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Chang'e Long 02-02-2006 05:48 PM

Name: Birthname is Chang'e Mei Long ("Beautiful Moon Dragon"), unless my Chinese is incorrect.
Nicknames: Jackie Chang (given name), Lucy Liu

Physical Stats

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Nationality: Chinese
Eye: Black
Hair: Black, shoulder lengthed with red streaks

Skills and Powers: Jackie is currently trained in Kung Fu martial arts, learning the Ba Ji Chuan technique and Bagua. While she uses martial arts only as in defense, Jackie relies more on her wits and brains, so she doesn't fight very often unless needed. She doesn't use any weapons except her hands and feet which ARE her weapons. While she was born in Hong Kong, she was raised in Manhatten and went to an American school like everybody
else. Her Cantonese is rather poor and has trouble pronounciation several sentences or words.

Personality: Jackie is out-spoken and often at times a smart-aleck. She's impatient who hates playing the third wheel in an adventure (and also the part of the innocent bystander who gets left behind). She often makes irresponsible decisions and restless. She loves a good adventure and hates missing out. She also dreams of becoming a journalist like April O' Neil.

History: Jackie was born in Hong Kong China. Due to the over-population of the City, her family moved to Chinatown and opened up a souvenir shop. The Shredder invaded the shop and took the family hostage. He was looking for a sacred relic called the Jade Egg which is said to contain hidden power. Jackie tried to defend
herself, but the Foot Ninja were far more experianced and was outnumbered and overwhelmed. The Ninja Turtles arrived at the nick of time and attacked the Foot Clan. Jackie wandered what he could possibly want in a souvenir shop and thought about a treasure chest. The chest had been around for generations and the family is responsible for its safe keeping. Jackie flees with the treasure box and into a wherehouse where she opened it to discover a Jade Egg and wandered if this was the 'sacred relic' he was looking for.

The Shredder caught up with her and demanded her to surrender the item. Jackie tells him to back off only to be captured by the Foot Clan. The Jade Egg slips out of her hand and falls to the floor. The Jade Egg cracks and out comes a monkey humanoid named Sun Wukong. The Shredder was shocked and angry, since he thought he was worthless. When Sun Wukong demonstrated his power, the Shredder was amazed and wanted his power
for himself. Sun Wukong was surrounded and was helped by the Turtles. Together the go through a fantastic journey in the magical world of Sun Wukong.

Relationship: Because Jackie freed him from his prison, he offered his services to her and became a sort of loyal servant, willing for her to do whatever he wants her to. In later RPs Jackie becomes quite close to Leonardo and Venus De Milo and often mentions of wanting a sibling.

Name: Sun Wukong

Gender: Male
Species: Monkey
Nationality: Chinese legend
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black

Skills and Powers: He used to have the power of immortality, but was taken away by the Jade Emperor for all
of his troubles in heaven. Now he is a mortal deity who specializes in monkey kung fu and uses a bo staff that
sometimes acts as a pillar and rides around in a cloud.

Personality: While he's loyal to Jackie, he's also very hard to control. He's wild and hard to tame which doesn't make it easier for her. He often disobeys orders in search for something to do for he hates being bored and rather prefer to have fun. His favorite pastimes is pelting Leonardo with seeds from the fruit that he eats and annoy him to no end. He's also crude who chews with his mouth open and scarfing down huge amounts of food. He can also
be a fierce protector if he has too.

History: Sun Wukong is a legend personafied. Because of the ruckus he caused in heaven, the Jade Emperor lost whatever patience he had left for him and concealed him inside an egg untill he learns to behave. He also took away his immortality and strip him off his status as a god. Since Jackie freed him from the egg, his services are dedicated to her. Together with the Mutant Turtles, they go on a journey to regain Sun Wukong's honor and
immortality from the Jade Emperor.

Relationships: It is clear to see that he's fallen in love with his liberator, who reminded him of the Goddess of the Moon. He's loyal and dedicated to her but is insanely jealous of Leonardo, whom she become very close too. He often annoys Leonardo by playing cruel jokes and tricks. The two are always squaring off. Leonardo doesn't fight for her affections, though more for respect.

slkblaze 02-22-2006 12:11 AM

Name: Lan Tu' (Lan="Orchid")
Nicknames: Lan, Liz
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Humanoid Gecko
Nationality: Vietnamese
Eye color: Amber
Hair color: Black (mid/long length)
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 106
Clothing: When she ventures out of her home, she wears a black hooded cloak to conceal herself, but her usual attire consists of a short black tank top, a small black utility belt where she can store her throwing knives and kamas, and a black skirt cloth which extends down just above the knee. She still keeps her old Foot Clan uniform just incase she ever needs to use it again.
Physical traits: She is very small and lean. Predominantly light/lime green, blue hands/feet/eyelids, orange pattern on face, 3 red marks on the sides of her legs and small of her back with a long tail. She has large tips to her fingers and toes to allow her to cling to ceilings and walls.

Martial Arts: Than Vo Dao -combines external and internal disciplines to achieve martial skill. Its flowing cursive motion can appear soft and gentle, but can manifest with explosive power. The art develops kicks and strikes of blinding speed, with the sinuous, winding energy. Sitting meditation and internal energy training are also taught. Advanced students practice in cursive fashion, combining movements smoothly, mixing forceful strikes with energy-gathering pauses. Finally, some students are guided in the Spiritual Form, instilling their movements with energy and inspiration from deep meditation.
Ninjitsu- Japanese martial art
Art of The Foot Clan- The fighting style taught by Shredder and used by The Foot Clan

Gecko Skills: Incredibly nimble/speedy, able to climb walls, extend tongue, jump far, night vision.

Normal Skills: Cooking, cleaning, poetry

Weapons: Kamas, throwing knives

Strengths: She is quick, nimble, and very intelligent. She can get out of a tough situation fast because it is very hard to find a place she can't get to. She is able to climb up walls and ceilings and jump large distances. She is stealthy and has great night vision because of her large eyes.

Weaknesses: Naive, gullible, and weak if hit by a strong opponent. Although she is a good fighter, she isn't able to take many punches because of her small frame. Ironically, she is also afraid of heights, a fear she is slowly learning to overcome with the help of her mutation, but she still isn't very confident.

Personality: Has lived her life as more of a follower, she is a good person at heart, but is naive and easily manipulated. Living on her own, however, has toughened her up and she can be sarcastic and witty. She loves to have a good time, but is shy and reserved until she has known the person for a while. She is very insightful, but usually ends up putting herself down and blaming herself when things go wrong.

History: Lan was born in Gia Lai, a province of Tay Nguyen (Central Highlands), in Vietnam. There she went to a private school/martial arts school and studied Than Vo Dao under the leadership of her master who was also her father. Her mother died during childbirth, but she lived with her brother Sinh (7 years older) and father Xuan in their small house. When she was only 6, her father was murdered right before her and her brother's eyes by assassins sent from an enemy clan. With all the money she had, she left Vietnam for Japan with her brother in search of a powerful martial arts clan known as The Foot in hopes of avenging their father. When they arrived the Foot was no longer operating in Japan, an elderly Japanese Ninjitsu master named Yano Tetsu befriended them and taught them Ninjitsu at the price of having to listen to his stories. 5 years later Tetsu becomes ill and dies, leaving behind all of his assets to Lan and Sinh. He tells them the true location of The Foot on his death bed, but warns them not to seek them out. Lan was only 11 when she and Sinh journeyed to New York, USA despite Tetsu's warning. Sinh is 18 so he joins The Foot Clan and begs them to take his younger sister Lan (11) too because she has nowhere else to go. Although she is young, Lan shows exceptional skill and promise so they agree. When Lan is 14, The Foot leader, Shredder, sees her potential and decides to test a substance called "Mutagen" on her. The experiment does not go according to plan; halfway through Lan realizes something is wrong with what they are doing and escapes, running for her life. When she leans against an abandoned building to catch her breath, a small gecko skitters across her hand. The next day she wakes up, transformed into some sort of humanoid gecko. Now, 3 years later, she has not heard from her brother since she ran away, she now hides inside the building which she has come to know as her home, only venturing out at night.

Toonami Tom 04-26-2006 02:43 PM

Here's a character I have created for RPGs:

Name: Bruce
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Frog (Mutant Frog)
Color: Lime green skin
Eye color: Blue
Hair: None
Height and Weight: About the same as the Ninja Turtles
Clothes: Varies from RPG to RPG. He always wears something. Example: light blue tshirt, bluejeans.
Weapon of choice: Bo staff
Personality: Easy going, friendly, tries to do the right thing.

Lady Venus 04-27-2006 03:37 PM

Name: Sabor Khan

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Race: mutant Jaguar

Ethnic background: Japanese

Physical description: Short brown hair, Blue eyes, a scar on his left cheek

Clothing: Always wear black pants with a white muscle shirt.

Family: Has no living family members.

Income: Works for the tribunal


human skills: ninjitsu training, driving skills, and dagger mastery

mutant skills: sharp retractable claws and teeth

Goal: revenage his master's death

Friends: Turtles and Human Ninjas

Enemies: Foot Clan of Japan

Mode of transportation: Drive a Black TransAm

Weapon: Sun and Moon Daggers

Bio: He's member of the Tribunal for a few years. His late Master given him a pair of sun and moon daggers. His family was murder by the Foot clan of Japan. He want to get revenge on his family's killer. All around he a good guy but his a real hot head. He can't seem to control his temper.

Toonami Tom 04-29-2006 08:25 PM

Name: Brock
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Mutant Cheetah
Clothes: Mostly he wears a white samurai kimono and tan sandles on his feet. In my "24: In the Mutant World" RPG he wears a green tshirt and bluejeans.
Weapon: Katana sword. In my "24: In the Mutant World" RPG he has guns and his katana sword.

Jivra 05-05-2006 04:01 AM

Ok. Lets give this a try....

Name: Seraphine Teu Nova Bernadette

Nickname: Teu or your choice

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Ethnic background: Swedish

Physical description:

Height - 5.3 feet and lookes like she´s an easy target, but don´t let her innocent looks fool you. She may not have mutch strengh in her arms but she can beliver some mean kicks.

Hair - Waist long brown hair. Sometimes gathered in a lose braid. Her fringe part is chest long and is always in the way of her right eye.

Eyes - Dark blue, almost like a night sky with stars.

Body - Normal size head , long neck for a short girl, normal size of chest, smal waist, hips like her chest and legs that is neither short and chubby or long and skinny, somewhere in between. Small hands that seams to get inside/through smal holes and small feet to match. A pettite little girl.

Clothing: Blue or black pants with a brown belt, grey kneehigh socks, black boots...kneehigh, and white shirts, grey, blue or black t-shirts and sometimes with long sleeves. For outside she have a dark green ankle long coat that fits like a glove on her female form.

Jewels: Silver earrings and a silver ring on her left hand. Looks like a braid and can come apart with four rings that you can puzzle back together. Some say if someone on the opposite sex put it together will be her soul mate.

Family: No one is alive.

Income: Danser

Skills: A good dancer and mixing it together with basic martial art moves to protect herself.

Goal: To live her life before she dies. She takes one day at a time.

Friends: Noone sens her best friends, Zac Sato and his father Kong Jinu Sato died in a bouilding on fire.

Enemies: Gangs and some in higher places that seams to have an odd interest for her.

Mode of transportation: Her feet, mostley

Weapon: The fan

Bio: She met Zac Sato and his father when she turned seventeen and loved them as her family. Kong Jinu Sato gave her an old japanese neckless with an odd marking on the loket. She never found out what it meant but she didn´t care that mutch. Zac gave her a fan that was more of a weapon than an objekt to cool down with. Two years goes by and both Zac and Kong Jinu traiend her in the martial art for a reason they never said.
The secret whas that Teu is an ancient spirit that got lost and is now in a living form as Teu Nova. Kong Jinu Sato and Zac whas given the task to protect her by any means but failed the moment they died in a burning bouilding, caused by an unknown gang or something mutch higher. She dosen´t know this herself and is frustrated by being in the shadow of knowledge.

Jivra 05-05-2006 04:02 AM

Name: Catarra

Nickname: That´s up to you.

Age: Unknown, looks like 17 or 18

Gender: Female

Race: Wildcat

Height: 5. feet

Hair: Long soft wavy dark brown hair

Eyes: Green and Yellow

Body: Lithe muscles, alowing her to bend in unatural poses. Sweet looking face, (she´s a cat)

Clothing: Wares as little as possible. Mostly a top and a tatered skirt. But also something more covering like a shirt and strethy pants in greyblue. The color makes her invisible when she moves.

Skills: As an assasin she uses what she can get her hands on or just her hands. she moves fast and silent. If no weapon, she uses her claw like fingernails that she can extend and burrow in living flesh a long way till her prey no longer breathe. She also capable of gathering information from the inside of whereever the information might be.

Goals: To fulfill her duty at 100%

((I might edit this later on))

Toonami Tom 05-14-2006 04:21 PM

My Frog character Bruce is a good guy in most RPGs. However, he plays a bad guy in my RPG "24: In the Mutant World." In that RPG he gives his key card to enter a building to an evil lizard. Now here is the profile for my new character, Fry the lizard:

Name: Fry

Race: Mutant lizard with lime green skin and yellow eyes

Height: 6'1

Weight: Unknown, he's slim but also somewhat muscular. He's not a body builder though.

Hair: None

Clothes: He always wears something. In my RPG "24: In the Mutant World" he wears a black suit.

Personality: Does everything for his own personal gain, he is evil.

Toonami Tom 06-06-2006 01:00 PM

I will probably play as this new character soon:

Name: James

Age: 20

Species: Mutant Turtle

Height: 5'

Eyes: Ice blue

Skin: light jade green

Build: Same as the 4 TMNT

Powers: Psychic (Major: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Psi-fighting/ Minor: Post/Precognative sense, Astrol projection/writing, Touch-know.)

Fighting-Twin sais, twin katanas, sprinting, martial arts, ninjitsu

Clothes and gear: Wears a brown belt with a strap that goes across his chest, katana seathes on his back (just like Leonardo), on the sides of his belt are slots on each side for his twin sais. He always wears a black trench coat and black boots. Unlike the 4 TMNT, he doesn't have the wrist, elbow, or knee guards. His weapons are twin sais and twin katanas.

*EmoFairy* 06-16-2006 06:17 PM

This is my character in my RP ' That One Cool RPG' and will also be my character in other RP's that I join:

Name: Elvira

Nicknames: Elly by close friends ( if she had any ), otherwise people just make them up for her

Age: unknown, but is thought to be around 17 or 18

Gender: Female

Race: human (with magic)

Height: 5"3

Hair: Black, just below her ears

Eyes: hazel

Shape: Extremly muscular, not so much fighting skills her teen years ( 14-16 ) boys would always be all over her


In battle: A black dress type thing that goes just above her knees, a long dark purple cloak, black heel-less boots

At home ect: Mostly just her black dress, but sometimes she'll get more comfy and wear sweats or something

Skills: Elvira is able to wield magic ( her kind of magic is usually referred to as dark magic ) but she is not very powerful. She never really had training with her magic, so she can only cast weak spells, no instant death spells or anything like that. She casts her magic from her palms or fingertips mostly ( not to sound unoriginal ^^; ). She is also very intimidating, and scares off most people who would challenge her, so she doesn't fight often or for very long.

Types of magic she can cast ( to prepare people for battle :P )-

Throw-back...throws people back, hence the name. Is cast from her palms and cannot be seen.

Fire....she doesn't use this one often because of her fear of fire. Is cast from her fingertips in the form of a blast of flame

Invisibilty.... can only be used for about 2 minutes because of her magic inexperience. Is cast in the form of her body being draped invisible ( if that makes sense ). She can also make other people invisible, also for only 2 minutes. This is cast from her palms and you can only see it when the person is draped invisible.

Personality: Elvira, at first sight, is thought to be a dark, heartless woman who fears no one. She IS fear. But really, she's just Elly. She can actually be very sweet and giggly when she's opened up. She just doesn't open up easilly. She doesn't have anyone close to her because she is afraid of letting her feelings get the better of her. She has always learned that when you let your feelings decide for you, it leads to trouble. She is very cold toward strangers or people she doesn't know. She has many fears, including fire and death. She is also very sensitive.

Relationships: She has no relationships with anyone until she meets the Turtles ( how she does so is to be decided in the rp she is brought into :P ). Her relationships with them will depend on how they react to her cold attitude.

Lady Venus 06-21-2006 04:41 PM

Name: Sonica Hedgehog

Age: 16

Species: Mutant Hedgehog

Skin color: peach

Hair style: Long light blue quails hair

Eye color: Green

Height: 5'4

Weight: Not telling

Clothes: Navy blue t-shirt, blue jeans shorts, and short white gloves and black sneakers

Abilities: runs super sonic and super spin

Bio: Live her twin bro Sonic in the city. Sonic hate to out in public but Sonica loves it. Their mother is Aleena and father is Speedy. Sonica and bro live alone at big two story house. Sonica doesn't have many friend. Sonic is her only friend. She is a kinded and sweet hearted hehghop but beware don't make her mad or beat you up. She has a bit of a temper problem.

The Stryker 06-27-2006 06:56 PM



Age: ???

Weight: 217 pounds

Species: Human...we think

Race: White

HomeTown: The Edge of Sanity

Appearance: Black Mask with green trimmed eye holes, Black and Green tassles hanging from the back, Baggy pants with a black and green design.

Background: Not much is known about this guy except that he's insane.

Abilities: Agility

Toonami Tom 07-21-2006 11:57 AM

Name: Jay

Age: 17

Species: Mutant Turtle

Height: 5'5

Eyes: brown

Skin: lime green

Build: Same as the 4 TMNT

Mask color: Yellow (mask is the same style as the 4 TMNT)

Other: brown belt with katana seaths on back, brown elbow and knee pads, brown wrist bands. He can turn invisible by pressing the Foot Clan symbol button on his belt.

Weapons: Twin katana swords

Origin: Created in a Foot lab unknown to Shredder or Karai. A scientist working for the Foot took it upon himself to work on a secret project of a mutant turtle. He used new technology to 'download' ninja skills into the turtle's mind. The mutant turtle was accidently released from his genetics tube/chamber a week early. Because of this, loyalty to the scientist, Shredder, and the Foot was not downloaded into his mind.

Is he good or evil? That is unknown at this time.

wyze2099 08-03-2006 01:04 AM

Michelangelo (Mirror Universe)
Since I'm playing not only Mikey but also his dark counterpart in the "My Immoral Image" RP thread, I thought I'd post a bio for him so you folks can see what I have in mind for the character.

Savannah, Turtle in the Shell, let me know if I'm off-base about the way I'm seeing this mirror universe.

Name: Michelangelo (he refuses to go by "Mike" or "Mikey")

Age: Same as the Mikey in "Immoral Image" (I'd guess 16 or 17?)

Species: Mutant Turtle

Height: 5'5

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Forest Green

Build: Similar to his counterpart, though there are subtle differences. Primarily, he's a bit more haggard than the Mikey we're used to, since he's had a harder life.

Mask color: Orange

Other: Brown belt, brown elbow and knee pads, brown wrist bands. (As far as I know the mirror TMNT don't dress any differently from the standard versions, but I could be wrong).

Weapons: One kusari-gama, a chain weapon with a metal weight at one end and a kama-like handle and scythe blade at the other. He gave up on his nunchaku years ago.

Personality: At an early age, Michelangelo was a lot closer to the plucky, easygoing party animal we're used to, but he and his brothers found themselves going down a much darker path. Along the way, Michelangelo lost not only his father-figure Splinter, but also his sense of humor. The wellspring of anger that this emotional turtle's sense of humor had once kept at bay drove him to become bitter amd angry.

He carries around a chip on his shoulder, he's standoffish and territorial toward his brothers. He wears his emotions on his sleeve, just as he always has, but he guards his feelings by convincing himself that he feels nothing. This doesn't always work, and he's prone to infrequent bouts of rage. He seems to have become more like the standard version of Raphael than most could have foreseen. In battle, he fights wildly and visciously, as if he has nothing to lose -- and at this point in his life he believes he doesn't.

The bottom line, though, is that somewhere in this turtle is the Mikey we know and love ... but he's arguably been hit the hardest by the lawless life he and his brothers have led. But he's not about to admit that to anyone, especially himself.

wyze2099 08-04-2006 08:15 PM

Name: Max Furlong
Nicknames: Maxie, Furball ... and countless other things that are less than printable.

Physical Stats

Species: Human lycanthrope
Nationality: Caucasian American
Eyes: Brown
Hair/Fur: Dark brown

Skills and Powers: Max is a lycanthrope, able to shapeshift between a normal human form and a humanoid wolf form. He possesses increased senses (especially smell) and strength in both forms, though he only has increased speed and agility in wolf form. He is from a bloodline of lycanthropes that are less magically-created and more biological; as such he has no special vulnerability to thinks like silver bullets and wolfsbane. A wound from a silver bullet would be no more or less fatal than an ordinary bullet wound, though Max's self-healing ability is slightly better than a normal human's.

His biggest shortcoming is that he's not always able to control when he shapeshifts between forms, and his transformations are not governed by the phases of the moon.

He has a natural talent for creative writing and artwork, though this has nothing to do with his lycanthropy.

Personality: Max is deceptively smart, and he has an acerbic sense of humor, though his dealings with fearful humans has made him something of a cynic. He has an eye for the opposite sex, but given his lycanthropy, he's been known to find his head turned by human women, lycanthropes like himself, and select females of the canine persuasion. That last part really bugs him.

History: Max Furlong grew up in rural North Dakota to a farming family in a small town. He seemed perfectly human until his early adolescence, when he began showing his wolf side more. He soon began involuntarily transforming back and forth to werewolf form, and his family (his parents and older brother) found it harder and harder to hide what what was happening to him. No longer wanting to burden his family (even though they were content to let him stay), Max ran away with no particular destination in mind, and he tried living in werewolf form in the wildreness.

However, one North Dakota winter filled with bitter cold, limited food, and irate hunters was all he could stand. He was soon found by the Rawlins family, another farming family, who let him live there and accepted what he was, affording him the peace and support to bring his transformations under something resembling control. During this time, he found out that his parents had been killed by the hunters who'd tormented him; the hunters had traced Max back to his family's farm and held his parents responsible for bringing such an 'evil creature' into the world.

Eraged, max tracked down the people responsible and brutally mauled them, but stopped short of killing them when he realized how out-of-control he'd become. Returning to the Rawlins farm, he was content to live out the rest of his days there.

Recently Steph Rawlins, who was similar to Max's age and like a sister to him, moved to New York City to study architecture at NYU. Max has come along to get her settled in her new apartment, but he'll soon find his visit to the Big Apple complicated by the local weirdness.

Toonami Tom 08-04-2006 09:52 PM

Name: Yuji Miyamoto
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese
Eyes: brown
Hair: black
Age: 27

Skills: He knows ninjitsu, and is highly trained in using ninja weapons.

Weapons of choice: Twin sais

Information: He is a member of the Foot Clan. He likes to try and solve problems by talking. He only fights if it is a last resort, or self defense, or to defend others.

Fang Wolf 08-13-2006 06:30 AM

New Profile - Amelia
Basic Fact:
• Name: Amelia
• Nicename: Black Dragon
• Age: 15
• Gender: Female
• Breed: Mutant Felidae (Cat)
• Born/Living: Feudal Japan - She lives right now in modern New York

• Hair Color: Black
• Eye Color: Green
• Fur Color: Black
• Scars: Lots of old scars on the next throughout her body
• Dress style: Black leather

• Ninja Assassin Kusarigama Knife
• 2 Black Widow Assassin Katana
• Throwing Knifes & Throwing Stars

Occupational & Clan:
• Clan: Takeshi Tokugawa - The symbol of Clan is:
• Occupational: Ninja Assassin

Family, Friends & Enemies:
• Enemies: Anyone who tries to kill or injure her
• Family: Takeshi Tokugawa Clan
• Friends: ---

History: Amelia is the most insidious assassin and the most cruel.
In her past so she trained as a child to become an assassin, a skilled one.
She is trained to control all five elements: Wind, Fire, Earth, Water & Shadow And learn to manage pain.
And Her Ninja training is very painful to endure much pain each time is challenging.
Amelia has the strength of a bear, agility as a leopard, silent as a tiger & insidious as a deadly snake. - Soon new Pics on her.

-Savannah- 08-13-2006 09:58 PM

Name: Evelin Eh-vah-leen

Alias: Eve Eh-vah

Birthplace: Puerto Rico

Gender: Female

Species: Hybrid, Sea Turtle/Human

Age: 16

Height: 4'10

Weight: 110 lbs.

Eyes: Large, brilliant emerald

Hair: Black, wavy, pink headband (holds back hair except for bangs)

Spots: Medium brown

Body Structure: More petite; built for things revolving around flexibility and acrobatics than brute strength, more “feminine” looking body

Personality: She has a generally quiet and tranquil disposition, especially through normal, everyday life, but tends to be anti-social. However, she is extremely intelectual. She may not be brutally strong, but she's able to take down her opponents the "smart way", such as using pressure points or out-smarting them.

History: (COMING SOON)

Physical Abilities: Fast runner, capable of being a decent acrobat (if she practiced), flexible, able to pinpoint pressure points and temporairily disable the enemy

Likes: Books, time to herself, her privacy, writing, star-gazing

Dislikes: Social outings, being continuously disturbed

***Akilah resembles Red Lioness' sea-turtle characters, Pele and Makai (shown here):

Lady Venus 08-15-2006 01:40 PM

Name: Fury Hedgehog

Nikename: Fury

Age: 17

Species: Mutant Hedgehog

Skin color: peach

Hair style: Long red quails hair

Eye color: Green

Height: 5'10

Weight: same as Sonic

Clothes: red cloak(no hood and goes to neck to above shoes)

Abilities: Runs super sonic, chaos control and chaos blast

Weapon: chaos swords(makes 3 from chaos energy holds 1 in each hand and one in mouth like zolo in onepiece)

Bio: Lives his twin bro Sonic and baby sister Sonica in the city. Sonic hate to out in public but Sonica and Fury loves it. Their mother is Aleena and father is Speedy. Sonica, Fury and Sonic live alone at big two story house. He thinks better then his baby sis just cuz he and Sonic are older then her. He loves to tease her about anything but still loves her. He know that both Sonic and Sonica have his back.

wyze2099 08-23-2006 04:02 PM

For the Ninja Rats RPG...

Name: Addaga
Nicknames: Sensei, which he goes by almost exclusively these days.

Physical Stats

Gender: Male
Species: Mutated human/turtloid hybrid
Eyes: Formerly green, currently solid yellowish-white
Hair: Formerly gray , currently bald with three spikes sticking up.

Skills and Powers: Addaga possesses no superhuman powers, though his skill in martial arts is remarkable (though not quite on the level of Splinter) and he is able to achieve higher states of consciousness through deep meditation.

Weapons: Addaga is proficient in the use of many different varieties of weapons, but he prefers the shuriken and a bladed walking cane he fashioned out of a machine part.

Personality: Sensei is reserved and formal, moving with a deliberate pace that often seems slow, in keeping with his turtlish appearance. However, he possesses a temper that he works hard to keep under control, and it was this temper that he first studied martial arts of various worlds and cultures in order to tame. He looks upon his proteges the Ninja Rats with much fondness, though he secretly hopes he can teach them to be better martial artists than he ever was.

History: Born and raised in Plebak City, on the planet D'Hoonnib, the man formerly known as Addaga soon left the city and traveled the planet and eventually the galaxy in search of ways to tame both his wanderlust and his deep-seated temper. Taking various jobs -- mostly on freighters -- he observed many peoples and cultures, taking an interest in warrior cultures. As he moved from place to place and job to job, he picked up quite a few diverse fighting styles, and he began experimenting with ways to combine them into one system.

At one point he discovered the existence of the Battle Nexus, an interdimensional fighting tournament, and he saw it as a way to test his skill. He competed in the competition only to discover how much he didn't know about martial arts, and he was defeated repeatedly. However, he was able to learn from each defeat, and he began training under the Ultimate Daimyo, the proprietor of the Nexus and the being who had centuries ago introduced the concept of ninjutsu to a planet called Earth. Addaga was able to improve his fighting skills, eventually getting as far as third place in the tournaments, but never higher.

Frustrated by the proverbial glass ceiling of his development, he soon returned to his home realm. Taking a job as a captain of a small supply ship, Addaga settled into his life even though he had a habit of getting into (and sometimes starting) fights in galactic bars in order to keep his fighting skills sharp. The generally frustrated man finally found some measure of peace...

...Until a malfunction in the supply ship caused him and his crew to crash in Plebak City at a sewer entrance. The ship was carrying a unique experimental mutagen in cannisters, which broke open and flooded the ship. The lab animals also carried in the ship's hold drowned in the chemical, but inadvertantly transferred their genetic material to the human crew. Addaga began to transform into a turtliod creature, while his crewmates adopted the characteristics of rats.

The Human Federation investigated the mess, and rather than reverse the progressive mutations, they held the ship's crew as lab subjects for experimentation. Addaga soon used his skills in ninjutsu to liberate himself and his crewmates, leading them into hiding in the sewers.

Realizing that their bodies and minds will soon completely mimic those of the lab animals from the ship, Addaga decided to delay this through meditation and martial arts. He instructed his crewmates to do the same, and now, almost fifteen Earth-years later, the five of them have managed to stall the progressive mutation's effects and become formidably shadow warriors.

Toonami Tom 09-30-2006 11:52 AM

Elektra/Lady Surge

Name: Elektra
Nickname/other: Lady Surge
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5'8
Weight: 125 lbs
Species: Hybrid mutant human/bat
Eyes: blue
Fur: White (does not have fur on her arms and legs)
Hair: She has long black hair, down to the middle of her back in length.
Other: Bat wings on her back
Clothes: Black tank top, black skirt, blue belt, black boots.
Skills and powers: Very skilled ninja, as well as a master of electricity powers. She can also fly due to her bat wings.
History: She is the leader of the Dark Ninja Clan. She hates the Foot Clan, and it is her goal to destroy them.

Garou 10-05-2006 02:40 PM

Name: Shaira
Nickname: Kuro
Species: Loggerhead sea turtle
Eyes: Light blue
Skin: White/yellowish with brown markings on arms and legs, plus a few in her face. Her shell is brown and heart shaped with small spikes (like the real loggerhead).
Hair: Blonde hair that reaches down to her legs.
Clothes: A black gi with a blue ribbon around the waist instead of a belt. Her face is covered by a black mask identical to the ones of the Shredder's ninjas, making it hard to see that she is not a human. When wearing her Foot uniform, her hair is tied into a high ponytail.
In some RP's, she just wears a belt and green bandages on under arms and legs.

She is very intelligent, perhaps even on the same level as Donatello, her main areas being biology and chemistry. She speaks fluent English and Spanish.

For references: (It's avery old drawing, but I never got around to redo it)

cowabunga14 10-12-2006 08:39 PM

Picture reference:

Name: Reivax Hango
Nickname: Rei
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5
Weight: 220 lbs
Eyes: blue
Hair: Long, brown hair with curls at the ends
Clothes: No eyepatch, believe it or not. Usually wears carpenter pants, a stud belt, a tank top, and a trenchcoat.
Other: Has a tattoo of his girlfriend on his right shoulder.
Skills and powers: Is able to shoot rays of light from his palms when angered. He is quite skilled with just about any firearm and is very coordinated with many types of swords. He has also taken kickboxing for a number of years.
History: A long-lost friend of Casey Jones, he got in the middle of a life-altering experiment that hindered their relationship. Casey has always been jealous of Reivax's special power, and he wonders why he wasn't the one that got the ability. Reivax found out where Casey lives, and has decided to go to New York to find him.

Toonami Tom 10-14-2006 04:04 PM

Name: Christopher Logan
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 39
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 6'1
Weight: 190lbs
Info: He is an assassin, smuggler, and just an all around bad guy. He can be hired for any random task. He is very skilled with lots of different weapons, and a very skilled marksman.

Toonami Tom 10-21-2006 06:58 PM

Name: Zach
Species: Mutant Lizard
Gender: Male
Height: 5'4
Weight: 184 lbs
Eyes: blue
Skin: Orange
Clothes: black shirt, black pants, black trenchcoat, black boots, sometimes black sunglasses.
Weapons: 2 submachine guns, bombs, throwing knives, as well as other types of guns.

Toonami Tom 11-21-2006 07:50 PM

Name: Fred
Species: Mutant Frog
Gender: Male
Height: 5'5
Build: About the same as the TMNT
Eyes: brown
Skin: lime green
Clothes: Black tshirt, bluejeans
Weapons: custom made machine gun with a chainsaw bayonet.

Toonami Tom 12-06-2006 08:49 PM

Name: Victoria
Nickname: Vicky
Species: Mutant Turtle
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5'3
Build: Small
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Lime Green
Clothes: She usually wears a red dress and black boots. She may wear other clothes.
Weapons: Freeze Ray/Heat Ray Staff. She may also use other weapons.

Add Edit: Here's more information about Victoria:

History (from my RPG "Shredder World"): Victoria is from another world. In the world she came from, the Shredder had ruled the entire Earth. Not only that, but the Shredder in the other world was a turtle, an alternate version of Leonardo. Victoria was the Shredder's girlfriend. One day the 4 TMNT were accidently transported into this "Shredder World" and there were great battles. Shredder in this world soon fell in battle, and when Victoria found out she was very upset. She blamed the turtles, thinking that they had helped in Shredder's destruction. She decided she would take revenge on the TMNT.

Soon the turtles returned to their own world, and Victoria followed them. The turtles and Victoria were captured by Agent Bishop's followers, and after that Victoria became friends with the TMNT. She decided that she would change her ways, and she now lives at the lair of the TMNT.

Personality: She is very nice and kind to her family and friends. When her family and friends are threatened, she can become a 'hothead' similar to Raph. She also always wants her clothes to look nice. Even though she is a turtle, she feels that she must always wear clothes.

Ninja Skills: She is very good at stealth. It is her fighting skills that she lacks. She is able to defend hersef against Foot ninjas, mousers, and other such enemies. At the moment that is all. If she were to face an enemy stronger or more powerful, she could only win with the power of her freeze ray/heat ray staff. Perhaps she could also win against a powerful enemy if luck was on her side. She plans to continue her training to become a more skilled fighter.

She likes: cats (she used to have one as a pet), pizza, and comic books (although she is not as into comics as much as Mikey). She also can't quite decide if she has a romantic crush on any of the turtles or not. Most of the time she really thinks of them as friends or brothers, and nothing romantic. That could change though (and probably will sometime).

Add Edit: Even more information about Victoria:

Unlike the TMNT, she was not mutated. She was born a mutant turtle. Both her parents were also mutants turtles, but her parents were indeed mutated at some point, meaning that they started out as normal turtles. When she lived in the "Shredder World" she was part of a wealthy family, and she lived in a fancy mansion with her parents. The Shredder of that world (who I mentioned earlier was also a turtle) took an interest to her and became her boyfriend. They had been dating for 3 months before Shredder fell in battle.

Add Edit: Even more information about Victoria, part 2:

While Victoria and Shredder were dating, Shredder told Baxter Stockman (of the alternate reality) to make a freeze ray/heat ray staff for Victoria. Baxter created the staff, and it was given to Victoria as a gift from Shredder.

Now I will go back 20 years: 20 years ago, when it was about time for Victoria and her brothers and sisters to be born (or hatch from their eggs); Victoria's parents were attacked by a group of evil mutants. Victoria's parents survived the battle, but they managed to escape with only one of their children (in the egg), and that child was Victoria. The other eggs were all smashed by a mutant tiger known as General Claw, the leader of the evil group of mutants that had attacked.

Toonami Tom 12-13-2006 07:15 PM

Name: General Claw
Species: Mutant Tiger
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Height: 7'
Build: big and very muscular.
Eyes: brown
Color: yellow with black stripes
Clothes: black musscle shirt, green camoflauge pants, and black millitary boots.
Weapons: Machine gun, shotgun, pistol, katana, and grenades.

History: He is from another world where Shredder ruled the Earth. He is a millitary general that worked for Shredder. General Claw was planning to overthrow the government and take over. He then heard that Shredder had fallen in battle, and decided that this would be the perfect time to try and take over.

Now I will go back 20 years: 20 years ago, when it was about time for the turtle Victoria and her brothers and sisters to be born (or hatch from their eggs); Victoria's parents were attacked by a an evil group of mutants. The leader of this evil group of mutants was General Claw. Victoria's parents survived the battle, but they managed to escape with only one of their children (in the egg), and that child was Victoria. The other eggs were all smashed by General Claw.

Personality: General Claw is mean and ruthless. His goal is to take over the world, and any other worlds if he gets the chance to. If he were to take over a world, or if he were to take over any land, that world or land's people would be in suffering.

General Claw will try to destroy almost anyone that stands in his way. When it comes to any of his enemies that are female, he tries to spare their lives and not to hurt them.

Family: General Claw has a daughter named Miao Yin Claw.

((I might add more about General Claw's family later.))

discordiatookie 12-17-2006 09:33 AM

Name: Thor (alien name Tha'ar)
Species: Ankylosaurus (evolved, alien type)
Gender: Male
Age: 18 earth years
Height: 6.5ft
Build: a massive hulk of a thing
Eyes: reptilian
Skin: Dark green/brown
Clothes: N/A
Weapons: Powerful hammertail and his strength, also learning martial arts (also his skin is very hard to pierce, and has a naturally armoured back)

Personality: A good guy. Can get angry at times but is very loyal to his sensei Hamato Yoshi.
Information: A space alien in exile due to wars happening in his home planet with the Tyranosaurs. He and his parents left his home world when he was a hatchling, along with all his brothers and sisters. After 10 years of planet-hopping, looking for a suitable home, they crashlanded on earth. Hamato Yoshi discovered the ship, but all on board had perished in the crash, with the exception of Thor. Yoshi then took him under his wing and brought him up. With his already powerful hammertail, Yoshi renamed him Thor, after the God of Thunder. He has not yet reached full height. (This took place in the alternate "Shredder World," of the RPG of the same name...)

I dont have any pictures of him, but check out this and imagine him Triceraton-like...!

UPDATE: He is now an ally of the turtles and spends most of his time in their world. He has become good friends with them all, especially Casey.

Toonami Tom 12-17-2006 07:04 PM

Name: Ariel
Species: Mutant Turtle
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5'1
Build: small
Eyes: blue
Skin: Dark Green
Clothes: She wears different types of clothes, and she always wears something.
Weapons: Katana, machine gun, pistol, she may also use other weapons.

Personality: Ariel is a good person. She tries to always do the right thing. Ariel is friendly and caring. She is also a very skilled warrior.

Information: Ariel is from another world where Shredder used to rule the planet Earth. Ariel decided to join the millitary with the hopes of doing something good for the world. The rules for joining the millitary were that a person had to be at least 18 years old. Ariel convinced General Claw to let her join the millitary at her young age of 16 after she proved her skills as a warrior. Three months later General Claw revolted against the government. Ariel stopped following General Claw's orders because she now knew that General Claw was evil.

Toonami Tom 12-17-2006 08:45 PM

Name: Dr. Charles Ferrell
Species: Human. He's a mutant, he has a super healing factor.
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Height: 6'1
Weight: 190lbs
Eyes: Brown
*Update* Hair: Brown
Clothes: black pants, white shirt, white lab coat.
Weapon: pistol


Updated information: Dr. Ferrell has started to change his ways. He is still a scientist that works for the Foot Clan, but he is no longer evil.

cowabunga14 12-20-2006 03:50 PM

Name: Zark Larston
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 205 lbs
Eyes: Right is red and left is green
Hair: Dark brown, short
Clothes: balck shirt, black pants, and silver armor on his legs and chest.
Weapons: sawed-off shotgun, laser pistol, Bowie knife, and his right eye.
Other: His right cyborg eye is missing skin because of a war he was in.

Personality: He's neutral until someone hires him. He doesn't like it when someone gets in the way of his bounty hunting. He is loyal to whoever hires him, and he'll do whatever it takes to get the bounty dead or alive.

Information: He's a freelance cyborg bounty hunter. His right eye is used for tracking bounty and it can shoot lasers to stun the bounty.

Toonami Tom 12-22-2006 12:48 AM

Name: Jill
Species: Mutant Turtle
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'2
Build: small
Eyes: blue
Skin: Lime Green
Clothes: White shirt(blouse), black skirt, black shoes.

Personality and information: Jill is very smart. She is also calm most of the time. She is very good with computers, tracking down information, and other computer and tech talents. She doesn't fight or have any weapons.

Fang Wolf 12-22-2006 01:31 AM

Name: Shenzi
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant Fox
Weapon: Sword
Job: Elinte Ninja
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red
Clothes: Black Elite Ninja
Personality: Very Kind and friendly, Care and Good-Hearts
History: Unknown

Toonami Tom 12-23-2006 01:34 PM

Name: Sarah Bauer
Species: human
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5'4
Build: small
Hair: blonde, shoulder length hair
Eyes: blue
Clothes: pink tshirt, bluejean skirt, white shoes.
Fighting skills and weapons: None, she does not fight.

History and personality: Sarah is a sweet teenage girl that lives in New York with her parents. She is nice and kind. Sarah becomes friends with the turtles and their allies. Her uncle is Dr. Tony Bauer. Tony works for Agent Bishop. Sarah's sister is news reporter Jennifer Bauer.

((I added more information on December 25th, 2006))

Toonami Tom 12-25-2006 01:01 PM

Name: Jennifer Bauer
Species: human
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5'6
Build: small
Hair: brown, shoulder length
Eyes: brown
Clothes: She wears different clothes. She likes to wear a tshirt and bluejeans.
Fighting skills and weapons: None, she does not fight (this may change in the future).

Information: Jennifer is a news reporter for channel 6. She is nice and kind. She is also very smart. She has a sister named Sarah. Jennifer's uncle Tony works for Agent Bishop.

Fang Wolf 12-25-2006 01:13 PM
Name: Splintija
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant Rat
Body Build: Very Small
Height: 4' 10"
Weight: 50 lbs
Weapon: Sword, Black Longe Whip and Sun-Fan
Job: Sensei
Clothes: Black Sensei Clothes
Personality: Very Kind and friendly, Care and Good-Hearts

History: She is Sensei Splinter Twin Sister, But Same Blood in vein, Same Flesh in Body..Both can Ninjitsu..

Toonami Tom 12-25-2006 04:18 PM

Name: Tony Bauer
Species: human
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Height: 5'9
Build: medium
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Clothes: black shirt, black pants, and a white lab coat.
Fighting skills and weapons: None

Information: Tony Bauer is a scientist that works for Agent Bishop. (In some RPGs Agent Bishop is dead, so Tony Bauer has taken over where Bishop left off.) Tony has 2 nieces, Jennifer Bauer and Sarah Bauer.

Toonami Tom 12-29-2006 01:51 AM

Name: Amanda Russell
Species: human
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'5
Build: small
Hair: long red hair, down to the middle of her back in length.
Eyes: blue
Occupation: Spy/Secret agent
Fighting skills and weapons: She knows ninjitsu and is an expert with many weapons. She uses many different weapons.

Information: Amanda is a good person and she has a good heart. Amanda learned ninjitsu at a young age. She works for Agent Bishop's agency as a spy/secret agent. Amanda is also very smart and a computer expert. She is also very pretty and attractive.

Fang Wolf 12-31-2006 05:07 AM

Name: Miao Yin Claw
Species: Mutant Tiger
Age: 15
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 40 lbs.
Gender: Female
Build: Very Small
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black with Silver Lock
Fur Color: White with black stripes
Personality: Very Kind and Good-heart
Clothes: Millitary Undershirt, Black trousers and Black boots.
Weapons: Sword and Rifle
Family: Her Father is General Claw
History: Unknown

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