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Coola Yagami 03-21-2020 06:00 PM

CoronaVirus news and updates (and how it's affecting you)
Sorry, but what is going on the world right now and everyone needing as much news and information as it occurs, we need this thread open regardless of personal biases and whatnot.

So far I've been sent to work at home, and I took it while it was still optional, I found out by Monday it's mandatory so my co-workers without internet are now scrambling to get in touch with their internet providers. My bro has had his hours cut but everyone is excepting to be shut down Monday and take a temporary lay off.

Toilet paper is damn near impossible to find. I did not 'panic buy' but wow, now when it comes time you know, re-stock as one normally would do, I can't find anything anywhere. I might have to get some from Amazon unless anyone else has any other ideas.

So far no one I know is sick, or hasn't shown symptoms, but we're bracing ourselves. Sadly, I do know a lot of people with immune system problems that simply cannot afford to get this disease.

Zulithe 03-21-2020 06:21 PM

My job has been deemed essential so I still commute to work. It's scary because I have to rely on trains and buses, and though the agencies have sent out lots of messages about how they have amped up their cleaning protocols and such, there are still TONS of homeless people all over transit, who sneak in for free. The transit agencies have had decades to crack down on fare evasion and do not take it seriously.

I'm not trying to wage a war on the homeless, but they are one of the most at-risk populations for carrying covid-19 due to the nature of their lifestyle. They also do not obey the social distancing rules that are in place. I'm doing my best to protect myself, but chances are high that I will contract it. I just hope I'm young and healthy enough that it won't be much of an issue. Unfortunately, I live with someone who is more at-risk than I am and I do not want to infect them.

I've been hoping that the President or Governor issues a full quarantine so I can just stay home from work to avoid more exposure.

So aside from all the work and commute BS, I'm having a really hard time ordering groceries. I usually use Amazon Fresh but it's 100% booked up, I check it regularly for openings and there have been zero, even 5+ days ahead of time. No openings at all. I live in the city and don't drive, so I can only bring what food I can carry in a bag home with me occasionally until this gets sorted out.

I actually had like 96 rolls of TP delivered right before the shortages began (subscribe & save order placed way in advance as I was running low) so no issues there. lol.

frank_one 03-21-2020 06:24 PM

+793 dead in the last 24 hours here in Italy.

Coola Yagami 03-21-2020 06:26 PM


Originally Posted by frank_one (Post 1840515)
+793 dead in the last 24 hours here in Italy.

You're in Italy?

Yeah my state has had many cases and while we still don't have any in our particular town... it's only a matter of time I suppose.

EddieNES 03-21-2020 06:30 PM

Don’t suppose any dromer in the U.S. has some spare hand sanitizer?

I’m starting to get somewhat low and paranoid cuz I can’t find any online or stores. I’d the designated quarantine runner since my wife stays home with the 3 kids.

I’d pay of course. But ebay is pretty obnoxious right now.

Weird times we live in.

PM if possible. Stay safe guys.

drag0nfeathers 03-21-2020 06:34 PM

I have also been deemed essential so I also continue to work here in MA. It has been declared that restaurants, bars, and events of all kinds 25+ people be cancelled/closed. It's SUPPOSED to be a leave your house for an emergency only type of situation yet I still have elderly and families with children at my job to buy soil, mulch, paint, tile, curtains, etc (Lowe's)
Many places have been given either additional compensation or paid time off and we've gotten neither. The media keeps saying were; granting 14 paid days but it's ONLY if you are approved and it's been basically ONLY if you are directly infected... which honestly won't be long. We're recording record profits and our CEO is buying up our own stocks so fast it should be illegal.
Our cases in MA have doubled in the past 24 hours and we've just had out 1st death yesterday I believe... it's going to be VERY bad in another week or two time I guarantee. Hundreds of people through this store alone today and they keep TOUCHING EVERYTHING! We long sold our sanitizing products for profit and I hope they know we aren't doing a damn thing to clean the store. I am working in a veritable petri dish and it's making me feel sick that I am stuck here.
And don't get me the "be happy you have a job right now" crap... I've heard quite enough of it from all my friends who are working from home or on paid leave.
More needs to be done or we are on the exact same road as Italy. Once the hospitals fill up and people start dying maybe America will take this **** more seriously.

Also if we had hand sanitizer I'd ship you whatever you wanted but we've been sold out for over a week. No toilet paper, blech, Lysol, freezers, or refrigerators either... but we're more them making it up with "home projects since people are home and bored" Sure am happy I have to risk my health and family's safety so Karen can paint her living room.

lonewarrior20 03-21-2020 06:39 PM

I work produce at Walmart. its been crazy this last week man. i'm having flash backs of black Fridays of yesterday as I see the hoards of locusts come in and raid everything insight. and now we're at the point of everyone stay home for curfew. I literally need a pass to show police if they pull me over on my way to work. i'm terrified that the pot is finally going to boil over and someone snaps from not getting what they want.

drag0nfeathers 03-21-2020 06:49 PM

Yea that's what I'm waiting for as well... the dreaded "pass" to show police because Lowe's has already said they are NOT closing no matter what. *sigh* I signed up for being available for blizzards, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes... not this virus crap! We're a hardware store not a health and wellness center. If someone has an emergency that requires plumbing, electrical, whatever the case we should have only a few folks here for online order and curbside pick up like the other "essential" retailers are doing. Instead it's a Black Friday free for all of people who are bored and "need projects" I shouldn't have to get sick because someone felt the need to redecorate.

Zulithe 03-21-2020 07:27 PM


Originally Posted by EddieNES (Post 1840518)
Don’t suppose any dromer in the U.S. has some spare hand sanitizer?

I’m starting to get somewhat low and paranoid cuz I can’t find any online or stores. I’d the designated quarantine runner since my wife stays home with the 3 kids.

I’d pay of course. But ebay is pretty obnoxious right now.

Weird times we live in.

PM if possible. Stay safe guys.

Sorry I don't, I have one half-full bottle that I'm trying to stretch out right now.

Any particular reason you need hand sanitizer specifically? Soap and warm water are more effective, hand sanitizer is more of a backup for when you can't wash your hands.

ToSte 03-21-2020 09:55 PM

Proper hand washing with soap is best, but if your heart is truly set on hand sanitizer why not make your own? Just need some rubbing alcohol and aloe gel. Hell just make some for ***** and giggs if you're bored at home.

IndigoErth 03-22-2020 12:20 AM

Our governor is supposedly considering a stay at home order, though I'm really not sure if we'd still be expected to work or not. The work I do has no business being considered essential, though as a vendor/rep I think we're still expected to work if our stores we service remain open. And out of my weekly stops, three of them are Walmart, BJ's (like Costco), and a Walgreens, and I can't really see any of those closing. :tconfuse:

I'm not sure what worries me more... the Walmart, just being the kind of place it is and attracting the amount of people that it does and some of the less savory sorts among them who lack much manners or hygiene consideration (edit: and same for my Dollar Tree)... or the Walgreens being a place people may show up at if they're feeling sick.

I'm hoping that people will start staying away/home more so that those of us who have to be out there will have fewer people around us.

My company is being lenient and saying that it's OK to call out if we feel we need to for our own well being, but that just means my poor supervisor will have more on her shoulders, have to be exposed to more of it herself, and she's 59 with a special needs adult daughter at home, so they really don't need any more exposure than what she/they already risk. Would also mean I don't get paid.

As it is they had to close the beaches because the unseasonably warm temps Friday made all the idiots flock to the beach.

Roseangelo 03-22-2020 12:28 AM

My county in California has been "stay at home" since Wednesday. I think all of California was declared on Thursday or Friday. Since then I have made two trips to the post office (mailbox drop-off only), and have gone on a couple walks to a nearby CVS. Might brave Target tomorrow.

I work for the military, which is very essential. They've always been very adamantly against work from home, but now it's required of virtually everyone. It's definitely an adjustment, but I think it's going ok.

Best to everyone on the front lines in either retail/food or medical.

Andrew NDB 03-22-2020 01:31 AM

* Have enough stuff to last for months. It may not be the best stuff to eat, but it's edible.

* Will be getting laid off, 90% sure next week.

* Sort of ho-hum. In a way, looking forward for the time to do a lot of video stuff.

* Very ready for any sort of looting or miscreant situation.

CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy 03-22-2020 11:26 AM

Kids are starting to drive us up the wall. Sibling rivalry on the rise.

Running out of vodka. :trazz:

drag0nfeathers 03-22-2020 12:26 PM

I made a line with blue painters tape in a giant rectangle around my desk for the 6 foot distance rule... people walk right over it and sit down at my desk like it's just a normal day... *sigh* I'm counting the days until I get sick.
WHY DO THEY KEEP TOUCHING EVERYTHING! Has rung through my head about 200 times already today

frank_one 03-22-2020 01:00 PM


Originally Posted by frank_one (Post 1840515)
+793 dead in the last 24 hours here in Italy.

651 today. Hoping numbers keep to go down.

MikeandRaph87 03-22-2020 01:20 PM

My state has double in the last 36 hours, currently in the 220s. My city has its first case as of overnight so its where I am too now. Waiting to see about the governor extending the two week mandate to a longer period. My district created work for a ten day break down of remediation anticipating atleast March 30th-April 3rd. State test are not going to be an issue so that is a relief. I just hope that the youth take this serious.

For anyone interested in their particular state or country this is a good source.

newfan 03-22-2020 01:29 PM

Our schools closed indefinitely, with speculation that in a bad scenario it could be up to six months, that would mean they would start up again in the next school year. Children of keyworkers or those known to social services as at risk can still attend though.

Vicky82 03-22-2020 01:56 PM

Closing the schools is a big mistake because the teenagers are not staying home, they are all out hanging with there friends and parents taking there kids out, like it's a normal school holiday.

They should of closed the schools when we are on total lockdown.

Where I live, there were loads of people on Dunstable Downs today, bunch of idiots and I bet these are the same people who are panic buying.

Just found out all Mcdonalds stores in UK and Ireland are closing, So I won't be working for awhile.

Mayhem 03-22-2020 04:49 PM

Thought the McD were switching, like many, to drive through only? Or does your store not have drive through?

Parents in self isolation, missus and I both working from home since Wednesday (she filed a sexual harassment case 3 minutes after we started :lol:), but our daughter will be home almost every day from Tuesday due to the school and nursery closure - we have a nursery place assigned (missus works for NHS) but feel it’s not appropriate as she is not frontline. May still use it once per week just to let us recharge batteries... a permanently home 15 month old wanting to grab, climb and vocalise everything is tiring heh.

Other than that, it could be far worse.

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