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ProphetofGanja 12-18-2017 11:12 AM

New TMNT sighting
Found a surprise cameo by Raphael and Michelangelo. Who can guess where these .gifs are from?

CyberCubed 12-18-2017 11:39 AM

That's totally tubular, man. Especially the first pic, like shell-a-dellic.

Far out.

CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy 12-18-2017 11:42 AM

Looks like a music video?

ProphetofGanja 12-18-2017 11:56 AM

You're right on the money, Cylons

ProphetofGanja 12-18-2017 12:40 PM

Here're the last few .gifs

pferreira 12-21-2017 04:05 PM

The suits look pretty spot on. Cool find. :)

Krutch 01-14-2018 12:27 PM

Ice is awesome. He invited anyone who wanted to be on stage at the Gathering this year to come up. When we all did, he was practically pushed off his own set haha

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