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DestronMirage22 05-15-2017 12:30 AM

What do we really know about the Time Masters?
The Time Masters are some of the most powerful characters in the TMNT multiverse. They have the power to alter time and space. They've been involved and some important TMNT story arcs and have heavily influenced their lives.

But what do we really know about them?

We know some basic stuff:
*They reside in the 79th Dimension of Null-Time
*They sometimes use devices to travel to different eras
*It's their duty to ensure the timestream remains stable
*Some members: Renet, Lord Simultaneous, Savanti Romero (ex)
*They regularly interact with the same beings from different dimensions

But apart from stuff like this is there anything else?

They're origns have never been fully explained, nor have they explained the qualifications for becoming one, or why they do what they do.

What do you guys think about them? Did any interviews or any other sources besides the comics (like the RPG books) ever shed more light on them?

neatoman 05-15-2017 03:42 AM

Well, I don't think we know anything else about them but since their home is called "79th Dimension of Null-Time" we can infer that they live in one of at least 79 planes of reality where time doesn't exist, or that time stops at the 79th. Either way, they live outside of time.

Nortock Diab 05-15-2017 07:06 AM

We also know that they are "singularities".
There is only one version of characters such as Renet and this version is potentially able to interact with every TMNT iterations (IDW, Mirage, Archie...).

Another singularity is Cudley the Cowlick initially from TMNT Adventures (Archie) who appeared notably in Tales of the TMNT vol.2.

Panda_Kahn_fan 05-16-2017 05:02 AM

The only problem this 'sigularity' idea has is 4kids renet and Nick renet. They act like seperate characters from the mirage/IDW one who claims she's the only renet.

Nortock Diab 05-16-2017 06:51 AM

I cannot disagree with you...

I have the same issue with the black & white Turtles in Turtles Forever. To me they fill more like a pastiche rather than like the real Mirage turtles.
I have the feeling that comic book iterations and cartoon iterations do not coexist that well.

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