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Hamato Yoshi 07-19-2018 07:24 PM

45 yrs ago : Bruce Lee RIP
Chow : "He was already dead so I did not call an ambulance"

Dillhole dragged out time so Lee was DOA at hospital , also Chow couldnt afford to pay 2 mill per movie like Hwood or Ponti , he feared big time that Lee was gonna leave HK for good so thus he killed his golden goose instead of Hwood getting him

neatoman 07-20-2018 05:17 AM

Are you blaming Raymond Chow for Bruce Lee's death?

Hamato Yoshi 07-21-2018 05:07 PM

Yes , as he had the most to lose if Lee went to Shaw Bros or Hwood

sdp 07-22-2018 10:08 AM

More Bruce Lee conspiracies ! I'm a fan, don't know nearly enough to form a judgement so post away. All I know is the evil spirit from that 90s movie is what killed him.

newfan 07-22-2018 12:12 PM

For some reason I thought his death was less years ago than that, not many though.
So, is the only thing known as fact that it was brain swelling?
I've heard various theories from people, 1 being he took pain meds and it caused his brain to swell, 2. someone said it was an allergic reaction to chewing marijuana leaves? 3, some deadly move someone used on him (pressure points) and then in the news the other week, heatstroke

and then sadly Brandon being shot making The Crow.

Hamato Yoshi 07-22-2018 06:12 PM

-cerebral edema
-adrenal crisis

Problem is they're prolly not related to each other so both might not be a possible scenario :ohwell:

Don't care much for Dragon BL Story , its just fiction and white washes Lee (he had a terrible violent temper , cheated multiple times on his wife...not just Betty but Thordis Brandt/Sharon Farrell & possibly Nora Miao/Maria Yi too , no mention of drugs in it guy refused to train in Lee's garage due to weed smell :lol:

Matthew Polly has a book out on Lee now , supposedly getting good reviews (I should be paid for advertising it , ha :P

Hamato Yoshi 09-07-2018 04:23 AM

Thanks for looking :)

Heat stroke is another factor , Lee mightve removed his sweat glands by the end of '72......

newfan 09-07-2018 04:29 AM

Removed Sweat glands?

Reminds me, I was going to look for some of his movies on Amazon. Gotta remember, two of them have the titles switched over here. (I'd be buying in our format though so I'll get what I expect for the title)

Hamato Yoshi 12-20-2018 11:40 PM

Now all the villains from Lee's 4 completed films are gone.....RIP Jon Benn aka William , Rome mobster boss :cry:

William : "What I want I get.....and I want that restaurant !"

Voltron 12-21-2018 10:54 AM


Originally Posted by Hamato Yoshi (Post 1776113)

Lee mightve removed his sweat glands by the end of '72......

I had to look this up. I couldn't believe it was a real surgery.

Hamato Yoshi 01-16-2019 04:02 AM

Wong Jack Man died over x-mas , when he fought BL back in the early 60s it was on the front page of newspaper in SFs Chinatown. Lee was disappointed , thinking he shouldve beat WJM in seconds and thus JKD was born......

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