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Dejablue 07-05-2018 12:16 PM

Okay I know this question will probably be locked and deleted immediately because discord/skype are the bane of forums existence but I HAVE to know/ask if there is a Technodrome discord? And if there isn't one can there be?

I'm looking for an active tmnt community chatroom. Keyword here is "active". Not that I don't love it here but I do enjoy talking to fellow fans in real time.

Utrommaniac 07-05-2018 12:19 PM

There's already been a topic for one, and yes we do have one.

Dejablue 07-05-2018 12:24 PM

Ah forgive me. I searched but I didn't see the topic.

Uhhmmm....can I get a link?

Edit: Nevermind. I think i found it!

sdp 07-05-2018 02:06 PM

Yeah here's the topic for the unofficial drome discord
And we have some active members, is fun

Here's the direct link

TigerClaw 07-05-2018 02:19 PM

Join it. Its free.

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