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07-22-2017, 02:16 PM
For all of them:

- Superman '78: 7/10. Enjoyed it, I'm not fond of silly Luthor, but everything else holds up for me.

- Superman II: 8/10. Better than the first. Much more enjoyable due to Zod.

I've never seen the other old Superman movies so I can't comment.

- Batman: 8/10. I grew up with Tim Burton's Batman. Very fun comic book movie. Both Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson are great.

- Batman Returns: 8/10. Enjoyed it for similar reasons

- Batman Forever: 5/10. This is where things really go downhill. Few moments of glory was Jim Carrey acting as Jim Carrey cosplaying Riddler, but that's about it.

- Batman and Robin: 2/10. Only fun to watch in a "This is so bad it's good" kind of way.

- Superman Returns: 6/10. I didn't care for this much. At worst you can say at least it wasn't offensive. Just rather forgettable

- Batman Begins: 8.5/10. Would be the best Batman film if the sequel didn't exist.

- Batman Dark Knight Returns: 9/10. Joker is fantastic, the writing is amazing, I just wish Two Face got a bit more screentime at the end. Near perfect movie for me.

- Batman: Dark Knight Rises: 7/10. This movie was way too bloated, but still has some good parts. Not fond of Joseph Gordon Levitt's role, Talia was underused, Catwoman was decent but Bane was almost another character entirely. Ending was funny and weird at the same time

- Green Lantern 2011: 6/10. From what I remember it was just ok. People trashed this to pieces when it came out, but I don't think it was altogether terrible.

- Man of Steel: 6/10. I didn't really enjoy this much, but at worst you can say it wasn't terrible. It felt too much like an alien invasion movie mixed in with Superman with Zack Snyder's flaws already in place.

- Batman/Superman: 5/10. Really enjoyed Batman's scenes, as well as some of the ongoing mystery, but everything else fell apart

- Suicide Squad: 6/10. Fun movie, but I didn't care for the main villain. Still this one gets too much hate, I'd probably round it up to 7/10 if I watch it again.

- Wonder Woman: 9/10. Great movie.

07-22-2017, 02:21 PM
Superman 1978 7/10

Superman 2 The Donner Cut 7/10

Batman 1989 8/10

Batman Returns 8.5/10

Batman Forever 6/10

Batman and Robin 1/10

Batman Begins 8.5/10

The Dark Knight 9/10

The Dark Knight Rises 4/10

Man Of Steel 8/10

Batman V Superman Extended Cut 8/10

Suicide Squad Extended Cut 7/10

Wonder Woman 9/10

07-22-2017, 02:35 PM
Batman 60s: What is this crap, why do people like it.

Batman 89: It's fine, I blame the flaws on the time it was released.

Batman Returns: Ditto.

Batman Forever: Ditto.

Batman & Robin: Ditto.

I can't way I dislike Forever or Robin more than 89 or Returns, all 4 are fine films with flaws and I was a kid when Forever & Robin came out so I actually always liked them and can forgive the cheesyness like I can forgive the WTF aspects of the Burton ones.

Catwoman: Kind of fun, nothing amazing but not deserving of the hate.

Begins: Awesome, my fav. Batman film.

The Dark Knight: Awesome, just not quite Begins level.

Dark Knight Rises: Pretty cool, jsut not TDK level.

Superman II: I've only seen parts but it seemed dated, I'd like to see all of them one day including Supergirl and Steel.

Superman Returns: Wanted to love it but it was boring.

Man of Steel: It had flaws but I genuinely liked it.

Batman V Superman: It had many many flaws but I still thought it was awesome.

Watchmen: Hugely underrated film and awesome.

Green Lantern: Flawed but far from horrible.

Jonah Hex: I can't remember if I thought it was decent or horrible.

Constantine: Need to rewatch but I remember thinking it was cool.

Non superhero DC films: I think I've seen most of them but I forget which ones are DC Comics films like 300, Wanted, Red, a history of violence etc.

Can't believe Justice League is out in 4 months, I need to watch Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman. All the bad press and lack of finding time mad eme not see Suicide Squad even if I was excited for it, I think I'll need to rewatch BvS as well. Don't feel like re-watching MoS though.

07-23-2017, 03:33 AM
Superman: The Movie - 7/10
Batman - 9/10
Batman Returns - 8.5/10
Batman Forever - 5/10
Batman and Robin - 5/10
Batman Begins - 9/10
Superman Returns - 6/10
The Dark Knight - 10/10
Watchmen - 10/10
Green Lantern - 7/10
The Dark Knight Rises - 8/10
Man of Steel - 8/10
Batman v Superman - 7.5/10
Suicide Squad - 8/10
Wonder Woman - 9/10