View Full Version : Got a problem with my Flash program -- need HELP!

04-24-2004, 08:30 PM
This is just peachy. Apperantly the file I was working on in my Flash MX proggie has gotten too large for its taste. Or so it sez. It is 15 K now... oops! I'm such a green-bean with this flash stuff... :goofygri:

But now I can't open it back up, and reduce the size, because it is so laaarge. It also sez to "go to the Get Info command in the Finder to allocate more memory to the program".

After some poking around, I figured that was in reference to a Mac. Big problem. I'm using a PC. So... is there a way for this PC user to allocate more memory too? *puppy dog eyes*

This is my school final project.... so unless I take the file to try it out on the school PC's, I'm dead in the water here! :dead:

04-25-2004, 03:00 AM
15K? That's microscopic as far as working .fla files go.

Sounds like the file was created on a Mac and you're opening it on a PC. Double check that you have the proper extention of the file itself, ie, rather than 'myfile' it ought to be 'myfile.fla' - Macs have the tendency to drop off the file extention when transfering from Mac to PC.

If that's not the problem, here's how to allocate more virtual memory on your PC: Go to My Computer > Right Click > "Properties" > "Performance" tab > "Virtual Memory" button > Select "Let me select my own virtual memory settings" > Raise the "Maximum" allocation