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Original TMNT Cartoon Fan 11-04-2017 06:24 PM

Home Alone in New York City
This is a fangame based on the 1987–1996 animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, inspired by Home Alone. But it isn't a crossover. Another important thing is that specific players will not control specific characters. Instead, one will start writing (I will begin) as much as he wants, and then anyone can take over. You can write as many posts as you want or feel. Here is the plot:

On Earth during the 1970's (let's say mid–1973), Zach's and Walt's parents' marry each other. Their father gives their mother a wedding ring (the children aren't born yet).

In mid-December 1989, somewhere past-season 3 and during early season 4, schools in the USA close for Christmas break. Zach's family travel to New Zealand by aeroplane for vacation over Christmas and New Year. However, a snowstorm hits their single-family house when the taxicab going to the John F. Kennedy arrives, and when everyone hurries Zach is left by accident home alone. His mother also forgets the wedding ring. Caitlin, not knowing what happens, later comes over and first they think it will be fun.

Meanwhile far away from Earth, inside the Technodrome on the Volcanic Asteroid, Krang's Technodrome scanner detects a power source on Earth. It seems Zach's mother's wedding ring is made of an element from some Dimension X planet that by accident fell to Earth when Krang did a teleportation test (similar to the Star of Brazil). However, this element will not generate forcefields, it will, when hooked up to one of Krang's machines, repower and lift the Technodrome. Krang and Shredder sent Bebop and Rocksteady through a portal to Earth to steal it. When the two mutant punks arrive to Zach's parents' house (which is decorated for Christmas), Zach and Caitlin must set up traps for Bebop and Rocksteady.

*Remember that Zach already knows Bebop and Rocksteady well at this point. Krang, Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady probably don't know that the element is in Zach's family's house (just that it is somwhere in a New York City single-family house district) until Bebop and Rocksteady get there.
*We can give Zach's parents' some character (like names, work or birthday if we want), but no other original characters. Of course, you can use ordinary "man or woman on the street" as supporting characters if you want.
*Zach and Walt will have a sibling rivalry-fight before the family is about the leave.
*Zach and Caitlin spend at least one night alone in the house before the turtles arrive. (Zach may call the turtles on his Turtlecom and it wouldn't usually take too long time to get there, so we let the snowstorm and Christmas traffic chaos delay everything. April and Irma can also be trapped at Channel 6.)

Zach's mother
Zach's father



April O'Neil
Irma Langinstein
Burne Thompson
Vernon Fenwick


(you can use Foot soldiers if you want, but no requirement)

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