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Original TMNT Cartoon Fan 06-24-2017 05:17 AM

Would TMNT novels be a good idea?
Since there are novels based on Startrek and Starwars, franchises most people see as a TV series respective films, do you think it would be a good idea to have novels based on TMNT?, a franchise most see as comics, animation and films.

With novels, I mean independent stories in novel-form, not novelized films (that has already happened) or a a short children's storybook with just a few pages, which often already is mainly an episode adaption. Also, of course, I don't mean fanfiction.

Splinter the boss 06-24-2017 06:07 AM

I think it could work as long as the stories are good and are not like tmnt stories we've seen before.

neatoman 06-24-2017 06:29 AM

Not against the idea, why would I be? Why would anyone be?

mrmaczaps 06-24-2017 09:07 AM

Untapped story potential.
There could be a couple of series, based on storylines from the various other versions continued in novel format. Spectacular idea.

Original TMNT Cartoon Fan 06-24-2017 09:16 AM

I guess such stories should explore more about the characters and locations.

Panda_Kahn_fan 06-24-2017 10:07 AM

This could be a great Idea, if done properly. We already have children's storybooks, so this idea could be pushed towards the teen/adult fan. Many fans of such things would say to base it on Mirage or IDW, but I think the best thing to do would be to give an interested author access to the Mirage, Archie, and IDW universe comics, set a few basic parameters, then give them creative freedom to craft their own tale.

plastroncafe 06-24-2017 10:09 AM

I really did get a big kick out of the Original Toon novels back in the day.
New ones could be a fantastic idea.

CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy 06-24-2017 10:34 AM

Limited demand, I'm afraid, though if they were competently written AND set in a non-cartoon canon, I'd be all over them...

CyberCubed 06-24-2017 11:40 AM

Heh, anyone have the novel adaptions of the first 4 movies? Random House made novels for kids based on the first 3 movies, and even the 2007 movie got a novel adaption.

snake 06-24-2017 12:51 PM

Totally. I also read the OT books and enjoyed them.

MsMarvelDuckie 06-24-2017 02:31 PM

Novels? Heck yeah! I'd read them. Then again, fan fiction already sort of does this. I've read quite a few novel-length ones (and even written a couple). It would be great if something like that could be done officially- or even something like the "Kindle Worlds" books done by Amazon. Those are officially sanctioned and produced fan-fic novels based on various franchises, and TMNT would be an awesome addition to something like that!

Jester 06-24-2017 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by plastroncafe (Post 1693286)
I really did get a big kick out of the Original Toon novels back in the day.
New ones could be a fantastic idea.

I have some that I plan on sharing with Trey and Duncan once they are old enough...that and the Random House books, but those are good now.

CyberCubed 06-24-2017 04:45 PM

Do kids these days even read books?

FredWolfLeonardo 06-24-2017 04:56 PM

I would like a tmnt novel but only if its based off an existing version rather than something new because tmnt is a highly visual medium and you have an ingrained image of a certain version of turtles, certain background music (if you're watching cartoons and movies), certain voices etc.

snake 06-24-2017 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by CyberCubed (Post 1693374)
Do kids these days even read books?

oh my gooooood

neatoman 06-24-2017 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by CyberCubed (Post 1693374)
Do kids these days even read books?

IndigoErth 06-24-2017 05:40 PM

Confession... if it can't get more films, I have been wanted PD to at least have more books and written similarly to the movie novelizations.

Esp similar to the first book... which being based on a cruddy script and the writing in the book wasn't all that great, to the point that it was sort of unintentionally funny at times, it was a bit of a guilty pleasure.

Original TMNT Cartoon Fan 06-25-2017 12:07 PM

I added a poll now.

DestronMirage22 06-26-2017 02:03 PM

They'd be a great idea!
Provided they're well written.

Alien and Predator have had series of novels published and new ones still come out, and a lot of the fanbase enjoy them. It'd be nice for TMNT to have something like that.

FearlessLeader 06-26-2017 08:09 PM

If they were well-written and allowed deeper explanation of character development they could be great.

I know Walking Dead has done this, produced stand alone novels to compliment storylines or ideas they didn't have time to cover in the show.

I'd certainly buy and read them if they had interesting concepts.

I'm actually curious how well they'd be received by a mainstream audience as I'm picturing books aimed more at young adult/ adult level.

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