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victory_angel 08-01-2017 03:45 AM

Resigned from my current Job today
I came to a hard decision and resigned my job at Rhoda Goldman Plaza. I enjoyed working there for the past 7-8 months. I've found the experience rewarding and the comradery I had with both the residents and staff alike invaluable.

Unfortunately, things have come to a point where the journey to and from work has become far too expensive for me to continue. For several weeks now, I have been loyally journeying between home and to a 20 hour work week.

Over the past two to three weeks I have been finding myself repeatedly going into emotional tail spins because I have been feeling trapped.
My life can essentially be described in three circles. The outer most circle is things I want to do. This includes traveling, returning to school and earning my BA, getting a new computer since my current one is on its last legs, investing in my online shops, among other things.

This circle is okay to ignore for now because they are future goals and will be fulfilled in time.

The inner circle is the things I need to do which is: attend to my health needs, pay off my student loans, cover necessary expenses such as clothes, shoes, etc.

These, unfortunately, are needs I've found myself unable to attend to. Which only adds to the problems that these issues hold.

This leaves the inner most circle which is where I am currently. This circle comprises my immediate needs, which is cover the rent, cover food expenses, and cover my means too and from work.

Working twenty hours a week, at 4 hours a day, with 4 hours travel time per day. Was making things difficult to accomplish the goals in this circle.

For the longest time, I have felt that I am trapped in a spin cycle within this circle. I have been looking for additional employment to my Rhoda Goldman job, another job in the city I could transfer too, and other jobs within Rhoda Goldman itself to help me. But nothing has opened as of yet. Currently, there are doors that are beginning to open to me, but I feel as though I can't go forward unless I let go of something else.

After much thought, I have decided that my time at Rhoda Goldman needs to come to an end. The journey I have before me as I search for another job will not be easy. But I do have people and experiences that I have never had before to help me on this task.

I do ask for peoples thoughts and prayers as I go forward in life.

IndigoErth 08-01-2017 11:03 AM

Ouch, yeah, 4 hours travel time each day for only 4 hours of work is definitely not worth it. If that were me, far too much of the paycheck would be spent on just getting there and back and keeping the vehicle maintained, so can't say I blame you at all for deciding this isn't working.

Hope something good much closer to home happens for you in the near future. :)

sdp 08-01-2017 11:51 AM

I resigned from my job of 6 years, it was time to move on. I'm currently unemployed except for my freelance stuff. I've looked into other jobs but I think I'll wait until next year, it's only a few months away anyway.

BubblyShell22 08-01-2017 04:29 PM

I can see why you would have to do this. Best of luck in finding something else as I know it won't be easy. However, the fact that you have work experience bodes well for you and I'm sure you'll find something.

FredWolfLeonardo 08-01-2017 05:50 PM

Hope your life situation is going well, Victory Angel. Best of luck with looking for a new job and hope your old job was a good learning experience for you.

DestronMirage22 08-01-2017 11:48 PM

Here's hoping things go your way, Angel.

The job market can be rough, and a lot of us have had to settle for what we can get.

But, I'm sure if you wait, something worthwhile will come up and things'll get better. :)

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