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Mike 12-21-2002 05:39 PM

Post all toy sightings here!
To help avoid confusion, post where and when you found the figures here (also, is it possible to get this stickied to keep it at the top?) So far in Pensacola Florida, nowhere has nothing at all. I'm gonna keep checking though!

Kali 12-21-2002 05:49 PM

There, all sticky-ed. At least for awhile.

I found the 12" giant TMNT figures at a KB Toys in San Jose, CA last Thursday. However, Target came up with nothing. I'm still on the lookout.

PWDESAI 12-22-2002 01:42 PM

I heard on the forums that someone in flordia found all the 5" and someone in north carolina did too.

Mike 12-22-2002 06:03 PM

Checked a few more places: TRU, KayBee Toys, Wal-Marts, K-Marts, and Targets all got nothing :( Guess I won't be getting 'em for Christmas.

PWDESAI 12-23-2002 12:43 PM

yea wal mart is the only place that has the small ones if that helps in your searching.

Stone Ill 12-23-2002 09:39 PM

I'm going to check out Wal-Mart..too bad there is no KB Toys where I live..I saw a coming soon poster of the Ninja Turtles somewhere..I think it was Wal-Mart. So, if anyone spots one in Toronto, or a city near Toronto, tell me!

Keno 12-24-2002 03:21 AM

Yea if anyone in the Toronto area finds them, let me know

i dont frequent Wal Mart and that seems to be the only place they are available at....

MzTheInsomniac 12-24-2002 10:15 AM

i was at kay bee toys yesterday in ohio, nothing

Eye of Sarnath 12-24-2002 12:29 PM

So far, no figures in New York.

MzTheInsomniac 12-24-2002 01:20 PM

i wish they had an exact date for the toys and not scramble all around like this

PWDESAI 12-24-2002 02:43 PM

yea the exact date is january, we got lucky and playmates shipped early. usually toys never have exact dates, unless it's star wars figs being released for the movie.

Eye of Sarnath 12-26-2002 11:25 AM

Well, I'm a Star Wars fan but I don't really bother with the figures.

I probably won't be able to find the new TMNT toys until late January... :cry:

But there is still hope! I intend on visiting Wal-Mart again soon. Myabe they'll have them by now.

Wingnut 12-26-2002 12:06 PM

I got mine from my cousin who works at toys r us

MzTheInsomniac 12-26-2002 12:23 PM

lucky lucky you ,you got them for free or at a discount?

PWDESAI 12-26-2002 02:41 PM

hey anyone spot them in IL? i know they are getting pretty big in TX. Maybe since Christmas is over we'll see more of the fab 4some.

Wingnut 12-26-2002 06:06 PM

Yes for free,and i live in MO so you should see them in IL soon.My cousin says he can get me the the rest of the first wave by next week,if i give him 10$ small price to pay

Uki 12-27-2002 04:57 PM

All 4 Turtles!
Hey guys! I found all four turtles and the motorcycle at a WalMart here in the Houston, Texas area! They are extremely cool-only a few minor critiques that aren't even worth posting. It seems they ship seperate from Shredder, Splinter, and the Foot Soldier, because there were'nt any of those. They were all sold out by the end of that day, though! (Monday, the 23rd) I got one of everything for me, and another whole set for my fiancee, also a big fan!

Keno 12-28-2002 02:57 AM

Sold out :o :o No way you have got to be kidding!!

Thats really good...except its not good if they sell out here and I never get them :(

Raph 12-28-2002 04:42 AM

Next week I'm gonna check here in Holland...Some special stores also had the He-man figures very early..some I'm gonna look if they might have the new TMNT figures yet

I'll let you know

tmntpower2003 12-28-2002 11:00 AM

I saw tons of the 12 in ones in KB and saw an add for all the 5inch ones in a kmart magazine.

PWDESAI 12-28-2002 01:42 PM

you all suck, i want the figures so BAD!

MzTheInsomniac 12-28-2002 03:10 PM

thoght you had a whole case paul? :lol:

xZAOx 12-28-2002 04:33 PM


ok, i've called/went to all these places in middle tn..some are near where i live, some i called near my home.

lafeytte (sp?)


NONE of them have the figures. the gallatin store did, but sold out. and while i was at home for 4 days, the cookeville store got them in buy already sold out too! BLAH!!!!

Karpo_007 12-28-2002 04:36 PM

Is it really that hard for you to wait a few weeks?

xZAOx 12-28-2002 04:56 PM

nah. just annoying to keep barely missing them. plus, i get the feeling people just bought them up to put 'em on ebay, since the $6 figures are going for like $15-20....thats just stupid IMO. unless of course you are very very impatient and have lots of extra money to waste =P

Skeletoncrew 12-28-2002 05:17 PM

I've still found nothing except for the regular sized turtles and the Shell Cycles at the Wal-mart here in Portland.

Stone Ill 12-28-2002 05:51 PM

Aww...xZAOx, if only you wrote Cookesville, then I would've been happy because that's a place near to where I live.

xZAOx 12-28-2002 06:56 PM

hehe, funny story about that...this semester, all the people that graduated from college here (cookeville is the home of TN Tech), had "Cooksville" listed as the city, not Cookeville. man people were pissed! (its kinda close to how your city is spelled hehe)

*edit* i mean they had Cooksville listed on their diploma, hehe

Stone Ill 12-28-2002 07:02 PM

Ack..I mean Cooksville. No E after Cook. That's funny... :lol:

ninjapizza 12-29-2002 10:14 PM

KB has the giant figures for $20 here in NJ

PWDESAI 12-29-2002 11:33 PM

anyone in WNY or in IL that spotted the tmnt 5" figs
yea mz i do have a whole case, of the giant figs... :roll: :P

MzTheInsomniac 12-30-2002 12:45 AM

ohio sucks no toys yet :x :x

just checkin paul :D

PWDESAI 12-30-2002 01:40 AM

lol ok
if you want the giant figures go to kbtoys, they HAVE to have them unless they sold out... I mean ohio is right next to IL

HorseTechie 12-30-2002 11:48 AM

:lol: No it's not! My state, Indiana, is right next to Illinois. :P

But I've been too busy to look lately... maybe tonight I'll have time.

PWDESAI 12-30-2002 12:52 PM

yea but ohio is close... :P
i'm visiting West NY soon, so if i see em i'll post it. DANG WHY DOES IL STINK SO MUCH? :-?

Greed 12-30-2002 01:05 PM

I'm from ILL I haven't seen any five inch figures but then again I'm not looking so hard because I'm getting them all for my birth day in Feb :D

PacMan2005 12-31-2002 12:25 AM

Are people finding the small figures anywher besides Wal Mart? I went to two today and found none.

Anybody spot these figures on the east coast? I'm in Massachusetts. Saw the big figures but not the small ones.

Anarchistguy 12-31-2002 10:27 AM

Hey everyone! Look what I found:

(If the links don't work-which is most likely to happen-copy/paste them on
your browser)

tekcop 12-31-2002 12:51 PM

The Wal-Mart in Jackon, TN had the four turtles and the bike thing.

Skeletoncrew 12-31-2002 04:07 PM

As of yesterday, the Wal-mart in Portland, OR still had two Sewer Cycles, but nothing else.

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