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Gadget 08-04-2010 07:05 AM

The best thing about this episode was Shredder's interesting choice of wardrobe. =D

I didn't really like the punk frogs, they didn't have much personality. But it was interesting to see Shredder's more manipulative side as people have said. Average ep imo.

gobo 08-04-2010 12:05 PM

I love how hologram clothes last an entire series...

Herald7 08-04-2010 06:49 PM

"My name is Shredder, and I love all living things." Lolol, my friends and I love that part. :lol:

BentonGrey 08-05-2010 12:55 AM

While this episode suffers from a lot of goofiness, I just love the concept. I have a tendency to really appreciate a character for his or her potential, even when the medium they show up in doesn't really show them to their best advantage. I suppose that is why I love the Punk Frogs, but whatever the reason, I have always been fond of them, and of this episode. They may not have been as distinctive as I'd have liked, but the Leatherhead episode does expand on who they are and what they're like a decent amount. Plus, the idea of four more mutants, Southerners at that, was really appealing to this Mississippi coastal boy. In fact, the Punk Frogs are some of the characters that I most want to see in my TMNT mod.

Gadget 08-05-2010 08:43 AM


Originally Posted by Herald7 (Post 790969)
"My name is Shredder, and I love all living things." Lolol, my friends and I love that part. :lol:

:lol: :lol: :lol: priceless!!

Yeah it's a very goofy episode! And I agree BentonGrey, the concept of the punk frogs is great in itself. I'm gonna have to rewatch the Leatherhead ep now.

Original TMNT Cartoon Fan 08-05-2010 05:58 PM


Originally Posted by Coola Yagami (Post 218633)
The only frog that was somewhat cool was the one with the all different kinds of arrows...

BTW what was with their accents? Do people in Florida talk like Gomer Pyle?

His name is Rasputin

Danetello 07-31-2013 08:50 AM

I love how Shredder gets to FL, manages to find the canister and Frogs, bring the Frogs back to NYC, AND train them... all in about 5 minutes flat! LOL! :fshifty:

Pterobat 07-31-2013 10:34 AM

I am going to do almost nothing but add that Miami Vice Shredder cracks me up every time.

keungkau 03-28-2015 05:55 AM

I liked Bebop and Rocksteady in this episode when Shredder takes them to the Alcatraz style prison
`this place sure brings back memories'
I wish there was a bit more development into
Bebop & Rocksteady's back stories that would have been interesting.

neatoman 03-28-2015 10:06 AM

...The Punk Frogs...

MsMarvelDuckie 03-28-2015 05:13 PM

Shredder named them after his OWN "role models", no less.... That ought to tell us something about the guy.

CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy 03-28-2015 05:35 PM

I would love to see the Punk Frogs return in IDW, with individual personalities and appearances, and as actual villains. The one cool thing about them in the cartoon was their names... how awesome was Genghis, Rasputin, Attila, and Napoleon?!

Wesley 03-29-2015 12:39 PM

I thought this was an okay episode. I liked that the Turtles decided to save the Punk Frogs from the Anti-Turtle Squad, even though they weren't on the same side. I also liked the twist near the end of the episode at the prison. I think this episode showed that Shredder could be a competent villain at times in the cartoon. The "fight scenes" between the tmnt and Bebop/Rocksteady about halfway through the episode were funny.

Powder 03-29-2015 01:38 PM

The manga adaption is equally enjoyable, if not better for it's cute style. :trazz:

MikeandRaph87 03-29-2015 08:14 PM

I am surprised the Anti-Turtle Squad angle did not come up in an episode not long afterward. It could have brought an interesting angle during the time.

ryukenden 03-31-2015 07:55 PM

I think the Anti-Turtle Squad had great potential to be recurring antagonists. The Turtles could be forced to call off pursuing Shredder and having to evade them. Something like the Quarrymen from Gargoyles.

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