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Logan 12-19-2016 04:02 PM

Cartoon humor in Manhattan Project
The first time I played TMNT3 on NES, I noticed that some of the game's humor is a throwback to the slapstick of Looney Toons et al. Examples include being flattened like a pancake by Foot anvils, falling out of your turtle shell, and having a soot-covered face after being blasted. This wouldn't be worth mentioning if not for the fact that this sort of slapstick never occurred in the OT. I found it kind of jarring. I was curious if it gave anyone else pause when playing.

Part of me wonders if this had anything to do with Battletoads having come out months before. Said game contained the same kind of humor.

CyberCubed 12-19-2016 07:30 PM

I liked those scenes, I thought they were fun. Never thought of it more than that.

Powder 12-19-2016 08:58 PM


Originally Posted by CyberCubed (Post 1647410)
I liked those scenes, I thought they were fun. Never thought of it more than that.


It was just a way to add in some extra humor in an age were voice clips and cut-scenes were uncommon & very limited in nature.

Prowler 12-21-2016 04:30 AM

Considering the FW series itself had a lot of slapstick humour, I'd say it fit the game quite well.

I also love the "MY TOE! MY TOE!" gag in Turtles in Time :lol:

DarkFell 12-21-2016 12:32 PM

I find it funny whenever any of the Turtles gets run over by cars, or whenever they get squashed by those spheres that show up in certain levels.

pferreira 12-22-2016 10:05 AM

The original Ninja Turtles games had a lot of that type of humour.

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