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08-24-2017, 08:39 AM
Karim Zreik, senior vp, original programming at Marvel Television, also mentioned that a new female-skewing show is in the works with ABC.

Marvel Television's senior vp of original programming Karim Zreik teased a few new directions for the increasingly prolific studio at the Edinburgh TV Festival on Thursday.

In addition to treating the audience to exclusive clips from upcoming shows Inhumans and Cloak and Dagger, the exec offered a comedic pointer at one of the event's popular "game changer" sessions.

"Comedy is something we really want to go into," Zreik said, highlighting the success of Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel on the big screen. "It took us time to dip our foot in the comedy pool."

However, Zreik joked that Marvel would "never do an office comedy."

While he wouldn't offer specifics, he also revealed that Marvel TV was working again with ABC which it has partnered with on Inhumans on a new female-focused show currently in development. "It's Jessica Jones-esque," he said, without providing further details.

The session, held on day two of the Edinburgh TV Festival, was chaired by SJ Clarkson, who directed and executive produced the first two episodes of The Defenders and the first two episodes of Jessica Jones. Zreik is a co-executive producer of the first seasons of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and the second season of Daredevil.

"We want to target different audiences," and not just comic book fans, Zreik told the audience, highlighting that Marvel now has 14 series. He explained that Daredevil attracts a lot of male viewers, females turn out strongly for Jessica Jones, while Luke Cage "was sort of a mix" in terms of audience, and a younger demographic has been watching Iron Fist.

Regarding Inhumans, Zreik said it was Marvel's "first family show," meaning the characters are related. The show is set to premiere in Imax cinemas the first time for a TV series with the first two episodes having been shot in Imax in Hawaii.


Jessica-lite and comedic direction does not inject me with enthusiasm

08-24-2017, 08:50 AM
So, Spider Woman or She-Hulk?

Can't think of any other major female characters to lead their own series...

08-24-2017, 10:06 AM
Squirrel Girl?

Though I'll be honest, I would freakin' LOVE a She-Hulk tv show.
Especially if there were Legal Cameos from the Avacados At Law.

08-24-2017, 10:20 AM
Squirrel Girl?

Though I'll be honest, I would freakin' LOVE a She-Hulk tv show.
Especially if there were Legal Cameos from the Avacados At Law.

Yeah, but they're already doing a Squirrel Girl show. Part of the New Warriors thing, right?

This sounds like something new. So... I figure Spider Woman is too inaccessible and confusing (i.e. no connection to Spiderman despite the name), thus I'm betting She Hulk.

Spike Spiegel
08-24-2017, 10:30 AM
Sounds like She-Hulk...but if it's Jessica Jones-esque, they might be doing the more recent angsty version of her from the comics.

I don't know head nor hair about the ongoing story in the MCU these days, but I'd drop everything to see a well-done She-Hulk series or movie.

08-24-2017, 01:29 PM
So woukd I- but only if Peter David writes it! Nobody else does Hulks better.