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Ra 12-27-2004 11:29 PM

well...i'd better add in myself! :D

Name: Ra Cho Tamer
Nicknames: err…sun god descendent?
Age: unknown but is in her teenage years
Gender: female
Species: human
Nationality: American
Eye color: bluish-green
Hair color: thick brown hair but a long, deep red fringe
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 134 lbs
Clothing: usually a ragged black t-shirt with a black bandana holding back the hair with a black belt, dark jeans with blue sneakers (and ankle socks) and sometimes black fingerless gloves. That’s just her battle gear. If not, it’s pretty random, depending on what she finds in the dumpsters
Physical traits: tanned skin and a long scar on the back of her right hand, her red brown hair and her eyes
Occupation: Dragon Tamer

Skills and powers: carries a kyoketsu shoge that the end could be changed from a ring to a spear like end or a bullet like end. Is skilled in some areas of ninjitsu (Level 1) and jujitsu (orange belt), and can draw reasonably well. Can also use martial arts weapons and can use simple, every day objects as a weapon

Advantages: stronger than normal, can brake her fall from heights under 10 feet, battle ready, can get focused and absorbed in the task at hand, skilled fighter because of her harsh life and can call upon dragons (or can use elements to turn into a dragon-like shape)

Disadvantages: quick to anger and can even lash out on her friends if she is angry enough. Her life is complex and longs to know what it’s like to lead a ‘normal’ life. Also, the dragon summons mentioned above is fed off her own energy and life force. This can result to passing out and being weakened, greatly or hardly affected depending on what summon she does and, if it’s an element summon, how long it is summoned for

Personality: Ra is pretty much wild. She likes parties but usually thinks of herself as an outcast until she’s around her friends. She gives everybody the cold shoulder if they upset her in one way or another, but once you get to know her she’s not a bad girl. She just has more issues than everyone else. She can get annoyed if anyone finds one of her bandana’s and takes it with them or takes her bandana off of her head. She has a mysterious bond with it. Just don’t go sneaking about in her room…

History: at the age of five, Ra’s house was burnt to the ground by the Foot, her parents taken captive. Furious, she and her dog (the only thing that survived) found a run down wear house floor in nearby New York that they happily called home. As the years went by, Ra started to get sick of just stealing to feed herself and her dog. She got all the money she had and spent it on self defense lessons and took a liking to ninjitsu and jujitsu. She quit when she was out of money, determined to save herself and her dog that now she calls Terror from the horrible conditions of New York. When she was about twelve, Ra was on the roof of the wear house and saw a shape like a dragon. Curious, Ra followed, seeming to be the only one who knew it was there. The shape entered a small cavern where Ra followed. Soon she was in the heart of dragon city, where dragons roamed like humans. She was quickly noticed and taken prisoner. While she was in her cell, she heard a noise of a dragon in pain in the cell next to her. She soothed its anger and ache, calming it just by verbally talking to it. A dragon elder was there when it happened and knew that Ra was the last he could take. He let the two free from their cells. The dragon that was in the cell is now known as Shadowflame, a loyal dragon at Ra’s call. The elder by the name of Venri then took Ra under his wing to make her a dragon tamer, one who tamed dragons for a living. She is one of the first to exist in over a thousand years. Now Ra is a level 15 dragon tamer, with her goal to become the highest level dragon tamer around - a level 100. When she dies, her spirit and life force will be guided to a dragon egg and be reincarnated into it. The mysterious art of dragon taming is still very mysterious to her, but even more mysterious to her friends. She is a fateful ally and good friend to the turtles, but sometimes even dragon taming has its downsides…

she is not a character that i'll really play, but since she like a part of Ra...

Name: Terror
Nicknames: N/A
Age: unknown but is nearly as old as Ra
Gender: female
Species: dog
Breed: Rottweiler
Nationality: Born in America but is of a German blood line
Eye color: Brown
Fur color: Black and Tan
Height: 2 feet from her sholder blades down
Clothing: none. she wears a ragged red colour though
Trade marks: the cute look she usually gives anyone who is being mean to her (kinda like the one Puss in Boots gives in Shrek 2)

Skills and powers: Bites, scrathes, and anything else other dogs can do. but she does apper to be smarter than normal though and she doesn't age

Advantages: smarts, claws, teeth, loyalty, affectionite (sometimes) and a fighters spirit
Disadvantages: can be caught by the dog catcher, can't talk, sometimes lazy and usually brings home trouble

Personality: Affectionate, takes in whatever is happening, always there, and a good friend and fighter. not smart enough to talk but smart enough to know what's going on, Terror has saved her human friends life countless times. Ra respects and appreciates Terror enough to treat her like a human. sometimes she goes off on her own adventures too

History: after sniffing a little bit of TCRI ooze when she was a day old, it hightend her intelligence a bit. when she was six weeks old she was given to Ra as a birthday gift. nothing else is known about this mysterious dog

tmnt_forever_fangirl 01-07-2005 06:39 AM

My Character
Name: Marsha
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Nationality: American, but looks and speaks some Japanese
Eye color: green
Hair color: black
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 124 lbs
Clothing: usually wears dark green clothes...or just plain black ones. No dresses...never. She hates dresses with a passion.
Physical traits: cream-colored skin, a scar on her left arm

Skills and powers: Healing and psychic powers

Advantages: She is quick to think during battles and always seems to find a way to distract the enemy.
Disadvantages: If you get off on her bad side, she shows it and tends to hold a grudge against ya unless you 'try' talking things out with her, which tends to be hard at times...
Personality: shy, kind, caring and passionate...and easily angered. She hates fighting of any kind.
History: At the age of just 5 years old, the Hun and the foot ninja's broke into her home and burned it down with her parents still inside it. Watching helplessly from the playground outside, she began to feel hatred towards the men in the black pajamas. Her powers soon developed as she started to fend for herself out on the streets. The Shredder found interest in her and took her in, where Stockman altered her mind. Now she just wishes to find some way to get back to normal.

Split Personality 1: Normal self: the original, quiet, shy Marsha we all know. The one who hates fighting of any kind.

Split Personality 2: Possessed self: The dangerous, silent, but deadly version. She tends to kill all who try to stand in her way of completeing the Shredder's orders.

How she can switch personalities: Baxter implated a chip inside her mind, which allows Shredder to take control of her at any given time he wishes. Only by concentrating deeply, can she break free and return to her normal self.

Things to know about her: She hates the word: 'freak', and she's scared of rejection. She hasn't been able to talk to anyone since her powers developed, cause they've been rejecting her and called her a freak as well.

NightwatchersOnlygirl 01-26-2005 08:36 AM

Character Profiies Raphsgirl
Here goes;

Raphsgirl is a half human and half Turtle she carries a sais just like her lover Raphael and wears a red bandana, she has got a temper like a rocket :x
There will be a fuller profilie of Raphsgirl as soon I can

-Savannah- 02-01-2005 02:59 PM

-Here I go...-

Name: Cassidy
Nicknames: Cass
Species: human
Eyes: light blue
Hair: long & chestnut-colored
Physical Appearance: tall, lean, slightly tan, hair in a high ponytail, long legs, muscular, scar on left arm
Clothing: white blouse, old jeans ripped at the knees, tennis shoes
Personality: sassy, out-spoken, fallen, rough around the edges, smart, tomboy, country girl
Powers: Fire, can transform into full transformation where she can then shoot larger energy fire attacks, when transformed she wears a red dangling sleeves top, dark red skirt, knee high black lace up boots, hair is let down, eyes glow red and so does scar on her arm, a pair of hardly visible wings on her back, and a fire marking around her right eye that covers a complete side of her face
General info: homeless, lost parents in a fire, used to ride horses, 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo, fends for herself, originally from Kansas

-*phew*! Surprised I could write that all out!-

Jade Green 02-01-2005 03:03 PM


Originally Posted by -Savannah-
-Here I go...-

Name: Cassidy
Nicknames: Cass
Eyes: light blue
Hair: long & chestnut-colored
Physical Appearance: tall, lean, slightly tan, hair in a high ponytail, long legs, muscular
Clothing: white blouse, old jeans ripped at the knees, tennis shoes
Personality: sassy, out-spoken, fallen, rough around the edges, smart, tomboy, country girl
General info: homeless, lost parents in a fire, used to ride horses, 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo, fends for herself, originally from Kansas

-*phew*! Surprised I could write that all out!-

You forgot the fact that she can seem to throw fireballs and is athletic and can fight as if she's been trained for years... :roll: So much detail you could have added to this, my dear.

-Savannah- 02-01-2005 03:08 PM

-Just did and by the way you seem to use that smiley alot :P -

hazlov2004 02-11-2005 11:52 PM

new profile for amy
name:amy j. rockwell



place born:houston texas





race: mutant turtle

skills:crime fighting and punching

bio:amy has a temper and a short fuse but she likes to punch but when she gets angry she is known to go in a full blown rage but keeps it under control and befriends the turtles and angel she considers herself to be a member of the turtles family and likes to street fight

=GRiM= 02-16-2005 10:44 AM

Ok, I've got a few, but here's sort of my main character:

Name: Unknown (known only as "Grim" by mortals)
Gender: Male
Race: Angel
Age: Eternal
Aparent Age: Mid-twenties
Height: Unknown (tall)
Weight: Unknown (thin)
Eyes: White (no visible pupils)
Hair: White, past shoulder-length
Allignment: Neutral
Physical appearance: Ghostly pale complexion; dark, sunken eyes; long, white hair; heavy, black trenchcoat with many straps and buckles on the arms and down the front, with a high collar that wraps around his neck and clasps in the front, covering the lower portion of his face; heavy black boots with metal clasps, heel, and toe; skeletal left hand which he uses to remove the souls of the deceased (or living, if he so chooses)
Weapon(s) of choice: Spirit Scythe
Known powers/abilities: flight/levitation, Shadow Form (allows him to meld into shadows and become a shadow himself. Also allows him to travel through Kali's Shadow Portals, though he cannot create them), teleportation of himself and others to Heaven, Hell, and Limbo (purgatory), the ability to look into the mind of an unconscious being to see and even alter dreams and memories, the ability to summon and control Hellfire

The one known only as "Grim" is of an ancient race of Death Angels known as Reapers. It is their job to retrieve the souls of the deceased and release them into the afterlife. His skeletal left hand of Death can extinguish a life with a single touch, causing all bodily functions to cease. Though he rarely caries is Scythe with him, it can be summoned from the Netherworld at will by the Reaper.

=GRiM= 02-17-2005 11:03 AM

Here's another:

Name: Ulrich Cage
Alias: the Ark
Race: Human
Height: Unknown (approx. 9' in armor)
Weight: Unknown (around 2 tons in armor)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: None (was Brown)
Physical Description: Massive suit of seemingly impenitrable armor; body is engulfed in pure energy; port-hole like 'windows' reveal glowing red energy within
Known Abilities: Body engulfed in pure energy of immeasurable power, will flash-fry everything in a 50-foot radius of him if exposed (armor prevents this); plates on his palms can focus this energy and project it at will
Weaknesses: Energy projection ceases and he becomes harmless while in a state of unconsciouness, otherwise his powers are uncontrollable.

When Ulrich Cage was 13 years old, he fell into a mysterious coma. He was in the hospital of his small village when he awoke. His body burned with fever and he ran outside and into a field. The nurses went after him in fear of his safety. He suddenly fell to his knees and doubled over in pain as his body was suddenly enveloped in searing red energy. It blasted outward around him, throwing the women to the ground and scorching everything around him and he fell unconscious. The chaos ceased.

While he lay unconscious, the villagers erected an enormous suit of iron, made from the remaining relics of the walking behemoths known as the Sentinels. This ancient technology was able to contain his terrible power. He was encased inside and willingly held in the dungeon.

He wears the suit, not to protect himself, but to protect the world from him.

KROW 02-17-2005 12:00 PM

((This post has been eaten away by KROW's dormant-past fungus. Sorry for the inconvenience.))

-Savannah- 02-21-2005 07:42 PM

Name: Kawanaha
Nicknames: Ana
Gender: Female
Heigth: 4'11
Weight: 120 [w/ shell]
Species: Hawksbill sea turtle
Age: 16
Hair: Long, chestnut colored w/ blonde highlights, tied around the middle
Eye color: Teal blue
Attitue/Personality: Secretive, alone, athletic, anti-social, non-innocent , slightly tough, pure
Jewelry: Shark tooth necklace, shark tooth ankle bracelet
Clothing: See-through red skirt w/ cut sides, purple flower tied to the side
Weapon: Her fists
Birthplace: Costa Rica
Favorite activity: Adventuring
Hobbies: Butt-kickin', swimming, keeping out of site of humans
Friends: None
Allies: Non-mutated sea turtles, dolphins, etc.
Enemies: Wacky scientists, humans, sharks, boats
Siblings: None. Only one that survived mutation

tmnt_forever_fangirl 02-21-2005 08:11 PM

Here's another character of mine(from my TMNT/Swat Kats rpg)

Name: Victoria
Nicknames: Vic, Vicky, Princess
Age: 18
Hair: Long black hair that usually tied back into a ponytail.
Eyes: dark green
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Gender: female
Species: Kat
Occupation: umployeed, but is looking for a job at the Enforcers
Allignment: Good

Description: (The girl cat...that is ^.^)

Demeanor: Victoria is more of a leader-type personality. She lives with her Aunt Callie Briggs..well, she used to, until they had an arguement about jobs. Now she finds shelter with the Swat Kats. Her best friend is Jake's little sister, Annie Clawson

Abilities/Weapons: Twin daggers and Ninja Throwing stars. She can kick some serious butt, too...especially when she's in a bad mood.

Disadvantages: Her secret crush on Jake. Not even Ann knows...the only one who does sense this is Chance. Other disadvantages: she HATES being rejected and she doesn't take 'No' for an answer.

Stuff: Vic's been going back and forth from her own dimension to the Turtle's Dimension...only to visit Donatello... :D and to help the guy's if they ever need it, that is.

Kali 03-08-2005 12:54 PM

Updated profiles for Kali, and Red.

Name: Kali
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Species: Demon/Human hybrid
Eye color: Dark blue
Hair color: Dark blonde, with a reddish tint
Height: 5’5”
Weight: ~120 lbs.
Clothing: Red tank top with black denim jeans and matching jacket with faux snakeskin accents. Black walking shoes.
Misc. Physical traits: A light scar on her neck above her collarbone, and a tattoo (somewhere.) In “demon form” she has small black horns at her hairline, fangs, and slit/cats-eye pupils.

Skills and powers: First off, Kali has the power to hide what she is, and is in this state most of the time. However, she cannot use her powers in this “form”, as it’s only an illusion and it will shatter if she does. Her basic powers include superior (to humans anyway) strength and speed, and minor things like slight levitation (only a few inches to a foot.)
Shadow Walking is a means of traveling through shadows, instantly, from one place to another. However, it’s limited to complete shadow, with no light whatsoever. Her human blood also allows her to freely pass from her world to Earth, something full demons usually can’t do.
The power of suggestion allows her to influence people, but this is also limited to weak-willed people, or simply those who haven’t made up their mind. It’s more like persuasion than mind-control.
There’s also that feeding on life-energy thing, but except in extreme cases, like self-defense, it’s unnoticeable.

Personality: An interesting case. She has a demon’s pride that she is innately superior to any mortal creature on Earth. She’s spoiled, and can be a brat when she doesn’t get things her way. And a demon’s tantrum is not something you want to witness. She can be horribly stubborn.
On the other hand, her human side leaves her feeling self-conscious. She was violently teased as a child, one reason she was so protected by her family. Her human side aches to be accepted and she has an intense fear of rejection.
Overall, she’s slow to trust (from both pride and fear), but polite and nice enough if you don’t cross her the wrong way.

History: Born from a human mother on Earth, Kali was stolen away by her demon father shortly after her birth because an oracle said that she had to be raised to her potential. When she got old enough, Kali became curious about her “other half” and her hobby is now “soul searching”.


Name: Red
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon, wingless
Eye color: Black
Height: ~3 feet at shoulder, and another couple feet of neck.
Weight: I actually have no idea. Heavy, I guess.
Physical traits: Violet scales, lighter on the belly. Sharp talons and teeth. Frills along his spine with sheer membrane.

Skills and powers: Red’s a very young dragon. The biggest thing is the ability to move between planes, like between the human and demon world. He’s also very good at tracking and of course, is strong. He can’t breath fire yet. And he can’t directly communicate with most people, although there are special cases like Kali, and probably other dragons.

Personality: Red’s like a big, purple, scaly guard dog. Once he knows you’re not a threat, he’s pretty friendly. If you are a threat, well… I don’t wanna be you.

History: Red was given to Kali, as an egg, for her fourth birthday. The egg was red, hence the name. When he hatched, Red became Kali’s constant and loyal companion.

Jade Green 03-08-2005 01:47 PM

Name: (too difficult for humanoid speach)
A.K.A: 'Tzyn'
Age: Ancient
Species: Red Dragon (Western)
Size: Three story house
Abilities: Fire, Flight and Scorcery. Like most Dragons of her kind, she loves polymorphing.
History: There was a time when Dragons were all that thier myths and legends spoke of and more; but nothing can last forever. First, it was the dragon wars, Metalic against the Chromatic, Good versus evil; both sides lost many. Too many, perhaps. As the number of dragons dwindled the population of humanity soared! Soon there were a thousand maybe two thousand humans to each dragon. Even after the war, the number of human began to rise.
Something had to be done. Most Elves had already left. The drow, Goblins, Dwarves and gnome all simply dug deeper into the earth until there was no sign of them. And so, many of the dragons left the realm of humanity in one way or another. They left to find riches, power and discover the unknown, (the truth is out there). While a few, chose to stay. Many, like the Dragon Turtle found deep crevises and under water caves to live out the rest of their lives. Others simply chose the way of the Earthen Folk, they dug into the ground until the sounds of the earth's core lulled them into a deep eternal sleep.
And then, there were those like Tzyn. Still a young adult at the time, she wasn't about to let the events hamper her adventurous spirit. She travelled world wide, reaching the 'new world' far before Leaf or Columbus were ever born. It was in Current day New York State that she began to tire and she too decided to sleep; but, she didn't dig as deep a the rest...

-Savannah- 03-22-2005 07:06 AM

Name: Yasmine Urik (yur-ik)
Nickname(s): Does not except nothing except Yasmine
Age: 18
Height: 5'6
Weight: 120 (estimate)
Alighment: Unknown
Hair: Chocolate brown, wavy
Eyes: Dark blue
Weapons: Throwing stars, tessen (folding fan with iron frame & sharp edges)
Personality: Shadowy, secretive, protective, sassy, alone, fiesty, mostly innocent

Garou 03-23-2005 02:05 PM

I'll add another one too...

Name: GoldRain
Age: 25
Species: Wolf
Eyes: Green
Fur: Brown with golden hints
Hair: Dark brown, usually set in a ponytail
Appearence: Tall, very muscular and a long scar running from his left shoulder to his wrist. Wears a black gi with a gold eagle on the back.
Personality: Reserved, honorable

He carries a small ferret named Chu Chu in the jacket.

Akita 03-24-2005 08:38 PM

Name: Akita
Species: Cat demon
Looks: (look at signature)
Powers: Demon powers and her ice powers.
General info: Akita has been on her own since day 1. Her heart has changed and now she seeks love and a good life, which seems impossible to her, which makes her depressed. She has had experience with cutting and overdosing, which she still does due to how she feels.

The Stryker 04-26-2005 09:24 PM

Species:Hugh Mann
Looks: Dark Black ear-length hair, Kinda Spiky.And a Simple Black Shirt and Tattered Denim Pants
Training:Knows his way around a Bo staff and will use Whatever is around.
Personality:Angry and Oppressed, Underlying sense of Pop culture


One Foot Elite in Training. Killer for his Master and underneath the Mask he is constantly beaten and yelled at for being born into the Good Graces of his Master, One Night he Managed to escape from the Foot HQ and his Real Story Began there

Name: Drake
Age:Who Knows Looks 24
Weight:201 give or take
Looks:Short Slicked back Blue Hair and Abnormally Pale Skin, Normal masked by Make-up its a vain thing, Wears a Cross around his neck and usually wears a Suit and Sunglasses
Training:None, But Fights dirty if he has too
Powers:Basic Vamp powers except transformation, Above average strength
Personality:Calm and Collected rarely is Flustered
Backstory:Was Born in a Rich family with the Vampire Gene, He doesn't seek to take over the world at all, He just wants to control London's Seedy Underground.

I still got a couple of characters but they still need to be defined.

Shark 05-02-2005 04:41 AM

Name: Shark Star

Nicknames: Shark, Omega, and Alpha

Age: 24

Gendar: Male

Side: Bad Guy mostly, but if paid well enough, or if the odd's are against him by another bad guy, he'll team with the good, temporarly.

Weapons: Sword, Katanna, Bo-Staff, Throwing Daggers, Bow and Arrows, and Ice Arrows. When he uses his Ice Powers, he can create an Ice Blade. Explosives he uses can be Sensor Mines, or Waterproof Fuse Bombs.

Species: Looks human, but it's been rumored he's from another galexy.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Longish, dark, spikey

Physical Appearance: Not fat, not skinny, he's adverage, but looks as if he could move very well. He's also not a muscular person, reguardless of how strong he is.

Clothing: Mostly dark clothing. I'm not good with desc's, so I'll just say his clothes look a bit like a male version of Karai's from the new series. He also wears a black cape, but he usually removes it for fighting. Sometimes, even useing it as a weapon.

Personality: He's quiet, but occasionally has smart remarks, attempted jokes, and he's surpriseingly sweet to mostly all girls.

Powers: He's pretty strong. Not strong enough to lift cars, but still pretty good. He's a great fighter, and could even take on all four turtles easily at once. He also has the ability to create and control Ice, mostly always as a weapon or sheild. He doesn't use his Ice abilities unless he's desprate. To recap, his only abilities are ice magic, which he rarely uses, great and strong fighter, and great with weapons. Nothing else as of yet.

Weakness: Just because he uses ice attacks sometimes, don't think he's weak to fire. He's actually nearly imune to most elements, but strong ones such as dark attacks can easily take him out. He wears a strong cup, so below the belt attacks are out. He is very weak in his stomach, so one strong blow to the gut will pratically render him helpless. Although he does seem like an impossible force, he has many weaknesses, and any one of them can take him down easily. Finding them may difficult.

General Info: He's a top rank Assassin of the Foot Ninja Clan. His past is unknown (Truth is, I'm not sure yet. I'll make one up as I go along), but there are hints that, as he does seem nearly heartless, cheap in battle, and has no honor at all, the truth is, deep down inside, he's not really as evil as he seems. If it came right down to it, he may even team with the good guys to fight even deadlier foes.

Current Rivals: Kamejou

Current Enemies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Master Splinter, Shaira, and Grace.

Thats about it. Alot of people seem to think he's nearly impossible, but thats because they always seem to try to take him down in the first few post or so. I mean, I can't let myself lose that early, and let them think they are all powerful. This never happend here (yet...) but it has happend on another forum, which turned me off of RPing. And yes, I know I have ALOT of spelling mistakes.

Anything else I need to add, just let me know.

The Stryker 05-09-2005 10:20 PM

New Character!

Name:Charles P. Austin
Affiliation:Good Until.... well you'll see ;)
Weapon:None, Uses Fists and Brass Knuckles (i dunoo if that counts)
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Skill: Pretty good at Hacking and Smoking
Personality: Puts on a Happy Front but is really Depressed and sad

Basic Info:

Kicked out of his house and put out for adoption at age 9 for alledgedly trying to burn down the house, He fell into a cycle of blaming himself again and again, He was never Adopted and one night He crossed Paths with Stryker who was running from a Foot Assassin Named Mavado, Charles Helped him and the two have been Friends ever since

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