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PrincessUtrom 09-04-2016 06:46 PM

utrom fangirl (& tmnt fan artwork)

So here some sketches with Krang, Ch'rell my oc Cassiopeia and some turtles.

for more information and RP :

Nortock Diab 09-05-2016 01:21 AM

I really like your art!
Any plans to make a comic-book within which the first page shown above would be included?

Utrommaniac 09-05-2016 02:01 AM

It's so great to see your art on here :D .

(And I have my own thread on here as well if you want to see)

ProactiveMan 09-06-2016 08:30 AM

Thumbs up! These are great.

PrincessUtrom 09-06-2016 09:12 AM


Originally Posted by Nortock Diab (Post 1620131)
I really like your art!
Any plans to make a comic-book within which the first page shown above would be included?

thank you
well, I'd like to make a small comics effectively :3


Originally Posted by Utrommaniac (Post 1620132)
It's so great to see your art on here :D .

(And I have my own thread on here as well if you want to see)

of course, i see all of your art
I'm your second fan after ceres >w<

plastroncafe 09-06-2016 09:49 AM

These are great!
Thanks so much for sharing!

PrincessUtrom 09-11-2016 08:27 PM

New drawings :

Utrommaniac 09-12-2016 12:45 AM

Huh...that made me realize I've never shown my concept of Ch'rell's daughter in my thread, since you've drawn Cassiopeia with her. What's the other baby she's holding below that one?

PrincessUtrom 09-12-2016 10:39 AM

Oh yes **
you do to share that.

well, this is her first heir with Krang. she has after her accident.
early in her background, I thought she would have twins, since in believing sterile, she decided to take effective products. but as in our RPS is rare, I doubt it is possible.

***First of Two Latin Kings*** 09-22-2016 08:45 PM

It's like an Utrom Soap Opera :tlol:

PrincessUtrom 10-04-2016 09:38 PM

first of two:yes, sure, but Utroms are cute! <3

So, i have some WIP, just for you xD

This one is especially an illustration for a school assignment; tumbnail which has been validated.
I wanted to do a scene where the turtles come talk to April about some information it harvested proposed a strange affair.

this one could act as cover, if I reframes.
Cassiopeia is my original character. in my story, having been able to join Krang; she refused to sleep like other Utroms. Believing she would be more efficient active. is that she is a developper/ hacker / technology designer; hyper active (and a "little" obsessed by KNOWLEDGE xD). therefore, she is ready to sacrifice her own life alongside General, if it's worth. without counting she does not neglect the fact that if any misfortune happened to him, it could harm their goal (she does not consider to be low, she is just prudent and mentally all ideas possible scenarios which the worst).

Utrommaniac 10-05-2016 12:46 AM

I absolutely love the way these turned out :D . The lighting specifically blows me away.

ProactiveMan 10-05-2016 08:36 AM

Those are great - you do good work.

BubblyShell22 10-05-2016 03:15 PM

Awesome art. I really like it and think you are very talented. Keep it up.

PrincessUtrom 10-07-2016 08:13 PM

thank you. I confess that light, it's hard enough to master and I'm glad that in view of your comments I managed @ w @
I prepare other drawings; my dear colleagues and fans utroms; much inspire me <3

PrincessUtrom 10-18-2016 08:27 PM

I am sharing sketches; I would put the completed later versions @w@
the majority are works made after discussion with Utrommaniac and ultimate ceres <3

studies of landscape / homes to utrominon

I am after reading comics and I imagined the situation if Cassiopeia existed in the universe.
I do not know why, but I've seen so Michael angelo fall on the charming face of the babies utroms and their full innocence reactions.
Donatello not especially entousiaste, as the heirs of Krang and
Cassiopeia trapped since she can not run away (probably her body is damaged or the fact of finding themselves in disadvantage in number of allies).
all under the watchful eyes of Ma'rielle.

a small sketch of Obligado and Nalmar ; in full observation of a creature.

an idea of office laboratory Cassiopeia.
a place where she feels safe. it is rather introverted nature; but it is clear she loves the passions that the human xD
I should be finding an object which is ridiculous for us, but she loves.
probably a pressure cooker or other debility.

Cassiopeia who tinker a bit. she may well be specialized in coding / hacking. as she passes time designing a bunch of technology; to start improving her body.

and finally a drawing I made no later than tonight.
I see so Krang make big spacial battles worthy a star wars xD

PrincessUtrom 10-23-2016 05:00 PM

another sketch

PrincessUtrom 10-28-2016 06:59 PM

little wip for design of Utrominion (Inspired by discussions with fan duo of utroms and dedicated to them x)

as well as many artists officials comics that without which we would not have so many ideas. <3)

it is more larger to basic; but you will see when I finish a clean the line version for the creative colleagues =)

Utrommaniac 10-28-2016 08:53 PM

This has turned out absolutely amazing :D ! I love how it came out after all the progress.

PrincessUtrom 11-11-2016 08:12 PM

Thank you> w <
I work hard. When my session is over, I'll send you the lineart @ w @
And made me think to draw princess Krang xD

Otherwise, I finished one of the concept arts;

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