categorize it as that. It will be a supernatural thriller, like a lot of good creep movies.”

Though he had hinted at it in previous talks about Spawn, McFarlane confirms that the titular character will remain silent throughout the flick, and drops hints about who the central character will be if not Spawn himself:

I like to explain that it's my Jaws. Spawn doesn't say a word the entire movie, and it's the same way with Jaws. It's about the sheriff and the people, chasing the ghost. That's it...The lead role isn’t Spawn, the lead role is a cop, like Sheriff Brody from Jaws. I think we can hook a fairly significant actor that we want. Unlike a superhero movie, we wouldn't need an actor to put on prosthetic (makeup) or go to the gym. We just need him to act.

Andrew NDB
01-08-2018, 12:04 PM
Hasn't he been saying this since the end of the HBO animated series, which would make it almost 20 years now?

Yep. I remember even right after that first movie, McFarlane was talking about developing one for eons. I remember at first he was talking, "It's going to be a lot of Sam and Twitch, Seven-style!"

01-08-2018, 12:24 PM
I think the only way I'd be interested in a new Spawn movie is if I'd re-read the comics...and I really don't have much of a desire to do that again.
(I fear they haven't aged well, and I know for a fact that I haven't...so there's that.)

But...have fun, those who are looking forward to such a thing.

01-08-2018, 01:25 PM
I knew it was just going to be another confirmation of the movie, but every time I see Spawn in the news I hope this time it'll be real.

Spawn is the only superhero movie I think I'd be excited if it were announced, too jaded on DC/Marvel.

Andrew NDB
01-08-2018, 01:35 PM
I'm pretty indifferent to Spawn, or a Spawn movie. The first movie was horrific, and my memory of the comics only serve as an angry reminder for how quickly McFarlane himself "sold out" and ran away.

Spike Spiegel
01-08-2018, 01:36 PM
I think the only way I'd be interested in a new Spawn movie is if I'd re-read the comics...and I really don't have much of a desire to do that again.

I read copies of issues 1-110 or so through my library a couple of years ago. I ended up buying the first big hardcover volume. The first year's worth or so of the original comic is pure '90s cheese in the best possible way, especially with the Frank Miller, Dave Sim, and Alan Moore guest issues. It honestly reminds me of Mirage TMNT in some aspects.

I think if they were going to make a film version for today's audiences, they might do well to emulate the Brian Michael Bendis "Hellspawn" miniseries that treats him like more of a force of nature or a Grim Reaper type of character. Maybe they could give you bits and pieces of his origin throughout a tight, focused narrative that otherwise deals with the actual plot at hand. After they've established a viable interest in the character, they could expand the mythology in any way they want.

That HBO animated show is still probably the best single thing I've seen from that franchise, though--and I watched it in college, so there was no '90s nostalgia coloring my viewpoint.

01-08-2018, 01:38 PM
So he wants to make a new Spawn movie, in which Spawn doesn't speak at all, and Spawn isn't the main character, he also said the movie isn't a superhero movie, but a supernatural thriller, there a lot of fans of those comics that are gonna be very disappointed by this.

01-08-2018, 01:39 PM
If you only look at the comic run then yeah, but you don't think of the worse parts of DC/Marvel comics when wanting to make a movie, you take the things that worked.

Spawn has potential.