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Mr. Snackpants 10-22-2003 01:59 PM


Originally Posted by heretic888

I dont know, why does it matter.
((It doesn't, of course. It's just a very unusual and fairly rare weapon, especially nowadays. I'm surprised you even know what it is. :P ))

oh, ok....I thought maybe there was some rule that I couldnt use it or something :lol: I dont really know about it. I didnt want to use a weapon the turtles have so I just did a search.......

heretic888 10-23-2003 10:39 AM


Also a black belt in Karate and a specialist in ninjutsu.
((Ummm.... right. :roll: ))

heretic888 10-23-2003 11:02 AM

Ah yeah, 'bout time I showed up....
-Name: Heretic888
-Real Name: Whouldn't you like to know??
-Nicknames: Heretic, 888
-Age: 21
-Gender: Male
-Height: 5'11"
-Weight: 175 lbs.
-Hair: Dark brown
-Eyes: Hazel green
-Ethnicity: White (I guess)
-Nationality: American (U.S.A.!!)
-Species: Homo Sapiens Sapien (Human!! And proud of it, beeyatch!!)
-Favorite Color: Black (I guess)
-Favorite Foods: Italian (especially pizza) and "American" (likes bacon cheeseburgers with onion rings). Also likes Chinese.
-Favorite Music: Anything he considers "good", no particular style. Favorite band is limpbizkit.
-Weapons: Prefers to fight unarmed, but can also handle a bo staff (or similar weapon) and Japanese sword (katana, ninja-to, etc).
-Place of Birth: Georgia, U.S.A.
-Current Residency: Florida, U.S.A.
-Disposition/Personality: Heh, you know me....
-Clothing: Usually wears loose-fitting blue jeans with a black t-shirt. Has a fairly "normal" wardrobe (for a male American 21 year old, that is). Often wears a black cap.
-Physical Appearance: Has short, spiked-up brown hair with a goatee. When not "spiked up", wears a black cap (often backwards). Lean, athletic physique. Wears contacts or glasses. Above average height and weight.
-Criminal Record: None. Has a few traffic violations.
-Training: Bujinkan Ninpo (still a beginner, now).
-Story: Hah!! Wouldn't you like to know!!

Misfit 10-23-2003 05:11 PM

Re: .....

Originally Posted by heretic888

Also a black belt in Karate and a specialist in ninjutsu.
((Ummm.... right. :roll: ))

Yeah, maybe that's too unrealistic...I'll edit. :)

Edit: I've editited that part of the character bio. Think its better now?

heretic888 10-23-2003 05:48 PM


Edit: I've editited that part of the character bio. Think its better now?
((*shrugs* Its your character, so you can do whatever you want. Its not like there's a rule against it or anything.

I just can't figure how someone that is shodan in karate-do can just up and "specialize" in ninjutsu..... but, that's just me.))

Misfit 10-24-2003 02:12 AM

Nah, it's cool, I re-read that part and thought it was stupid. Blame tiredness and my lack of fully engaging my brain while I was typing that part. :lol:

Jade Green 10-24-2003 10:03 PM

Name: N/A
Alias: Jade Green
Nick Name: Jade
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4"
weight: 110-120 lbs
Ethnicity: caucaisan
Nationality: American
Species: Human
Favorite Color(s): Black, Red, Purple
Favorite Music: None specific... likes to listen to Bond
Weapons: none
Place of Birth: Texas
Curent Residency: Texas
Clothing: Carpenter Jeans with a red chinese dragon on the left leg, a black shirt with the saying 'some people think i'm just plain nuts... other say I'm honey roasted' on it, Volitair shoes... her hair is pulled into a poney tail and she has glasses.
Physical Appearance: She is slender, has a body, her shoulder length hair is two-toned, (from roots half way down is ash brown, the rest is black), hazel eyes, tan olive skin.
Criminal Record: None
Training: Two symesters Karate...
Story: You'd fall asleep if you read it

heretic888 10-27-2003 05:51 PM

Kenichi Hamato, the Kageto
-Name: Kageto (English: Shadowblade)
-Real Name: Kenichi Hamato
-Nicknames: Ken
-Age: 23
-Gender: Male
-Height: 5'11"
-Weight: 175 lbs.
-Hair: Black
-Eyes: Green
-Ethnicity: Half-Caucasian/Half-Japanese
-Nationality: American (has dual citizenship in Japan)
-Species: Human
-Favorite Color: Black
-Favorite Foods: Italian, American, Chinese, Japanese.
-Favorite Music: European Classical and Oriental Classical.
-Weapons: Ninja-to. Prefers to fight unarmed, however, he is proficient with all forms of melee weaponry.
-Place of Birth: Virginia, American Colonies
-Current Residency: Travels between the American Colonies and Japan.
-Disposition/Personality: Calm, relaxed, good-natured, with a strong sense of justice.
-Clothing: Wears Japanese garb typical of a warrior during times of peace. Grayish-black, loose-fitting, long-sleeved robe tucked in under greyish-black hakama outfitted around both legs. Often wears grey cloak and hood to mask appearance.
-Physical Appearance: Lean, athletic build. Has long, straight black hair tied back into a ponytail. No facial hair and clear skin. Somewhat pale. Has a calm but intense gaze in his eyes.
-Criminal Record: None.
-Training: He is a master of Iga-den Happo Hikenjutsu.
-Story: Unknown. To be revealed as story (or stories) unfold.

*Side Note: Some of this character's particulars will vary depending on what time period I am using him. This is his personna during the Colonial Era (with the POTC RPG).

Lynxie 10-29-2003 11:49 PM

This is just my general char, when I've had a few hours sleep I'll do something with her...(Heretic, know any free dice simulators in decent form?) This is just the basics.

-Name: Lynx, Lynxie (friends only or insult)
-Real Name: Cynthia Felis Polishchuk
-Nicknames: supergirl (teasing about strength), psycho (usually about driving habits), Puke (ethnic slur, call at own risk)
-Age: 16-20 (depends on story)
-Gender: Female
-Height: 4' 10"
-Weight:85 lbs.
-Hair: Colourless like a polar bear's, looks silver
-Eyes: range from stone grey to aquamarine to blue-violet (dependant on inner emotions and unconsious mind)
-Ethnicity: On mother's side- Polish/Ukranian On dad's side Japanese/austrailian (looks mostly like mother)
-Nationality: Patriotic to Canada but has a green card (Canadian/American)
-Species: Mutated Human
-Favorite Color: personal info... still bugging me about it? This could get ugly.
-Favorite Food: Buffet
-Favorite Music: sh*t that makes sense to me
-Weapons: Anything from a frying pan to my black pumps (domestic objects)
-Place of Birth:Calmari (pronounced Calmar) Alberta Canada
-Current Residency: depends on story

-Disposition/Personality: depends... when not with close friends it's either objective observer or Morphic (it means picking up dominate traits of people around & displaying) although always analytical, sometimes rabidly sarcastic.

-Clothing: anything from coctail dress to baggy cargos & a insulting t-shirt.
-Physical Appearance: looks like a mini supermodel, except slightly thicker thighs (genetic trait of slavic europeans)
-Criminal Record: Stunting (first and last day on job as taxi driver)

-Training:Learned mostly from parents generally called street fighting, for lack of better name. taught self novice jujitsu from library books (parents were cops in U.S. RMCP in Canada)

-Story: Long. Need to know: Mutated rattle snakes in Medicine Hat, Alberta bit Lynxie as a toddler while she was escaping from a babysitter. in venom a less powerfull and organic form of the mutagen gave her many abilities above human. when parents were alive in NY they busted mostly Purple Dragons causing them to hate anyone related. They got killed by same gang while at home. Lynxie was 14 & managed to take care of her 2 younger sisters in the same abandoned building as Casey lived at the time(still never met). When turned 17 she got the hell out of there to Edmonton, Alberta with sisters.(two days before TMNT first appeared).

-Mutations: Clairvoyance(look it up in a dictionary if you don't know)radius of about 20 miles, strength averages 2 to 2.7 times normal human (Lynxie does not weight lift), generaly freakishly flexibile, sight = Lynx(the big cat) with color, hair color.

Weaknesses: Doesn't trust easily, requires large amounts of food to keep from showing signs of starvation, cruel with insults, has problems controlling strength when playfighting, very light & easy to throw. (literally)

The Path of the Ninja Edit

-Real Name: Cynthia Felis Polishchuk
-Nickname: Lynx, Lynxie
-Age: 31
-Gender: Female
-Height: 4' 10"
-Weight:85 lbs.
-Hair: Colourless like a polar bear's, looks silver
-Eyes: range from stone grey to aquamarine to blue-violet (dependant on inner emotions and unconsious mind)

-Ethnicity: On mother's side- Polish/Ukranian On dad's side Japanese/austrailian (looks mostly like mother)

-Nationality: Patriotic to Canada but has a green card (Canadian/American)
-Species: Mutated Human

-Favorite Food: Buffet,
-Favorite Music: sh*t that makes sense to her
-Weapons: Anything from a frying pan to my black pumps (domestic objects) Low level weapon proficiency with javelin.

-Place of Birth:Calmari (pronounced Calmar) Alberta Canada
-Current Residency: East New York.

-Disposition/Personality: depends... when not with close friends it's either objective observer or Morphic (it means picking up dominate traits of people around & displaying) although always analytical, sometimes rabidly sarcastic. Has become increasingly viscious due to circumstances.

-Clothing:Dresses mostly in black and jewel tone fabrics that are wrinkle & stain resistant (nothing lacy anymore)...

-Physical Appearance: Is now average for weight an build, though still looks(decievingly) fragile.

-Criminal Record: Stunting (first and last day on job as taxi driver)

-Training:Learned mostly from parents generally called street fighting, for lack of better name. taught self novice jujitsu from library books (parents were cops in U.S. RMCP in Canada) During the time she was back in Canada, she had been instructed in beginners ninjitsu by her Japanese grandmother.

-Story: Long. Need to know: Mutated rattle snakes in Medicine Hat, Alberta bit Lynxie as a toddler while she was escaping from a babysitter. in venom a less powerfull and organic form of the mutagen gave her many abilities above human. when parents were alive in NY they busted mostly Purple Dragons causing them to hate anyone related. They got killed by same gang while at home. Lynxie was 14 & managed to take care of her 2 younger sisters in the same abandoned building as Casey lived at the time(still never met). When turned 17 she got the hell out of there to Edmonton, Alberta with sisters.(two days before TMNT first appeared).
At arount the age of 22 she retuned alone, finished a university degree in biochemistry, and ended up working for a genetics company. When her strength & hair growth went out of whack, they realized she was a mutant and pretty much tried to turn her into an experiment. Escaping that she is pretty much in the same boat as the turtles, and if she could, she would go back to Alberta where there are places she does not have to worry about her mutation. After the Utoms landed she returned to Alberta, however she now has returned to New York as something she can't explain draws her there.

-Mutations: Clairvoyance(look it up in a dictionary if you don't know)radius of about 20 miles, strength averages 2 to 2.7 times normal human (Lynxie does not weight lift), generaly freakishly flexibile, sight = Lynx(the big cat) with color, hair color. At about the age of twenty one hearing has slowly enhanced to that of the average house cat by age of forty.

Weaknesses: Doesn't trust easily, requires large amounts of food to keep from showing signs of starvation, cruel with insults, has problems controlling strength when playfighting, very light & easy to throw. (literally) After about the age of twenty five, her hair growth speed and her strength have become unstable, causing major problems at times.

heretic888 10-30-2003 11:41 AM


...(Heretic, know any free dice simulators in decent form?)


Hows that for starters...
((seems fine to me.))

Lynxie 11-01-2003 12:25 PM

Since I'm awake here's the mini profiles on my sisters...

Name: Emerald bond Polishchuk
-Age:when Cynthia's 16 she's 8
-Gender: Female
-Height: 4' 7"
-Hair: shoulder length dirty blond
-Eyes:chocolate brown
-Nationality: American
-Species: Human
-Favorite Color: purple
-Favorite Food: lasanga
-Favorite Music: pop
-Place of Birth: New York
-Current Residency: depends on story

Name: Ruby Maxine Polishchuk
-Nicknames: Rube
-Age:when Cynthia's 16 she's 10
-Gender: Female
-Height: 5'
-Hair: short & spicky red hair
-Nationality: American
-Species: Human
-Favorite Color: green
-Favorite Food: pizza
-Favorite Music: pop
-Place of Birth: New York
-Current Residency: depends on story

MTN889 11-02-2003 11:27 AM

-Name: MNoonan
-Nicknames: MTN
-age: 14 1/2
-Gender: Male
-Height: 5'5"
-Weight: 115 lbs.
-Hair: dirty blonde
-Eyes: blue
-Ethnicity: Whitie
-Nationality: American
-Species: Homo Sapien
-Favorite Color: Blue
-Favorite Foods: Pizza, (any kind) Pasta, hot wings, you know, good stuff.
-Favorite Music: Punk bands: PENNYWISE, Operation Ivy, Rancid, Bigwig, MxPx(Although my liking for them is kind of fading), Distrubed, NOFX, you know, the modern rock stuff.
-Weapons: One single simple sword, some knives, flare weapons, cocktail (explosive), all kinds of other neat homemade stuff.
-Place of Birth: New York, U.S.A.
-Current Residency: New York Suburb area, U.S.A.
-Disposition/Personality: Somewhat hyperactive, but can have temper rises...
-Clothing: Normal, average stuff you see today (as long as it isn't "ghetto")
-Physical Appearance: What? MTN889 is my codename, a name given to me through findings, its really what i was used to. I just saw it one day... and the black suit guys called me that... am i half robotic?... ooh... my head hurts...
-Training: Agressive.
-Story: Born rich, ran away, raised... with the wolves

ichi 11-30-2003 08:27 PM

oo! ooh! pick me!
-Name: Kenai Yoshi
-Nicknames: Keen (like short fer kenai)
-age: 15
-Gender: Female
-Height: 4' 5"
-Weight: 98 lbs.
-Hair: none
-Eyes: one blue, one gold
-Ethnicity: uh.. whitish?
-Nationality: American
-Species: Turtle
-Favorite Color: none
-Favorite Foods: Pizza!!, buffallo wings, anything that mikey eats
-Favorite Music: Rock
-Weapons: One huge katana with charms strung from end, nunchukus
-Place of Birth: unknown
-Current Residency: New York sewers
-Disposition/Personality: normally pissed.. but when with mikey she's happy, hyper, cheerful
-Clothing: elbow pads, knee pads, mask, belt, when in disguise trench coat
-Physical Appearance: Well, a sandy colored mutant female turtle
-Training: in- training

Facts: TMNTOS universe. Shredder and Baxter trying to create another turtle to fight the Turtles. This eventually leads to Mutant Turtle Kenai.

Stir firmly. Let sit.

BAM! Shredder needs a turtle, so he goes to pet shop to get one. Entranced by Kenai's coloring, he takes her. He mutates her, and attempts to train her. Becoming impatient with the speed of her learning (which is good, BTW, he just wants to cram 15+ years of training into a week) he tosses her into a virtual reality machine, which stuffs all those years of memories (training, being raised by a kind Shredder, being enemies with the Turtles, etc.) into her head.

After just a few days, she's ready to fight the TMNT. However, when fighting, she rants off about the Turtle's plots against Shredder and herself. However, the Turtles know that none of that happened, and realize she's been lied to/brainwashed. And they go about trying to help her by telling her the truth.

This would be about the time that Shredder's plan crumbles. The virtual memories become unstable, and Kenai becomes confused by the mixed signals. Mikey is especially kind to her during this time.

When all is over, she realizes the truth, but those implanted memories still bug her from time to time, as she'll never really know what from her past is fact, and what is fiction.)

((Written by Kali Gargoyle))

Meira-Bates 12-01-2003 12:21 PM

-Name: Megumi
-Real Name: Megumi Hayashibara
-Nicknames: Meg, Meggy, Meg-O, Meggums
-Age: 16
-Gender: Female
-Height: 4'10"
-Weight: (dun remember...beh I'm horrible with height/weight...heck numbers in general)
-Hair: none
-Eyes: blue
-Ethnicity: ehhh I'd say Caucasian
-Nationality: American
-Species: mutant turtle
-Favorite Color: she doesn't really know...but she uses grey as the mixture of black and white, the colors of her sensei/father's fur
-Favorite Foods: anything...but NO meat, she's a vegitarian of sorts
-Favorite Music: Anything she can sing to basicaly, meaning no rap, no instrumental stuff, ect
-Weapons: a Kusari-gama
-Place of Birth: unknown location in New York City
-Current Residency: a crumbly, abandoned wearhouse in the Tribeca area of New York City
-Disposition/Personality: Usualy pretty serious but knows how to cut loose and joke now and then, easy to anger, determined, is sometimes refered to as being something of a mother hen as she's VERY protective of those she cares about, and she doesn't care much about the fate of people she doesn't know, so she's not exactly good, but she's not evil either.
-Clothing: When in disguise she wears over sized jeans and a grey hooded sweater. For times when she doesn't need to hide herself as much (like at one of Mondo's concerts where everyone thinks they are just furry fans in really good costumes) she usualy wears a black wig with a leather jacket and another pair of jeans. What she tends to wear always is a grey bandanna and a belt that holds her Kusari-gama.
-Physical Appearance: She seems much like the ninja turtles, having nothing to really mark her as a deffinet female, though she is slightly petiter shaped and her face is a little softer as well...she also has the red marks of a red eared slider turtle
-Criminal Record: none
-Training: basic ninjitsu, still in training
(loooooooooooooooooooooong story...this is mostly stuff I've RPed after all @.@)
-Story: She's a pet turtle who escaped when her owner's kid brother took her out of her bowl and outside to play. While making her slow get away, thanks to a dog distracting the kid, she fell into a drainage ditch. It started raining not much later and she got washed away, into a diffrent part of the city, where she finally managed to escape the flow of the drainage water, which had been infected with ooze at some point durring it's travels. As she was trying to make her way across the busy New York streets a mysterious person in a coat and fedora dived out with an amazing speed and grace for someone that looked as heavy as he did, and saved her from the car without any harm coming to him.

The hero took her to his home, an old abandoned wearhouse, and revealed that he was a mutant panda. He'd once been human, a modest martial artist who'd come from Japan and had a job at Central Park, and had a family, but he ended up tangling with the wrong folks, and when he dissapointed them...well this mutation was the result. He never went back home to his family, fearing how they would be effected by his change. When Megumi began mutating he was quite confused, as he didn't know why or that animals /could/ mutate like he had. After he adjusted to that and the showings of inteligence he started training her with the intent that they'd both work as underground vigilantees, helping the human race by defeating criminals they came across.

As he learned more of what the turtle was like, he named her after the singer and voice actor Megumi Hayashibara, because she seemed to love sining and had an unreal ability to duplicate the voices of others...she also seemed to have a liking for martial arts movies and anime. She's especaily a fan of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan stuff...but anyhooo. When she was around 12 years old, long story short and to the point some humans slaughtered her master/father out of fear for thier own safey, and if he hadn't of made her leave, she would likely have been killed too. She spent most of the next four years in self loathing and a hatred of humanity that VERY thinly boardered on homicidal.

However, one day a mutant kangaroo named Boomer saw her sitting in front of her old home and he became curious. Soon he was following the turtle because he wasn't buying her insistances that she 'needed no friends'. After some time the two of them met with Casey...once again long story short and to the point, he managed to prove to Megumi that humans weren't the heartless, evil creatures she'd been thinking them to be over the past 4 years. Megumi began re-thinking the way she'd been living her life the past 4 years and finally came to the conclusion that she had betrayed her sensei's teachings by turning on humanity as she did. Casey and Boomer both suggested she speak with Splinter for advice if she could ever manage to make contact with him.

Not long after she managed to have a run in with the wise rat as he was scavening for materials above ground. He'd automaticaly recognised her shape for what it was despite her being in disguise and started conversation with her. Eventualy she figured out this was the Splinter she was told of and she got the suggested advice before moving on. Boomer was still with Megumi most the time, and the two of them had grown to refer to eachother as brother and sister. Then one night, long story short and to the point yet again, she met with a human police officer who eventualy ended up letting Boomer and Megumi stay in his house after her wearhouse had been intruded upon by some enemy of thier's.

Eventualy the cop became like another member of thier little family, as the two turn to him for help quite often and somtimes jokingly refer to him as 'uncle'. However, through all this she was still tempermental enough to nearly slit Mondo Gecko's throat for flirting with her when the two of them first met. And finally, last of the long story short and to the point parts, Mondo Gecko had broken it off with Candy for good and he'd set his eyes on Megumi after meeting her. Eventualy after her growing more amused than irritated by his advances, and several fights with the foot and less violent incidents, Megumi gave in and became Mondo's girl friend...and to everyone's surprise they've actualy made a good couple...though they've definetly had more arguments than most the others could admit to.

After some time Megumi requested personal lessons from Splinter, as she figured her master must be turning in his grave over how badly her skills were going down the toilet, thus, Megumi gets the occasional lesson from Splinter, and now refers to him as master as well. Other stuff has happened, but none of it that's shaped her personality...I think Meg's personality is finally stuck as she'd changed a LOT between when I started playing her and when she was taken under Splinter's wing...she's been the same since though. X.x Phew that was a lot.

Demonfox38 12-08-2003 04:05 PM

Name: Takahashi Atsuko
Nick-name: Rei-Kun, Zelda
Species: Hengeyokai Fox
Height: 5'8"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Gold, white-tipped
Weapon of Choice: Lajatang, Composite Longbow

-Level 1
-Intelligence Quotient: 17
-Mental Affinity: 19
-Mental Endurance: 15
-Physical Strength: 15
-Physical Prowess: 21
-Physical Endurance: 12
-Physical Beauty: 20
-Speed: 22
-HP: 16

IQ Bonus: +4% 1-time bonus to skill,
MA Bonus: 60% chance of envoking trust/intimidation
PP Bonus: +3 to Strike, Parry, Dodge
PB Bonus: 60% chance of impressing/charming others


Takahashi Atsuko is a shape-changer (1/day/level). She is constantly in travel, usually between Kyoto, Japan and various US cities. A little wary around humans, she enjoys working with other humanoids. Her favored weapon, the Lajatang, is usually a favorite of Kung-Fu masters.

Atsuko spends most of her time protecting other shape-changers or anthropomorphs from humans that would use her kind for scientific experiments or slavery. She is new at her work, however, and is looking for many different oppertunities to improve herself.

*edited as level upgrades*

Hannah 01-09-2004 08:55 PM

-Name: Araki
-Nicknames: Araki-chan
-age: 12
-Gender: male
-Height: 5' 4"
-Weight: :tconfuse:
-Hair: White and brown
-Eyes: red
-Ethnicity: :tconfuse:
-Nationality: american
-Species: turtle/wolf
-Favorite Color: red
-Favorite Foods: none
-Favorite Music: none
-Weapons: sais
-Place of Birth: paris, france
-Current Residency: New York sewers
-Disposition/Personality: ...personality?
-Clothing: gah.. i'd love to say none.. but.. that's.. gross....
-Physical Appearance: Here's a poem that reminds me off him:
Fuzzy wuzzy was a turtle.
Fuzzy wuzzy had no hair.
Fuzzy wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he?
-Training: eh?

Date: 1/6/91

The pouring rain splashed against Haraki's face.
Il sera bien, il sera bien...(It's okay, it's okay...) she silently soothed her newborn son she was cradeling against her chest. You'll be fi-
The door behind her was ripped apart by a battering ram.

And all was lost. Or so the police thought so.

Date: 2/5/96

Araki pouted in his room- or what he called a room. It was basically a very large cage, in an orphanidge.
"Je déteste pour être coincé dans cette pièce injustifiée ! Ils ne me comprennent pas ! ...I veulent... ma maman... (I hate being stuck in this pointless room! They don't understand me! ...I want... my mom...)" He sighed.
"Hé ! Vous le garçon de perroquet ! Venez ici ! ( Hey! You- the parrot boy! Come here!)" shouted a voice from the other end of the room.
"Oui, monsieur ? (Yes, sir?)" asked Araki politely.
"vous venez avec moi ! Quelqu'un dit qu'ils veulent vous adopter ! Ha ! Je doute de lui, mais ils m'ont dit de vous obtenir. Je doute même que vous comprenniez moi, mais l'OH bien ! Je continuerai juste * vibrer... (You're coming with me! Someone says they want to adopt you! HA! I doubt it, but they told me to get you. I even doubt you understand me, but oh well! I'll just keep chattering...)" replied the man.
Sighing, Araki followed the man through the door to a room where a man with a trenchcoat on stood, grumpily. Though at the sight of the child, he cocked his head and stared at him. "Hey, you're just like us! Mu-"
Raphael saw the man looking at him strangely. He decided to talk to the kid outside.

(( Gah - finira l'histoire plus tard, je suis occupé. (Gah - will finish the story later, I am busy.) ))

Hannah 01-18-2004 06:57 PM

Alas, another Character from me. :D

Instead of posting info, I'll post a pic. :D
(click link)

Name: Simba
Species: Lion
Born: Africa
Current Residence: New York sewers

Story: Bah, experiment of TCRI from africa. Long story short.

edit: i've changed the picture so you have to click the link. That's the only way I can get it to work. :-?

Mondo J. Gecko 02-24-2004 07:07 PM

I'm gonna try my hand at these RPG thingys... so have patience with me :D

Name: Mondo Jay Gecko
Nick Name: Jay, Mondo Jay
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
weight: 160 lbs
Ethnicity: green?
Nationality: Canadian
Species: Mutated Gecko
Favorite Color(s): Red, Blue, Green
Favorite Music: Modern Rock
Favorite Bands: Switchfoot, Coldplay, TobyMac
Weapons: none
Place of Birth: Labratory in Western Canada
Curent Residency: California
Clothing: Jeans, Skater Shirt, Sneakers, Gloves with no fingers, wears Trucker cap every once and a while, always with a skateboard or Basketball in hand,
Physical Appearance: Black shaggy Hair, Green Scaley skin, Red Eyes with black pupils, Long spikey tail, little spikes on arms, black gotee,
Criminal Record: Resisting arrest, Skateboarding on private property,
Training: knows his ABC's
Story: Mondo Jay is the cloned 'son' of the original Mondo Gecko and was raised by Mikey (the Turtle) since birth, and thinks of Mikey as a very close Uncle as well as all the other TMNT.

Heres my profile pic:

MTN889 02-27-2004 08:09 PM

Edited mine

Mondo J. Gecko 03-10-2004 12:32 PM

Edited mine aswell :D

UliteOne 03-15-2004 01:22 PM

so whats this profile about is this like a profile for ur rpg char becuase i havent rpged yet do i still make one?

Kali 03-15-2004 01:49 PM


Originally Posted by UliteOne
so whats this profile about is this like a profile for ur rpg char becuase i havent rpged yet do i still make one?

This is a list of profiles for RPG characters being used in various RPG's. A while back we decided it would be easier to refer to them if they were all in one place.

You don't need to make one unless you intend to join into one or more of the RPG's here.

UliteOne 03-18-2004 12:27 PM

cool is there a certain set out i need to do?

Kali 03-19-2004 08:49 AM


Originally Posted by UliteOne
cool is there a certain set out i need to do?

Well, take a gander at some profile, ones on the first page do well. Basic things that are needed are:

Name and nicknames (if they have any)
Age: Not a must, but helpful
Physical appearance: Gender, species, nationality if human, eye color, hair/fur color, height/weight, clothing, misc. physical traits (meaning scars/tattoos/missing fingers/etc.)

Skills and powers: It's VERY important to tell what exactly your character can and cannot do. If they know a martial art, what level are they and what style do they study? What weapons can they use, and do they carry any of them on their body? Do they have any mystical, supernatural, or psychic abilities? Strengths and weaknesses? -- In the course of the game, you can use any or all your abilities, but no more. This is to keep people from continuously tacking powers onto their character, until they become unstoppable, which pisses off all the other players.

Personality: Just a brief summary. Are they happy-go-lucky, or deeply disturbed? Etc. Nothing too complicated because half the fun is finding out more about characters as the game goes on. This also effects how powers are used, for example, they could be very powerful, but a laid-back attitude makes them unlikely to use them. Or a psycho with only a switchblade could be more dangerous than expected.

History: Tell as little or as much as you wish. Some people say they'll reveal their history as the story goes along, and that's fine. If the history of your original character includes a canon character (the TMNT, The Foot, another player) you must state what it is. And if it's another player's character, iron the details out with them.

Some details may change if you play mutiple RPs, and there's no need to state them here, just state in your first post in the new RP what those mild changes are. A character in a basic NYC TMNT RP will be in a different situation than if we're playing a supernatural thriller, or a post-apocoliptic world.

Combat stats (all the numbers you see under profiles) are unneeded, as we don't actually use them much.

Good luck!

UliteOne 03-19-2004 09:56 AM

Name: The Grim or grimmy(nick name)
Age: 18-24
Physical appearance: Male,Half human haly cyborg with human skin,Black hair and black eyes,6'2,Tatoo of an Blue dragon on his arm.Weres trouser and a t-shirt and sometimes weres a gi.

Skills and powers: Hydrolics in arms and legs,Skilled in street fighting and ninjitsu but nor skill very much,good at stealth,Knows judo Ti kwan do and kick boxing.
persanlity:Does'nt really haveone because he has been brainwashed by the foot clan and his memory cancelled by a program that controlls his hydrolics.
History: Was born with very poor muscle structure and his father gave him hydrolics but then his fathers lab partner turned his sons partner into a cyborg witha computer hardrive making him a walking computer basicly.

Meeko 03-25-2004 10:53 PM

Hmm i could sware i posted my profile here once but i cant find it so here it is anywho ( i have not RPG'd here yet Since I Dont want to just jump into an existing RPG so i will wait for a new one to come up)

Meekoangelo a Turtle with red skin was mutated when he crashed his bike and landed in ooze He was bleeding wich caused him to be a red mutant turtle...
WEAPON-Sais Nunchucks and a Bo Staff
COLORS-Red skin Yellow bandana
FAV FOOD-Rice with soy sauce
FAV MUSIC-Punk or Metal
HOBBIES-BMX/Skateboarding/snoboarding/Video Games
NICKNAMES-Meek/Meeko/Ma/Meeks/The xtreme turtle
Special Powers-Can turn back into his Human form
clothing(human form)-Baggy jeans and a sweatshirt
wieght 100 LBS
Personality-Fun and outgoing Acts carefree But Also has a quick temper
criminal record-Destroying public property ( Grinding things on his bike)
Place of birth-Minnesota

Kora 03-26-2004 06:29 PM

Hey, if its okay, I'd like to play the same char, but sometimes as a child, and other times as a teen. ((not in the same RP... obviously. I just get annoyed of alwayse having to play the same role all the time, and this helps me be creative))

~~~AS A CHILD~~~
Name: Kora
Age: 5 years old
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant turtle
Eye color: Dark brown
Skin Color: Green
Height: 3 feet tall
Clothing: Lilac-colored bandana that is slightly too big, brown leather knee and elbow pads and a black leather belt tied around waist.

Skills and powers: Is a "ninja in training". Even though her agility is very well developped and that she's as speedy as she is, that's about all she's good at, for the moment. However, her keen agility allows her to dodge certain attacks easily. She knows just the very basics of martial arts, and is pretty clumsy when it comes to kicks and jumps. She doesn't use any weapons in particular, simply because she hasn't trained much with them yet, but, if needed, she can pull off a few stunts with almost any object. She keeps away from the sharp weapons, though... they scare her. Because she is still just a child, she doesn't have much physical strength, she's a little clumsy and she is pretty short. Those are her main weaknesses.

Personality: Is your typical kid. Naive, curious, shy and easily influenced. Is very observant since she looks up to so many people. Is generally happy, but a little timid at times.

History: Origins are unknown. ((I'd like to develope my character a little more before actually having a history))

~~~AS A TEEN~~~
Name: Kora
Age: 18 years old
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant turtle
Eye color: Dark brown
Skin Color: Green
Height: 5'4 feet tall
Clothing: Lilac-colored bandana, brown leather knee and elbow pads and a black leather belt tied around waist. ((for now))

Skills and powers: Isn't supernatural in any way. Is still as speedy ((if not, more)) as she was as a child and is very hard to catch up to in a chase. Can easily dodge most physical attacks, but tends to freeze when faced with a supernatural element, because they alwayse seem to eather dazzle or surprise her. She is also somewhat advanced in martial arts. No style in particular, since her life experience taught her several styles and she works martial arts in general. Isn't exacly an expert, per say, but is pretty advanced. Is a beginer black belt for the most part. Is mostly defensive, but she can still pack a powerful blow if needed. Can use several weapons and is good at improvising. Is still heasitant to the sharp weapons, though. Likes to play with fire. ((I don't have a weapon of choice yet >.<))

Personality: Is generally a good manered person, fun and humorous. Sometimes even a little mischevious. Is still clumsy.

History: ((None yet >.<))[/b]

UltimateTurtleX2 04-13-2004 02:29 PM

Name: Hellfire X

Nicknames: none
Species: Robot

Height: 6'9

Eyes: Red

Hair: none

Powers: Energy Blast ,

Skills: Fly , Elemental Powers

Weapon: Double Bladed Swords , Bombs , Chains , Machine Guns , Rocket Launcher (2 shots before reload)

-Intelligence Quotient: 14
-Mental Affinity: 8
-Mental Endurance: 9
-Physical Strength: 19
-Physical Prowess: 17
-Physical Endurance: 12
-Physical Beauty: 2
-Speed: 16

Physical Skills/Training (applicable to combat):
-Hand to Hand: Street Fighting (Level 9)
-Weapon Proficiency: Double Bladed Swords (Level 5)

(When herit helps me with my combat stats ill post them)

heretic888 04-15-2004 03:43 PM


-Physical Beauty: 2
((Wonders how you can roll a 2 with 3 six-sided die....))

hazlov2004 04-24-2004 09:42 AM

name;amy joe rockwell age;19 hair bloud eye`s;blue race mutant turtle history heir to rockwell inc like`s gun`s and wapon`s backgraound has had gone into shock and was saved by her own dad

Jarrah White 04-25-2004 11:54 PM

Name: Jarrah White
Nicknames: Jazz, Jazzy, Mr. White
Nationality: Australian
Favourite Colour: Black.
Age: 19
Hobbies: Saving the world from The Foot, The Rank and other evil doers.
Species: Mutant Turtle
Weapons: Double-bladed katana, Beretta 92FS with silencer and laser sighting, throwing stars.
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180
Eyes: blue
Powers: Australian charm
Skills/abillities: The art of firearms and ninjitsu
Favourite Food: Pizza, Chinese, starbursts, sushi.
Favourite drink: DeCaf!
Favourite Book: Stupid White Men, by Michael Moore.

Thresher 04-27-2004 04:36 PM

Ok, haven't entered into an RP yet, but I'll put my character's profile on here now so I don't forget. :goofygri:

Name- Rai "Thresher" Sunchai
Nicknames- Thresher, Thresh, Rouge Star, and anything else her friends come up with.
Description- 20 years old. about 5' 9", waist legnth reddish brown hair. Gray eyes with flecks of red in them. usually wears jeans, a tank top with black leather gauntlets. Also has the Japanese Kanji symbol for "eternity" on her shoulder.
Personality- Easy-going, fun loving, but still manages to keep herself on the lookout for danger at all times.
Background- Not much is known about Thresher's background. She only remembers that she woke up one day in a hybrid form, half dragon. Some people suspect that she was part of Shredder's experiment with the toxic goo. Thresher has been working alongside Shredder for about 5 years as a hacker and a scout. It is also suspected that she and Shredder knew each other from their childhood.
Abilities/Powers- Thresher is great with computers, and is extrememly agile. She also is excelent with animals, especially horses. Excelent with a scythe and machete, hence her nickname.
Other Info- Although she is always under Shredder's watchful eyes, rockstady and Bebop are constantly beating her up. She now has a large scar under her eye aquired from a hunting knife being "accidentaly" thrown.

Dat's just about it.. yeah. I might add more on later. :D

Zog 04-30-2004 04:43 PM

-Name: Victor
-Age: 22
-Species: Human
-Height: 6'2"
-Weight: 240 lbs.
-Hair: Black (short)
-Eyes: Black (technically a really dark brown)
-Skin: Tan
-Weapon: Hands (best with a Bo Staff)

-Background Files/History: Born in the States however left due to disturbance in his family origin of Cambodia. Victor goes to Cambodia at age 19 where he trains the great art of Ninjistu by his father. While in Cambodia, when defeats a gang known as the Silver Pehn. However, he was greatly aided by a warrior named Karai. She extends his Ninjistu training to another level, and offers him a high rank in her clan. He travels back to Japan with this mistress, and he becomes a high official of the Foot Clan. He learns the way of the ninja, and becomes Karai's greatest Elite Guard. He has broken even further into her, not by just his trust and loyalty, but by being a great friend.

Present - Just recently Karai was responsible for traveling into New York to restore order to the Foot Clan. She left Victor in charge of the Foot Clan in Japan. During her absence, Victor singlely trained more of the Foot soldiers to become greater warriors. After a few weeks, Karai contacts him to discuss her current status as well as his. Her master Oroku Saki has been revitalized, and is eager to meet this warrior. Victor appoints one of his Elite to control the Foot of Japan, while he finally meets the master of the Foot. The Shredder forsees a great ninja, and an Elite Warrior.


-Intelligence Quotient: 14 (Average to Above Average)
-Mental Endurance: 15 (Good)
-Mental Affinity: 16 (Exceptional)
-Physical Strength: 19 (Beyond Exceptional)
-Physical Prowess: 20 (Beyond Exceptional)
-Physical Endurance: 25 (Almost Superhuman)
-Physical Beauty: 21 (Beyond Exceptional)
-Speed: 16 (Exceptional)

Storm Wolf 06-23-2004 11:11 PM

((it's been a while since i've been in an RPG....i'd like to give it a try again....sooo...without further ado.....i'll introduce....))

Name : Kylie Yareni

Age: looks 18-21 but refuses to give real age

Gender: Female

Type: human/ werewolf

Appearance: human-(Goth style ) tight Black pleather pants, black long sleeve top, long Raven black hair (middle of back), 5 ft. 7in.(height), emerald green eyes, Tattoo on right ankle: red rose in full bloom, blood dripping from thorns, Birthmark: small patch of freckles on collar bone left side.

Werewolf- Black fur, 6 ft when standing, 3-4 ft on all fours, Birthmark appears as lightened patch of fur, eyes generally green but sometimes tend to glow white when she is angered or provoked.

Skills and Powers- able to transform at will, (When transformed: enhanced strength, speed, and senses (great night vision)), Extended life line((ages much slower)), Martial arts experience, limited firearms training. ((keep in mind being half wolf also heightens her human senses a bit as well))

Weapons: Blades attached to side of forearms, Katana attached to back, small pistol attached to right side. Werewolf form is able to use weapons as well, though teeth and claws are mainly used when transformed.

Personality: Mysterious, quiet in a large group, aggressive in battle, Kylie is the outgoing, thinker. She is weaker than her brother, but more intelligent.

Background: Years back Kylie and Damon were part of an exclusive Coven of werewolves, a secret society of peaceful creatures, who intended no harm to their human cousins. Yet humans feared the wolves powers and slaughtered most of the Storm coven. what was left of Kylie and Damon's people disbanded but the brother and sister remained together. Damon took up odd jobs to collect money to support his sister and himself.

Edit: I fixed this to go with another RPG thats coming soon

Name: Damon Yareni

Type: human/werewolf

Age: looks 25- 20, is 4-5 years older than Kylie

Gender: Male

Physical characteristics: HUMAN- (Goth style) Black hair short and spiked, Jade green eyes, 5feet 10 inches (height), Medium muscle tone (swoon worthy body :P ), small vertical scar on right cheek, Netherworld cross tattoo between shoulder blades. WEREWOLF- Steel gray fur, 6feet 3inches standing, 4.5 – 5 feet on all fours, eyes same as Kylie, scar appears as furless patch

Powers and skills-- same as Kylie

Weapons— Iron dagger 6in. blade, handle is shaped as a howling wolf, throwing knives.

Personality—Protective, loyal, easily enraged, will fight at the drop of a hat, Damon is less outgoing than his sister.

Background— same as Kylie….

((I was lazy…bite me!))

KROW 06-28-2004 08:58 PM

((This post has been eaten away by KROW's dormant-past fungus. Sorry for the inconvenience.))

FireFly 08-21-2004 11:25 PM

nickname:the turtleist
Sex: male
weapons:two plasma chain guns and chainsword
eyes: white
Clothing:red and black camo mask pair of sunglass
Skills:can shoot anything between the eyes it 1 mile away
Power:Telekinesis,Pyrokinesis,Mind Control,Remote Viewing,Mind Drain(Mmmm brains),Aura View
Weakness: brain overload
strengths:see powers/skills
Personality: dark sees the world as a hell hole and is a badass
History:1948 a man named yuri helps stalin developed the psi corp
in russia
1949 stalin is given a baby turtle named sam

1953 stalin is dead and with stalin's death the psi corp died with him
yuri is given sam and leaves russia

yuri gets a called by his utrom brothers to help them make fuel for a transmat he spills some of the unaltered ooze on sam in 20 mins
turned in to man-turtle yuri sensed stong psi powers in sam
yuri teachs sam

sams training is done and he changes his name to KANE
he and yuri move to T.C.R.I US meets leatherhead
and gets his guns

the utrom leaves the world and kane becomes one of the best bounty hunters in the world and is chase around the world by shredders daughter pimiko

Garou 09-04-2004 01:50 PM

I'll give it a try...
Name: Angel
Age: 18
Gender: Female

IQ: 24
ME: 14
MA: 14
PS: 8
PP: 16
PB: 18
SPD: 19

Looks: A cat with a pair of white wings on her back. Her fur is yellow with reddish stripes on arms, back and legs. Her hair is reddish to brown, reaching down beyond her waist. She has a big, flyffy tail.

Angel isn't very strong, and her only weapons are her claws and her mind. She can control the elements, though only for a period. She only know a few self taught basic Ninjutsu moves, not really something you can win a fight upon.

Her background: I'm still working on it...

A little pic, just so you can see her...;visning=user

Ryona 09-07-2004 07:24 PM

Hi! Ok, here's my character! Yeah, I know, it's me. Not very creative, right? Well, I think I would make an interesting RPG character :anime: .
I'm not sure which game I'll play in yet, but I felt that I needed to get this done soon.

Name : Ryo

Occupation : Ninja/ starving Free-lancer

Alignment: Scrupulous

Species: Human

Hit points: 30
S.D.C.: 60

I.Q.: 13
M.E.: 15
M.A.: 14
P.S.: 16
P.P.: 18
P.E.: 18
P.B.: 14
Spd.: 15

Disposition: Usually easy-going, calm, and cheerful.


Escape Artist
Wilderness Survival
First Aid
Pick Locks
Pilot - Automobile
Computer Operation
Art - Drawing

Combat Skills

System: Ninjutsu (Lvl 4)

Attacks per Melee: 5
Strike: + 5
Parry: + 7
Dodge: + 7
+ 3 to pull punch
+ 11 to roll with punch or fall
+ 1 to damage (increased to + 6 total with Kiko)

Martial Arts Powers & Abilites

Art of Vanishing - From clear view, even in the middle of combat, Ryo has the ability to simply disappear!
The way it works is resmebles sleight of hand magic trick. Ryo distracts the observer and instantly falls to the ground, rolls to the side, or otherwise vanishes from sight.

Art of Evasion - A technique that requires perfect timing, reflexes and perhaps a bit of precognition intuition.
Ryo can stay out of sight behind the unsuspected individual, turning as the individual turns, constantly trying to stay out of view.

Art of Hiding - Ryo has studied the essential characteristics of all kinds of objects to the a point of being able to be "one" with another object, remaining motionless, and moving imperceptibly when necessary.

Martial Art Awarness - This ability is one of readiness and awareness.
Ryo can never be surprised and always has the initiative. Ryo can sence the presence of others within a few yards away. Ryo can also sense the strength of ki of anyone within range.

Kiaijutsu - The art of disrupting another ones ki with your own, usually associated with the "Kiai yell"; projecting ki from the mouth as a disruptive wave.

Kiko - With concentration, proper breathing and channeling ones life essence, Ryo can focus and manipulate ki. Ryo can generate and restore ki faster, and store more ki than the average person. Ryo can maintain vitality longer than the average person if mortaly wounded or otherwise near death, and can recover from injury quicker with no permanent side effects. Ryo can also manipulate ki in martial arts. Ryo can channel ki into strikes to make blows more devistating, and can bolster endurance and physical feats for short periods of time. Similar to Kiajutsu, Ryo can project ki as a *destructive wave (very exausting technique).

*Ki Bakuha* (ki blast/explotion). A surge of ki projected from Ryo's hands as a long range attack, or flared from the whole body as a short burst attack. It does about 3D6 points of damage. Ryo can do this a few times before being completely exausted.
*Zengaku Ki Bakuha* (total sum ki blast). Like the description above, only this one is a one shot deal. It does about 4D6 + 20 points of damage. This technique will leave Ryo very exausted (all physical feats are halved).

Weapons & equipment

Ninja-to (ninja sword)
Shuriken 9
Small lock pick kit
Small flash light
Small pad and pencil
Small pocket watch
Pocket mirror
Matchs (no, Ryo doesn't smoke ^_^ )
Pocket knife

Personal Profile

*Coming soon*

Sketchs of Ryo :

Hamato Inya 09-11-2004 01:43 PM

Name: Hamato Inya

Age: same as turtles... what ever that is... like 15-20?

Gender: Female

Eye Color: violet

Race: Human

Alliegence: Friend of the turtles. Her favorite turtle is Michelangelo and she is begining to think that there may be a spark in their relationship that is being more than just friends.

Appearance: 5' 4", black hair with silver highlights. Tan skin.

Identifying Marks: a scar on the back of her right leg that she got while trying to fight ninja.

Weapon(s) Of Choice: Always carries a dagger in her obi and prefers to use a naginata that is strapped to her back. The metal for the blade of the naginata is said to be made from the metal of a falling star. The sword can change shape according to her will.

Fighting Style: Excells in Chi attacks but has a very strong defence and offence in Ki attacks. Has a very small range of Gen abilities such as healing.

Ability one: Chi attack- shaddow dance
The ability to blend with the shaddows. Inya can dissapear into one shaddow and appear in another. This attack can also be a trick of the mind.
Weakness: Light places

Ability two: Chi attack- reflection
The abbility to create two solid copies of herself. Each have their own thoughts and can control them.
Weakness: It may sound weird but a mirror can confuse the copy into thinking that it is an illusion and will start wacking at the mirror

Ability three: Chi attack- ground control
When kneeling and putting her hand on the ground and controling it. Once she has control of the element she may command it to do whatever she wants.
Weakness: wind and water attacks

Personality- Inya is outwardly calm but on the inside she is cold and wary of people. Inya can befriend people very easily but is ready for any kind of deseption. She loves to be in nature and the dark is her element. Inya's only fear is of fire since fire represents Hades.

History: Inya is the daughter of Hamato Yoshi. When he fled to the states she was taken by Oroku Saki and trained in the ways of the foot ninjitsu. When she figured out what happened to her father she left the foot. She was nine at the time.

When she was ten she was found by the sun clan and was trained in their way. She worked for many people as a maid for money and by the time she was eleven she was about to go to America.

The night before she was scheduled to leave she started hearing voices and grabbed her naginata. She looked around the room she had rented before returning to the living room only to have her cheek ripped by a shuriken. She was attacked by the foot for trechery and her caretacker found her battered and half dead. She was nursed back to health and sent over to America where she wandered the streets fighting off the foot looking for her father for four years.

When she was fifteen she was running from the foot when she fell into the sewer. Stumbling on a sprained ankle she ran from the sounds of the foor pursuing her. After about ten minutes of labored running she fell... straight into the arms of Michelangelo. His brothers soon took care of them and Michelangelo took her back to the lair. He was the first person... well... turtle that she saw so she developed a special bond with him. After learning that her father was indeed their sensei she decided to stay with them.

here is another i may use

Name: Chiraka Kimino

Age: 16-21, her birthday is five months and three days before Hamato Inya's (January 20)

Gender: Female

Clan: Star/Foot

Occupation: April O'Neal's assistant/foot and star clan leader

Eye Color: dark blue

Dark brown almost black knee length hair, olive skin, oval eyes, firm muscular build, muscles not bulky but more firm, 5' 9"

Identifying Marks: The japanese symbol for life as a birthmark on her right shoulder blade

Weapon(s) Of Choice: The Jo - A shorter staff (about 1.35 M) also used as a selfdefense weapon by the common people, The Nunchaku - Two sticks connected by either a small cord or chain. Originally it was used as a farming tool to thresh grain. and the farmers started using them as weapons to defend themselves, The Naginata, length 7' 2", pole 6' blade 14" - A pole arm with a single, curved blade on one end, is employed with sweeping, circular motions and, as an extension of the wielder, channels energy in a harmonious display of beauty and precision. The length of its oval shaft varied, from 5' to 8', depending on battle conditions and personal requests. The most striking feature, however, was the blade; it could be anywhere from 10 inches to more than 2 feet, and was sharpened on a single side, fashioned in the manner of either Sakizori or Uchizori. As with most shafted weapons, it was most devastating when utilizing sweeping, circular motions. However, thrusts with the blade and also the heavy Ishizuki on the butt end were acceptable tactical alternatives, The Shuriken - The word shuriken means ``a dagger hidden in a palm,'' so all daggers small enough to hide in a palm were called by this name. They have many variety in their shape and usage. Some are starlike shaped, and thrown with spin. Some other are needlelike shaped, and thrown just like a throwing dagger. Though a shuriken can hardly penetrate armor protection, it was enough because ninja threw it at unarmed target mainly. Venom was used with shuriken normally, The Katana - Not just a weapon, but the soul of bushi. It is the most sophisticated form of the beauty of killing. The more beautiful it is, the more deadly sharpness it has. Katana are distinguished from broadswords for the extremely sharp edge and the slightly curved blade. The beauty of a katana appears on its blade and edge.Its grace form and grim beauty has been fascinating many warriors, The Wakizashi - Shorter than the Katana (about 68 cm), this sword was worn indoors by the Samurai, because the Katana was too long to fight in small rooms.

Fighting Style: Most of her strength is in Ki but she also has a vast knowledge in Gi and heals by communicating with spirits. She uses Chi attacks related with Ki.

Ability one:Mystical Dance of the rose hewed blades- using twin Wakizashi she spins them so that it looks as if there are multiple blades and then she dips into her suply of chi and creates illusions of herself to confuse her enemy. Using their confusion she uses her speed and rushes in killing or maiming the enemy.

Ability two: Dancing on the edge of the wind- using a combination of chi and her speed she starts running and depending on which way the wind is going she either speeds up or causes the enemy to slow. This attack is used so that she looks as though she can teleport.

Ability three: Telekinesis- she can use a strict chi attack and move an object or a person around. If you have seen Teen Titans it is almost esactly like Raven's technique but instead of it being black hers is silver.

Ability four: Silver Charming- using her chi she can amipulate silver or any other type of metal both basic and complex

Personality: Charaka, Chara, is happy among people but once alone she slips into a sort of depression. She is closest to Raphael out of all of the turtles and her stubborn pride and hotheadedness rivals his.

History: When Charaka was three her family was killed in a horrible accident including a fire and a shoot out. She wandered the streets of Japan until she was five and was taken in by Hamato Yoshi where she met his daughter Inya. Who was her age. When Yoshi fled she and Inya were taken care of by Saki and were taught his art. When Inya fled for the states after being caught in a rivals camp she quickly rose to the rank below Saki and when he left took over the foot and purified them. With only Saki's foot in New York and a few followers in Japan the foot was breaking down. Charaka then gave leadership over to her second in command after she befriended the star clan which had jsut lost a leader and took up leadership there. With those two clans united she left for the states.

After ariving in New York, she was 18 at the time, she wandered the streets avoiding the foot and discovery. Unfortuneatly she was found out by Saki and got ambushed. She was saved by Inya, the four boys, and Casey. She lived with them for a while before she moved into an apartment where she could help April with her job and keep an eye on Saki. She and Raph got along well and his pride and anger was cancelled out by hers and they developed a special bond. Figuring it could never work out between a turtle and a human they are still afraid of admitting their feelings, the opposite of Mikey and Inya who are just afraid of rejection... that and the fact that they still aren't feeling it that deep... but in time who will know if things will work out.

Hannah 09-18-2004 09:09 PM

My like, millionth character. :lol:

Name: Reiha
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Dark Red
Race: Human
Personality: Cold and harsh to those she does not know or care for. Warm and loving to those she cares for. :anime:
Identifying marks: Her red, clawed wings
Weapons: Scythe
Clothing: Long, dark red dress
History: Reiha is a fire demon who stalks the streets of New York at night. One night while she was up to her usual business of killing off the homeless, she was interrupted by Leonardo. He saved the homelss she didnt kill. Disturbed and confused by the creatures presence, she fled. She met up with Leo and his brother soon after that again and again. She now pictures them as more of a rival than a threat.

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