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Chubzhac 09-01-2019 11:43 AM

I'm a long time TMNT who's glad to be here! :tgrin:

newfan 09-01-2019 11:55 AM

Hey there,

Any favourite version/s?
Hope you enjoy it here!

Musashi 09-01-2019 12:06 PM

Welcome. :)

Wesley 09-01-2019 01:15 PM

Welcome. Though I’ve never read the comics and don’t care much for the newer stuff, I’m a long-time fan too and TMNT is still one of my favourite franchises.

Klunk1234 09-03-2019 07:58 PM

Welcome to the forum!

Original TMNT Cartoon Fan 09-05-2019 07:26 AM

You're welcome into the Technodrome.

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