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GK Punk 06-03-2003 06:06 PM

Alright, I don't know if Ill play to many games, but I will make a Character for GK Just in case ^^

Name: Dustin
Handle: GK Version 1, or Grunger Kittie
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195-ish
Eyes: Blue/Grey (Kind of a hazle-ish look but with blue and grey as the two colors)

GK has an ability known as the "Gen Factor" Inside of his DNA structure. The Gen Factor allows people to have superhuman abilities, much like Mutants have, however the Gen Factor was implanted by the US Governments in Soldiers in or around the 60s, and can be passed through Genetics. GK's Gen Factor gives him the ability to Controll fire, and also a limited Psyonic ability. Mostly used for Communication, his psyonics could be trained to be his most powerfull ability, however he has no idea how to hone them.

(Powers are based off of "Burnout" From Gen13, just thought it would be easier applying them to my persona here than just using Burnout himself)

InsaneZane 06-24-2003 03:25 AM

Name- Zane
Age- 17
Appearance- giant Mutant Teenage Turtle w/ an olive green skin tone
Bandana Color- a dark navy Blue
Weapon of Choice- Crondo (a staff w/ a sword on 1 end and a spear on the other)
Favorite food- Turkey Meatloaf, bacon, ham, sausage, and pepperoni pizza w/ extra cheese.............mmm
Favorite Music- Hard Rock!!!!!!!!!!
Personality- He's Serious, Always focused on hobbies at all times, trys to be like Leonardo, loves video games and making home movies.
He's an Extremely good artist and computer animator.
Loves his Crondo................

Wingnut 06-26-2003 09:38 AM



Age:N/A (believed to be between 14-19)


Eyes:Lime Green


Sides With:Who ever gets him what he wants.

POB:Osaka,Japan (Believed to be POB)


Appearence:Unknown,(believed to be a reptile)Hanzo has worn a ninja like garment for his entire stay at MH. It's also unknown why he does this,it's believed that he does this just to follow the code of "Bushido."

Dicipline Record:None so far. Hanzo rarely speaks so he's no trouble in class. Even though he's in peak physical condition and a ninja,he's never started a fight.

Mutant ability:Hanzo has the uncanny ability to channel all his energy through a sacred sword that he carries at all times (except while attending class). He can also blend to his surroundings(Like a Chameleon),further heightining his ninja ability. It's unknown,but Hanzo may have super human strength and speed. He's unmatched so far in any form of swordsmanship and any form hand to hand combat. Its unknown how he contracted these abilities
Personal File Kibagami Hanzo

Hanzo's past is very sketchy. He was born in Osaka Japan to unknown parents. It's believed that these parents were killed by the notorious Foot Ninja Clan,although the true type of death to this day is unknown. Hanzo was taken in by a martial artist named Zantestu Sakazaki. This where he learned about Bushido and swordsmanship. After his coming of age (Exact age unknown) Zantestu set him off to the U.S. After this Hanzo disappeared and we have no record of him after this time. Although we do believe he met a fellow mutant named "Mikey" as he calls him in New York and they studied the ways of the ninja together. Hanzo seems to be totally void of all emotion,choosing to speak with actions rather than words.

(Thanks to heretic888 for all of this)

Combat Skills
+2 to Strike
+3 to Parry
+3 to Dodge
+16 to Damage
+2 to Strike on Rear attacks (Backhand,Backward Sweep)
+3 Strike with Ninjato (Parry bonus remains unchanged)
+2 to Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact

Martial Art Powers:
Arts of Invisibility at level 1

redsai4lex 06-28-2003 03:49 AM

name- Xander
speices-mutant turtle
age- 15(tmnt)
color(bandana)- Blood Red
Skin color- sea green
weapon- Twin jagged knives
favorite saying- Hey..wait, wait..Shut up...........ok now you can talk.
favorite food- barbeque pizza w/ crunchy peanut butter, chocolate chips, and marshmallows
music-Hard Rock!!!
personality- (follows Raph all the time) watches and studies everything about football. Has an extensive knowledge of the NFL

heretic888 06-28-2003 12:21 PM


He's unmatched so far in any form of swordsmanship and any form hand to hand combat.
*cough* Uhhh... right.

Wingnut 06-28-2003 12:30 PM

So Far! that means he hasn't encountered anybody who can beat him yet. And he hasn't encountered alot of people...

BadXAsh 07-17-2003 02:29 PM

Real Name:Ash
Nick Name:None
Hair:Shoulder length stright black
Eyes:Deep Brown
Alignment:Neutral Good
Identifying Marks:A large round scar on the front and a matching one on the back of his right hand, looks like the scar a Gunshot would make fired at point blank range.
Clothing:Black coat, over a formfitted white long sleeved undershirt. Black pants, and a pair of jungle combat boots. A pair of fingerless, exposed knuckle gloves.
Weapons:Guns... Lots of guns...Really anything he can get his hands on he will use as a weapon in a pinch...but he likes guns...


-Intelligence Quotient:10
-Mental Endurance:11
-Mental Affinity:10
-Physical Strength:16
-Physical Prowess:18
-Physical Endurance:18
-Physical Beauty:16

~(More To Come)~

Raven 07-26-2003 02:57 PM

heres mps profile//\\

name: major pain
age: 18
gender: human/mutant
height: 6'1"
weight: 150
eyes:blue( some times his eyes turn complety bright red)
hair: brown (can change to blnd when he gets mad)

story: a silent man with a huge temper, and amazing fighting skills.
he can create electricty through his hands, and can fly.
he likes working on his own, and dosent answer to any one.

kyabetsu 10-03-2003 07:06 AM

Here's the character profile for my girl:...

Name: Tinkerbell
Age: 22
Gender: Female
hair: Black, white, tawny blonde.
eyes: Black
weight: 160
height: 5’1”

species: hybrid: [Homo Sapiens/Ateles Geoffroyi] Cross. (mutant spider monkey)

Physical Description: Tinker is exceptionally long-armed and long-legged with a slender body. Her skull structure is human, though her facial features have a distinctly simian (monkey) cast: heavier eyeridges, thick jaw, more of a snout than a nose, long canines, long upper lip.

Her body is covered in tawny blonde hair, whose texture is closer to coarse fur than the hair on a human's head. She lacks an undercoat; the hair is not fluffy-big. The hair on her head is thicker and darker: black with a shock of white in the front.

Her back is swayed and her abdomen prominent. She has a highly useful prehensile tail, which is longer than her combined head and body length; it functions as a fifth limb. The underside TIP of the tail is naked and ridged like a fingerprint for added grip. Even the tip of the tail can support her entire body weight.

She retained the human trait of opposable thumbs, but gained the greater finger dexterity and length of her primate DNA donor. Her hands are like hooks with long, narrow palms, and long curved fingers. The skin of her hands and feet is black and thicker than the flesh visible on her face.

Like her primate ancestors, the percentage of body fat on her frame is very low, and the bulk of her mass comes from her long limbs and the inordinately strong stringy muscles that coat them.
^Here's the link to a collection of images of her.^

Background: Originally human, Tinker was a homeless street kid. She’d run away from home at 16 and not looked back. She joined up with some of NY’s infinite supply of junkies and street punks and happily wasted her funds on alcohol and meth. Her drug habit earned her her name, “Tinkerbell.” Tinker was the little one with the pocket full of pixie dust. She abandoned her real name and embraced the whole punk scene: torn clothes, multiple piercings, unemployment and sleeping with tattoo artists for new body art—a free spirit that would not be contained, even by the limits of her own body.

After years of abuse, Tinker’s body was messed up beyond even her ability to ignore it. At the age of 20, Tinker enrolled in a government-sponsored program for those addicted to narcotics who could not afford regular health care. She sought treatment and was instead taken, one of many homeless, hopeless junkies, to an upstate facility where government scientists used her as a test subject in one of numerous experiments in genetic manipulation.

A year and a half later, she managed to escape from the lab when other mutants burned it to the ground. She made her way back to the city slowly and has spent the last six months hiding and seeking out as many of her old addictions as possible. Unfortunately for Tinker, her new form does not respond to her old loves. The scientists had succeeded in her rehab. As a mutant, her new body is drug resistant.


i've never played Palladium rules or a TMNT rpg that needed the numbers, but here's the summary for tinker, sans numbers.

-Intelligence Quotient (IQ): she's not that smart. she didn't finish highschool. She's been a hardcore druggie for 4 years. She knows a thing or two about getting by, but she's a spur of the moment kinda girl... so planning? deep introspective thought? academia? it can all go f*ck itself as far as she's concerned.

-Mental Endurance (ME): she's an escapist. she's learned to deal with emotional and mental trauma by drowning them in drug, alcohol, meaningless sex, loud music... if she actually had to DEAL with reality, she'd be pretty unstable, but she's firmly encamped along the banks of DENIAL.

-Mental Affinity (MA): She follows her own thing... if people happen to like her for it, she's cool with that. if not? well. they were prolly b*st*rds anyways. She still believes she's as independent as ever, but her dependence on "having a distraction" to keep herself from dealing with the afore mentioned reality, means that she's actually much more approval conscious than she used to be. But she'd swallow glass before she'd admit that. --- so. charming? uh... she TRIES... but she doesn't know she's trying, because she's determined to be her own monkey.

-Physical Strength (PS): her mutation plays a large part in this one. I did my homework on spidermonkeys. she's a STRONG b*tch. if she can lift her full weight with the tip of her tail, she could mess UP a vending machine.

-Physical Prowess (PP): she is NOT a fighter. NOT trained. her combat experience involves, "that one time i PIMP-SLAPPED this b*tch that wanted som'a my stash."--- but again, her mutation... as she has spent 2 years coming to understand her augmented body, she's learned a fair number of its limits. so yeah, she has no idea how to throw a punch, but she knows she can wrap her legs around her neck. SpiderMonkeys are flexible and FAST. but if caught in a fight? RUN. HIDE. THROW stuff at your adversaries from a safe distance.

-Physical Endurance (PE): spider monkeys are not long-distance sprinters. so no. she's not "in top physical shape". She's also been living on the streets, eating anything that she can find, sleeping in the open or in abandoned buildings, TRYING to abuse her body with all her old favorite vices. No, she's not at top form as far as HEALTH either. BUT! that mutation frustrates the crap out of her here: she's immune to her favorite chemicals: no meth, no heroine, no crack, no e, no nothing... not even nyquil. so... toxins have no effect, though she'd be all wheezy after a long run.

-Physical Beauty (PB): please. she's a swaybacked, long-limbed, monkey-faced ex-punk with home-made piercings in anything she could get a saftey pin into. so yeah, i GUESS if you LIKE that sort of thing, she MAY be sorta cute.... but really? no. no beauty here.

-Speed (Spd):[/u] on foot? not too good. less than a human, since her hips aren't set up for that kind of thing... but if she's SWINGING? hand over hand? those are LONG *ss arms... and spidermonkeys can go 3 times their arm span when they're really goin' at it.


she's strong but not trained. Fast, but only while swinging monkey-style. Immune to toxins, but that just means she can't get high on the drugs she craves and she abuses her body any OTHER way she can manage. She's NOT attractive and hardly has the $$ to take care of herself hygiene-wise. She's no rocket scientist, though she's managed to live so far through a heck of a lot...

there you go, heretic... hope she's balanced enough. no laser beams, no psionic powers... just a mutant monkey.

Kameko 10-03-2003 10:51 AM

Oh, dear... Kya's bringing out Tinker... *runs in the opposite direction*


kyabetsu 10-03-2003 12:14 PM

awww... KAMEKO!!

don't run away!! you LOVE MY MONKEY!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

heh heh. she's only hanging out in the tavern, so she's not in any SERIOUS plots, she should fit in just fine with the REST of the cooky people.

Kameko 10-04-2003 11:52 AM


Originally Posted by kyabetsu
you LOVE MY MONKEY!! :lol: :lol: :lol:


Um... *cough* You do realize how disturbing that statement is, right?

:P :lol:

kyabetsu 10-04-2003 03:57 PM


Originally Posted by Kameko

Originally Posted by kyabetsu
you LOVE MY MONKEY!! :lol: :lol: :lol:


Um... *cough* You do realize how disturbing that statement is, right?

:P :lol:


Turkituck 10-14-2003 03:11 PM


Name: Turkituck, Chibi Turk, Turk-chan
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Hair: Shoulder length, copper color, usually worn loose in a tangled mess
eyes: Blackish brown
height: 3’6

species: Anthropomorphic fox/cat mix ( ¾ fox, ¼ cat)

Physical Description:

Short, hyper and uber cuddly, Chibi Turk is a little bundle of cuteness. When clean and combed, her copper colored hair is shoulder length and shines in the sun. But more often than not, her hair is a tangled mess that houses twigs, leaves, and the occasional flea. Her russet-red fur is slightly coarse and grimy, especially since she hates baths. She has a white blaze starting between her eyes and continuing down her front that is usually streaked with dust and dirt. Black ears, “gloves, and boots”, and a bushy tail with a white tip complete her Vulpine lineage. The only indication of Feline in her bloodline is her retractable claws, which are always kept sharp.
Her fur keeps her warm during most of the year, and so she usually wears overalls as her only clothing. In the late fall and winter, she wears a coat and wraps her feet and hands in cloth.

Background: Turkituck has no real family, she doesn’t know who her real mother is or even if she has any siblings. She lives in Central Park, as the adopted child of a small group of homeless people. She has bonded with a former elementary school teacher named Janey, whom Turkituck calls “Mama”.
Turk has lived with the homeless people as long as she could remember. Janey has often told her how one day while digging in dumpsters, one of the men in the group found a small bundle wrapped in a pink blanket. What he thought was a human baby, obviously and tragically abandoned by its mother to die, turned out to be a whimpering Turkituck, safe from the cold thanks to her fur. Scrawled on a piece of newspaper that was tucked next to the fox kit was the word “Toorketuck”. While no one could understand the word, or translate it, Janey decided that it would be the kit’s name.
Janey treats Turkituck like her own child, while several other members consider the mutant fox to be merely a pet. Psychologically, Turkituck is a happy child, getting all her love from her Mama and playing with the stray dogs who hang around the campsite.

Turkituck loves to explore, and will often end up getting lost, much to the dismay of the "mother".

Mr. Snackpants 10-17-2003 10:30 PM

was bored, so I thought Id make a character, even though ive never played here, and dont usually anywhere. I even made a picture.....
Name: Nucleus Suggs
Nickname: Nuke or Suggs
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Hair: Black; Fro'
Eyes: Brown
Height: 3'5"
Weight: 74lbs
Weapon(s) of choice: Chigiriki(This weapon is a 2 foot long straight stick, with a 2-1/2 chain attached to the top with a ball with spikes) and ashikos(spiked claws worn on feet)
Abilities: Excellent jumping ability

heretic888 10-20-2003 11:55 AM

((A chigiriki?? How the hell'd he come by that??!))

Mr. Snackpants 10-20-2003 05:38 PM

I dont know, why does it matter.

Trunks 10-20-2003 05:58 PM

name:jauque strop
abbilities: great kicking abilities

description: he was a french feild goal kicker with a great ability he could kick 200 yd. feild goals. he has bright red hair and blue eyes he fights crime by taking out thugs with one single kick.

heretic888 10-21-2003 09:09 AM


I dont know, why does it matter.
((It doesn't, of course. It's just a very unusual and fairly rare weapon, especially nowadays. I'm surprised you even know what it is. :P ))

Misfit 10-21-2003 02:01 PM

Name: Ayesha Froud
Nicknames: Coco, Brown Eyes, Little Volcano
Age: 16
Species: Human
Alias: Black Phantom
Race: Japanese Briton
Height: 5, 6
Weight: 115 pounds
Hair: Jet black, straight, waist length
Eyes: Deep brown
DOB: December 25th 1986
Weapons: A throwing star.
Powers: Telekinesis and invisibility
Skills/abilities: Can jump across buildings with a natural ease, and can also leap down from them. It’s not flight, more like super-jumping. Is a blue belt in Karate.
Attitude: Smart, quick thinking, loyal, well mannered, strong willed, brave. Ayesha suffers mood swings and has a hot temper when pushed. Can sometimes be sarcastic and cocky.

Background Information: Ayesha Ching-Froud is the mixed raced daughter of a Japanese woman and an English gentleman. Unknown to her parents, Ayesha was born gifted with telekinesis powers…the girl kept it a secret, however, as she was afraid of someone finding out and turning her into some sort of government authorities. Ayesha was born in Japan to mother Kamoko Ching but was quickly brought to England where her parents made a permanent home for themselves in London’s Soho. While Michael Froud, Ayesha’s father, made a good living as a newspaper reporter, Kamoko opened up a little clothes shop where she sold her own hand-made creations. Ayesha meanwhile took education at a semi-prestigious private school and although her parents wanted her to become a doctor, Ayesha dreamed of being a champion Karate fighter and maybe one day, a teacher of the art. Ayesha had been taking Karate lesson from the age of four and was already a black belt by the age of fourteen. She won trophy after trophy in the junior knockdown tournaments in which she competed. The Ching-Jones family were reasonably wealthy and were very happy, and content with life. Then on the eve of Ayesha’s fourteenth birthday, tragedy struck. For several months Michael had been working on a story involving a nightclub drugs circuit, a ring of dealers who were targeting the same London clubs. Michael was very close to uncovering the man in charge of the operation, a revelation that could put the guilty party away for several years and crumble the empire. Froud got a warning, which involved him being seriously beaten one night as he was leaving the office. It didn’t stop the determined reporter, and Froud went ahead and revealed all in his newspaper. The report led to the arrest of the gang leader and the crumbling of the empire as predicted. Yet the gang leader, a vicious psychopath named Robert Patali, was broken out and he and his gang extracted their revenge by burning Kamoko’s store to the ground while Kamoko was trapped inside. The fire killed Kamoko, Michael and Ayesha were devastated. Michael couldn’t go on without his wife and committed suicide two months later by hanging himself in the family home. Ayesha found his body, and the ordeal of losing both parents almost broke her. To seek safety and solace, Ayesha fled England to go and live with her only other living relative (that she knew of at the time); her explorer uncle James Froud who had, due to health reasons, put his wild adventures on hold and had settled down in New York. Ayesha moved into her Uncle’s apartment and went school in the city, trying to lead a normal life yet constantly worrying about Patali’s gang finding her. Wanting to put her martial arts skills to use, and somehow believing she was avenging the deaths of her parents, Ayesha became a secret crime fighter, stalking the streets at night and saving anyone she could. It didn’t take long for her uncle to find out what she was upto and in an effort to assit her, James gave his niece a magical cloack that turned it’s wearer invisible whenever the hood was pulled over ones head. The cloak, according to James, had come from an acient egypitan Pharo tomb he and a gang of explorers had raided years ago. Ayesha met the turtles when, one night after rescuing somebody, was set upon by too many thugs she could handle. Greatful to the turtles, Ayesha became their friend and is extremely loyal towards them. Ayesha got a proper desigue/costume and an alias: Black Phantom, and became a full fledged crime fighter, often working along side her new friends.

(Sorry about the length of that bio - hope it wasn't *too* long!)

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