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Allio 10-03-2009 01:15 AM

"Wish I was in Allio's avatar, grrrr"

Bigfoot 10-03-2009 06:43 PM

"We wish we were in Bigfoots avatar."

Cowabunga Kiefer 10-04-2009 11:19 PM

"i don't know what we're yelling about!!!"

Bigfoot 10-05-2009 08:48 AM

"Say hello to my little friend."

Cowabunga Kiefer 10-05-2009 10:07 AM

*sarcastically* "My mother was a gorilla! Thank you very much!"

Allio 10-07-2009 12:20 AM

"and this is what I think about that, any other questions?"

Spitfire 10-07-2009 12:29 AM

"I like girls because it's in style."

Allio 10-07-2009 12:45 AM

"This time, You don't stand a ghost of a chance *insert evil laugh*

That Matt Guy 10-07-2009 06:40 AM


Spike Spiegel 10-07-2009 02:04 PM

"He's dead, Jim."

Allio 10-07-2009 03:45 PM

"are you, talking to me"

XERO 10-07-2009 09:41 PM

'Are you... talkin' to us?'

Cowabunga Kiefer 10-07-2009 09:52 PM

"Do you know who you're messing with!?! I'm the 5th Turtle B****!!!"

XERO 10-07-2009 10:16 PM

'No, Ben, that's NOT... HOW... YOU... SAY... IT!!!!'

Leo656 10-07-2009 11:29 PM

"Damn it Mikey, you know I hate yams..."

XERO 10-07-2009 11:40 PM

'Oh, my bad, I thought this was the Wrestling Thread...'


Leo656 10-07-2009 11:47 PM

"Stepped in poop. AGAIN."

XERO 10-07-2009 11:49 PM

'Broke my leg. AGAIN.'

Leo656 10-07-2009 11:59 PM

It was a TORN QUAD, dumpster-neck... :evil:

Oh, um... "None of these porn channels come in clearly..."

XERO 10-08-2009 12:03 AM

It's a TURTLE neck, Nash-hole.

Oh, I mean... 'TMNT II: Cult Classic. Reason: Yours truly.'

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