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IndigoErth 10-01-2020 04:55 PM

Happy October!
And happy month of Halloween and other similar celebrations elsewhere!

What are your plans? Do you decorate? Is it canceled where you are?

I'm sad 2020 has to ruin a rare Saturday Halloween -- of course it would! I don't think trick or treating is marked as canceled in my area/state, but it is discouraged. Other events are canceled though.

If it will work out, I might try an at-home trick or treat for my nephew, since we (both our house and their added-on addition) collectively have 5 external doors. As much as he likes Halloween, spooky stuff, and a 4-year-old's idea of playing "games," I think he might be into it.

Used to decorate a lot back in the day, and trying to get back into doing a little more. Even if Halloween is kind of a bust this year I really want to try to make these ghosts and just bought the supplies today. Any other decorators and/or homemade prop makers here?

This has been getting me into the spirit of it...

Leo656 10-01-2020 08:52 PM

It's pretty much just a house-decorating thing over near where I live. A couple people decorate their houses but not many. I, personally, haven't seen a trick-or-treater come to the house in the 10+ years I've been living here, but to be fair I'm usually at work part or most of the day and I've been told there's been a couple. I hardly ever even see people walking the streets in costume anymore.

Truth is, adults co-opted Halloween a long time ago and turned it into an excuse for people to dress up, get drunk, and have sex with casual acquaintances. It's pretty much a completely different thing than it was when we were kids. Which is probably why it's not treated like a big deal anymore. Less of a celebration of the macabre, and more of a fancy-dress bacchanal.

Honestly, I'm debating whether or not to "celebrate". The last few years I've been way too lazy/cheap to put another costume together, so all we ever do is I put on my Superman outfit and take some pictures. And that's fine but it's like 5 years in a row. I've wanted to put a Batman one together but it's more time and money than I felt like spending and I would've needed to start assembling it a while ago already. :ohwell:

I don't know if I'm even gonna wear the Superman suit. I can't go to the gym so in spite of my best at-home efforts to stay in shape, I've shrunk quite a bit. I have too much respect for what the suit means to simply throw it on if I'm not gonna look good in it. I know that's a personal hang-up but it's how I feel, anyway.

So yeah, I'unno, we might just watch movies.

Voltron 10-01-2020 09:42 PM

It bums me out that trick-or-treating is "compromised" this year. Having a literal parade of costumes go around the neighborhood is such a highlight for me. I typically give out bonus candy for kids with original ideas or over-the-top effort in their costumes.

I was going to try an outdoor trick or treating kind of thing, too. It's a lot of work, though.

newfan 10-02-2020 01:01 AM

Mostly finished up decorating yesterday, just gotta touch up a display I've got going in the living room. Usually put things in the hallway/top of the stairs and children's room too (which means I have temporarily inherited my son's giant cut out turtle to make room for decorations)

Will be a restricted Halloween this year but I like the season and decorating part more anyway. Not too sad about the lack of trick or treating, happily sit eating chocolates :D

Original TMNT Cartoon Fan 10-03-2020 02:09 PM

Today is the 30th Anniversary Day of the October 1990 Reunification of Germany.

frank_one 10-03-2020 07:08 PM

No Oktoberfest this year :(

IndigoErth 10-23-2020 06:57 PM

Just wanted to share my attempt at those ghosts. Spent a few days working on the full sized one and just whipped up the half sized "floating" one today.

Leo656 10-23-2020 07:33 PM

Hey, that's kinda neat.

More work than *I'd* ever wanna do, probably, but pretty neat. :trazz:

garsh 10-23-2020 07:49 PM

This is the biggest bummer of a Halloween season in my life. I'm glad someone's still trying to spook it up. I wish I could have gotten into it.

DarkFell 10-23-2020 10:31 PM

Halloween might be a quiet day for me. My folks live three states away now, and that sorta puts a damper on things since I used to help them out due to large groups of trick-or-treaters. *Subdivisions tend to have lots of kids.*

I might do a Leo656 and do a movie night as well.

Also Indigo, cool ghosts. I worked with chicken wire before, so I know how brutal that can be.

IndigoErth 10-24-2020 12:49 AM

Thanks :)

Kind of proud of myself that I didn't end up drawing any blood in the process. lol

MsMarvelDuckie 10-27-2020 09:39 AM

I haven't done it up quite as big this year, but did add a couple of full sized skellys to the display, one of which is wearing hubby's apron, with a spatula and our old grill. The other is dangling from a hook on our outside closet door. I will try to put some links up for pics later.

Leo656 10-27-2020 06:59 PM

My wife and I made a Jack-O-Lantern.

We never actually got around to making one in 20 damn years. So it's about overdue.

IndigoErth 10-28-2020 07:29 PM

Nice work! :tcool:

Yeah, anyone feel free to share pics. :D

I usually decorate the top of our upright piano. Found a neat little lamp (far right) on clearance that I gave a home to. Missing a piece so the clear glass shade is detached, but stuck an "Edison" bulb in the lamp and the shade became a container for a toy black widow spider found at Five Below. Think it became a nice addition.

MsMarvelDuckie 10-29-2020 09:42 AM

Nice! Looks a bit like the table display I do on our patio. This year I did some potion bottles and a "crystal ball" skull snow globe, along with a candelabra and a stack of resin "books", and of course I have skeletal critters all over the place. And my usual giant spider web on the bush next to the stairwell.

IndigoErth 10-31-2020 08:16 PM

Finally carved mine today.

Bought it a lot earlier than I normally would, usually I wait until closer to Halloween so it's sure to stay good, but this one grabbed my eye back in early September; perfect size for me and that awesome twisty stem. Kept it inside, since we were still having a lot of warm days up until now, checked it now and then to be sure it wasn't getting any soft spots, and it held up great.

If only pumpkins could dry out and be kept.

The little one is also carved by me, but it's a fake from last year. :)

Tossed some of the seeds out in the side of the yard, as I often do. If the critters want them, that's fine, but hoping a few might sprout next year. Some years we get two or three that do.

Last Ronin 10-31-2020 08:45 PM

Hey that's pretty good.

Nice work, I did mine too but no where clean like yours.

Leo656 11-01-2020 12:12 AM


Not much of a Halloween over here. Zero Trick Or Treaters, as per usual although this year I guess it's forgivable. Think we had a couple last year, though. Nobody even bought any goddamn Reese's cups, so we can't even splurge on the leftovers like we usually do. :tgrumble:

My wife and I just watched some horror movies and got a pizza. Didn't seem to make sense to go for anything bigger than that.

newfan 11-01-2020 03:47 AM

Halloween turned out to actually be more enjoyable this year. Just gotta take all the decorations down today, speaking of, some cool decorations there Indigo, especially the ghosts lit up outside.

ssjup81 11-01-2020 06:12 AM

I had no plans this year. I usually got to haunted attractions, but decided to sit those out. Also, the Apple nonsense didn't help things either after getting the rights to the Peanuts specials that air on ABC every year, which was one of the things I was looking forward to as it's a family tradition here. This year is completely cruddy.

The only thing I did this year for Halloween was watch the new ep of the Mandalorian.

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