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08-23-2017, 01:20 PM
Its been a dream since I was a child to visit any of the filming locations from the first 2 turtles films.
One of those places was the old farmhouse from part 1. Over the years I wondered if it was even still standing.
My thoughts ran wild thinking it was abandoned... rotting away in the hot sun, or if it was just a facade and torn down after filming.

I remember scrolling through instagram, and seeing the house in its present state. My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe it was still there.
I sent messages to both property masters Richard and Robbie, and both stated they STILL film at that house.
I was blown away. How can this be?

Petie said if you ever come out to North Carolina I will take you to it. So I set to fly out in August. Which is what I did.
Saturday 8/19 after having breakfast with Petie we drove to the house with My wife and son and here are the photos

When we arrived there was actually a security guard on site as they were filming the tv show "Good Behavior"
on Tuesday and all of the trailers/crane were dropped off prior.


This is the barn directly behind the house. Several movies/Television shows have also filmed inside. 1 Movie called the Devils Hand. The upper floor has been reinforced to withstand a full crew and dolly for the camera.

This is a back veiw of the home. When Casey and April are on the porch swing it is down on the first level, but when casey actaully breaks the chain on the porch swing that was actually on the upper deck, as you can see the door behind it. If you watch the movie its really odd because it cuts from downstairs of them arguing, to then a scene upstairs when he falls...

08-23-2017, 02:01 PM
The field where they practice is if facing the house on the left side. The security guard said they killed a rattlesnake a few days ago so I didnt really want to go out there with my son.

This is the barn that can be seen when Donnie is walking on the right of the house. Its also the barn that has the scene with Donnie and Casey working on the old truck


This is the inisde where they worked on the truck

right side of the house.

I wasnt able to go inside but most of the house has been rennovated over the years, it even had ac. Here is a photo sowing the staircase still looks the same


Dining area near the front door right side when casey and april both slam doors

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trying to edit the images to be smaller.

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Very fun and exciting vacation I'm sure! Are you the dude with dark hair or the dude with a beard? So this is an active filming location owned by a studio. I wonder how much of the aged look is authentic and what has been created by set designers. Congratulations on the trip dude, looks like perfect weather for the day! So what's the nearest city to the location?

08-23-2017, 02:30 PM
The house is in Currie, North Carolina. I won't give the exact address but anyone who knows Currie will tell you it's VERY a small town. You can easily find it on Google maps

I'm the guy with the black hair, the guy with the beard is Petie Waldrop who was the prop master in part 2. He was also the assistant property master in 1. The guy in the white shirt was the security gaurd. The front gate was locked so Petie spoke with him to open the gate for us.

He said they usually leave the property in better condition than how they started. The exterior has been painted many times over the years and some of it looks to be "aged" for filming. If you watch good behavior on TNT you can see the house in season 1. They are currently filming season 2 now.

08-23-2017, 02:48 PM
Very cool! I have a 15-month old son so can relate a little. Thanks for answering my questions.

08-23-2017, 02:54 PM
Ya my son is huge into turtles so he was excited to go. He's watched the movies many times so it was a blast for both of us. I was also able to meet Michael Norris who played a foot soldier in both films. so it was quite the trip.

08-23-2017, 03:04 PM
Currie is a good 3 hours 15 minutes drive for me. It appears to be a community outside Wilmington. I wish it was a little closer to Greensboro.

08-23-2017, 03:14 PM
Yes it was a good 40 mins from Wilmington. I stayed at Carolina Beach but Wilmington was just over the bridge.

08-23-2017, 03:20 PM
Yes it was a good 40 mins from Wilmington. I stayed at Carolina Beach but Wilmington was just over the bridge.

Would it be a reasonable detour from Charlotte, N.C.? I could always swing by after the next Heroes Con.

08-23-2017, 03:26 PM
Thats a good 3 hrs and 25 mins from the house. Definitely worth the trip if you are a Turtles movie but like me. I flew all the way from Seattle to see it.

08-23-2017, 04:45 PM
Sweet images. I spoiler tagged them to keep the page size uniform. if you get them resized, those can go away.

08-23-2017, 05:11 PM
Those are AMAZING!
Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

08-23-2017, 08:13 PM
Whoa! Awesome.

08-23-2017, 08:28 PM
That is really awesome. I like that it's still around and still in use! Any idea if the place was built for filming or if it was just an old place that was acquired and kept by film companies?

08-23-2017, 08:36 PM
It's a privately owned summer home that is rented out to screen gems. Good behavior is the only show in production in North Carolina. They used to provide incentives that for every $250,000 spent you would get a rebate of 25% back by the state. Since they have removed the incentives most company's are choosing Atlanta.

Under the dome was the last major show filmed in nc besides the recent iron Man 3. I think sleepy hollow as well.

08-23-2017, 08:36 PM
Those are AMAZING!
Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Thanks! I'm glad to share pics with other fans

08-23-2017, 08:45 PM
This is fantastic! Great job tracking this down, and thanks for sharing!

08-23-2017, 08:51 PM
Woah, what a road trip! Thanks for sharing!

08-24-2017, 10:29 AM
That house looks so unstable.

08-24-2017, 10:37 AM
Thanks for sharing those pics.
It's cool seeing such a big part of TMNT history still around to this day.

Navin Johnson
08-24-2017, 01:29 PM
That's the way to take it to the next level, good job

08-27-2017, 10:22 AM
great to see it still standing , i think this is exactly where leo was sitting, you can see that long branch of the second tree looks identical on yours and from set photo.

08-27-2017, 10:56 AM
Thanks everyone for the kind words.

Yes it was very hard to tell when I was there because the trees have grown over the almost 30 years but you can tell it was the same field they practiced.

I guess petie said those are pecan trees. The security gaurd said they found a rattle snake out there 2 days prior so I didn't go out exploring the field. The grass was very high and I was wearing sandles

08-27-2017, 01:46 PM
These are awesome! Thanks for sharing :tcool:

09-02-2017, 11:42 PM
This is amazing! So jealous! Always wanted to see this in person! It's insane to see it still standing. *tear*

D Piddy 1982
09-11-2017, 10:41 AM
Awesome! What an experience! Thanks for the share!

09-11-2017, 08:30 PM
Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

10-20-2017, 08:28 PM
Hey this is NEAT! I love the farmhouse. Some of the best scenes from that movie happened in the farmhouse.

10-23-2017, 03:22 AM
That's amazing! Thanks for sharing!

01-29-2018, 07:56 PM
This is so awesome!!
Thanks for sharing!
I have been trying to find this place for years!
And now I have able to finally see current pics!!
Made my day thatís for sure. Now I need to plan a trip!
So once your in the small town itís easy to find right?

01-29-2018, 10:59 PM
Yes it's pretty easy to find. I posted a YouTube video if anyone is interested.

Just type in teenage mutant Ninja turtles farmhouse.

02-10-2018, 07:23 AM
Thanks for sharing!

02-22-2018, 09:39 PM
This is so awesome. Thank you for sharing! Great to see such an iconic place like the farm house is still going strong.

Gin Rummy
02-23-2018, 10:58 AM
That house looks so unstable.

it actually looks to be in pretty good shape, the foundation looks solid. it just needs a new coat of paint. you will know its days are numbered when one side starts to sink into the earth.

02-23-2018, 03:59 PM
Very nice. I figured out where this is exactly. We're considering a trip to NC next month.

I wonder if it would be possible for me to walk around? Who do I contact? I'd even pay something to walk around I think.

02-23-2018, 08:38 PM
Very nice. I figured out where this is exactly. We're considering a trip to NC next month.

I wonder if it would be possible for me to walk around? Who do I contact? I'd even pay something to walk around I think.

The property is fenced and locked up as there have been break ins recently. When I was there they had a security gaurd watching so I wasnt able to be there as long as I would have wanted.

I road there with the property master from part 2 and he told the gaurd he was filming a show there and he let us walk around.

Hope your able to make the trip. It's fun to see in person!

02-27-2018, 08:11 AM
So can you still see the house from the fenced in area ?
Is the locked fence close to the house? Me my wife and son Are planning on taking a trip To Wilmington North Carolina for vacation and to see this house in June or July this summer. Really hoping We can at least get close to this house! An take a few pics

02-27-2018, 01:50 PM
There are trees in front of the house and a fence is at the edge of the road but you can still see the house from the left side of it.