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Autbot_Benz 08-17-2019 10:30 AM

Super 7 Turtle figures shown at Power Con
Pixel Dan is at Power Con and saw the first 4 figures from Super 7

Pixel Dan
‏ @PixelDan
13m13 minutes ago

Here they are! The @super7store #TMNT Ultimates!

More information coming soon! Stay tuned for my interview! @ThePowerCon


Master Splinter

Baxter Fly

Foot Solider

Zulithe 08-17-2019 10:41 AM

All four look really good but Splinter takes the take for me. I love it.

TheBlueTurtle1 08-17-2019 10:50 AM

OMG, They look like they might have the turtles in the 4 unique colours:D I am loving what I see here, and the Thundercats look spot on aswell. Gonna keep an eye on these, they could be a lock.

The Purple Dragon 08-17-2019 11:07 AM

I was hoping this line was crap so i coued skip it.collecting tmnt.gremlins.alien.predator and horror figurine from Neca sh figuarts star wars etc is looking to be to mutch i start to run out off money and space.only thing i guess is going to be a nip pick on this line is the scale because i guess they will not scale with Neca 6 inch line.but is it not a littel ironic that someone else is finally making good colloctor line of the old toys?this is something playmate coued and shoued have done years ago.well i guess i cant complain playmate is finally losing the deadt grip and we Get the figures we want

I Crave Pizza No More 08-17-2019 11:28 AM

Sign me up--they look great.

dragonside 08-17-2019 11:35 AM


these look amazing.

here's my wallet.

AquaParade 08-17-2019 11:57 AM

What?? I thought these were revealed at SDCC and looked super goofy. I must be confused. They looks great.

Man, I usually go for the more detailed stuff, but there is something very appealing to me about these. Maybe it’s the nostalgia, but I don’t know. I might prefer these to the Neca sculpt.

Oculus Orbus 08-17-2019 11:57 AM

My wallet is in extreme pain right now. This is such a dream line, I can't even believe this is happening on top of everything else we've been getting in recent times.

go_ninja84 08-17-2019 11:59 AM

yep i will own these. cant wait to see Leos expression

mikey0 08-17-2019 12:07 PM

I knew Super7 would come through for TMNT fans.

My only question now is, what will the packaging, Usagi Yojimbo, and Sewer Samurai Leo look like?

Candy Kappa 08-17-2019 01:14 PM

They are looking good, but $45 per figure is going to be rough

dragonside 08-17-2019 01:15 PM

i like how they aren't just doing the four turtles as.. the first four figures.

Makes me feel like... they are aiming to be a long term strategy. So.. I hope they they can do all of these.. at a minimum.

Shameless plug for my channel if you wanna hear some of my thoughts:

Playmates 1988 Basic
Foot Soldier X
Raphael X
April O'Neil
Splinter X

Playmates 1989 Basic
Ace Duck
Genghis Frog
Baxter Stockman X
Casey Jones
Rat King
Usagi Yojimbo
General Traag


909 Turtle Fan 08-17-2019 02:59 PM

Right on! Looks promising

Excited for more figures, especially da Shredda :shredder:

Shred87 08-17-2019 03:01 PM

What size are these going to be?

909 Turtle Fan 08-17-2019 03:14 PM

6 in - 1/12 scale I believe

EddieNES 08-17-2019 03:41 PM

Can anyone explain the way subscriptions work for this company?
Charged once a month? All at once for a lot of figures?

Just wondering if the sub will be the only way to acquire these.

Otter 08-17-2019 03:42 PM

Look great. Keen on Raph and Splinter.

I assume you'll have to pre-order all four though. Anyone want a Foot soldier and Stockman? :D

International shipping from Super7 will probably be worse than the markup from BBTS to get the figures separately. Short story... expensive, but so very tempting.

Bring on Usagi!!

Candy Kappa 08-17-2019 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by 909 Turtle Fan (Post 1816092)
6 in - 1/12 scale I believe

It's the "Classics" size like the rest of their Classics like MOTUC, so they're 7" scale. The Turtles should be around 5 to under 6" while humans are closer to 7"

tmntman 08-17-2019 03:54 PM


Originally Posted by AquaParade (Post 1816080)
What?? I thought these were revealed at SDCC and looked super goofy. I must be confused. They looks great.

Man, I usually go for the more detailed stuff, but there is something very appealing to me about these. Maybe itís the nostalgia, but I donít know. I might prefer these to the Neca sculpt.

They showed off and sold TMNT figures in their 3 3/4" scale/style in the form of the pizza box 4 pack. This would be a new line.

Zulithe 08-17-2019 05:51 PM

Two downsides are the price (45 each) and the fact that they are 7" scale so you might not be able to fit these easily with most recent collector TMNT figures which tend to be closer to 6" scale.

But these are such beautiful homages to the playmates figures that it's hard not to want them. They will be in demand for sure. These might end up being the most popular figures Super 7 has made to-date, because the market for MOTU is a lot smaller than TMNT.

One thing to watch out for, I notice a lot of people who buy Super 7 figures complain about QC issues. Their figures sometimes feel very gummy and have joint or paint issues. So be very aware of this before you dive in.

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