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D Piddy 1982 08-26-2020 08:30 AM

Rise villains in future versions of TMNT?
OK, so trying to put a positive spin on Rise. One thing that even ?the haters? can?t deny (can they?!) is that we saw a whole host of great new and original villains.

So, which of those villains would you like to see, or do you think we will see in future TMNT lore?

Let?s be honest, every iteration of the Turtles, no matter how bad, always carries something across into future TMNT universes. Especially characters. Good examples are Venus De Milo, Lord Dregg and Ch?rell.

For now my poll includes:
- Baron Draxum
- Foot Lieutenant and Brute (they come as a pair like B&R!)
- Big Mama
- Meat Sweats
- Albearto
- Hypno Potamus
- Repo Mantis

I know there are other villains but I?m trying to go with the most well known ones or significant ones from this series.

For me my favourite new villain is Meat Sweats, but Baron Draxum is up there too. Also the Foot Lt and Brute were favourites. Shame we never got a Brute figure to go with the Lt. :(

neatoman 08-26-2020 09:31 AM

I'm not really interested in seeing any of these characters return, much for the same reason I'm not interested in seeing most of the Fred Wolf, Archie, Next Mutation or even most of the 2012 Nicktoon characters come back. The problem is that I don't find most of them interesting enough to care, and in some cases they're kind of annoying. To be fair, Rise does more with it's original characters in 2 seasons than FW or 2012 managed to in 5-10 seasons, which does actually make them more memorable. If I had to make the choice between seeing Meat Sweats return or seeing Newtralizer return, I'm gonna go with Meat Sweats simply because there's more to him. And of course, simply because these characters weren't interesting in the show, that doesn't mean they can't be made interesting by someone else. It's just that right now, there isn't much too them.

Now there is actually one character you didn't mention that I might have some interest in seeing: Jupiter Jim. While the show itself just seems to treat him like he's a delusional washed up actor, there are things that make it somewhat ambigious.
I just think the ambiguity is a fun idea, is he just some crazy guy or is there some truth to his claim of being a spaceman?

dragonside 08-26-2020 11:29 AM

i've gotta say Hynopotamus is one of my favorite side villains. He's just so cool!
A magician thats a hippo that is best friends with the worm dude Warren Stone.. actually I think their duo and friendsdhip is the most entertaining.

I would love to see their dynamic in a future series or comic.

Actually, if its just them.. dimension hopping on adventures into other realities.. i think that would be even better.

Cool poll! I like it Gotta stay positive, can't just be all doom and gloom. I think celebrating what it was is more important that being upset that its gone.

IndigoErth 08-26-2020 02:43 PM

Draxum wouldn't surprise me, but maybe as a bigger threat that doesn't just get owned by another foe and randomly become an ally. I wouldn't mind seeing him be a bigger, more threatening villain and remain one. He had potential, but like a lot of ideas this show just sort of threw it away.

Big Mama could potentially come back in some form, I guess. The rest... eh, too inconsequential side villain in nature. Maybe Foot Lieutenant and Brute if working under Shredder, but they aren't really a necessity for the Foot, so maybe not. I suppose they could be used to replace B&R as more competent lackeys. (Preferably without the whole head fire thing that was never explained.)

D Piddy 1982 09-04-2020 05:08 AM

I think something to bear in mind with my question in general is that I don't expect to see these characters in this form again.

A good example would be Slash. He first appeared in Fred Wolf? Then we saw a completely different version in 2012 and then again in IDW. Or another example of something less extreme, Raph's do-rag from the Bay Movies (and Donnie's tech) starting to carry over.

There are characters in Rise that I believe we will see in name and similar appearance again, but perhaps in a very different character form.

Also something else from Rise that I believe will be passed on to future TMNT series is the mystic city, and "magical" weapons. I think that was a really interesting and original aspect to Rise

I wouldn't be surprised to see a future Mystic City and meet a "Baron Draxum" who maybe runs a magic and potions shop or something...

garsh 09-04-2020 11:55 AM

No offense, but I really really hope not.

D Piddy 1982 09-11-2020 05:24 AM


Originally Posted by garsh (Post 1860170)
No offense, but I really really hope not.

Yo! No offence taken.

Out of curiosity, why?

I get people don't like the shows design and general tone, but that still doesn't take away from some nice original villain concepts.

garsh 09-11-2020 01:03 PM

The only one of the listed characters that hold any appeal for me at all is Meat Sweats, and even then, I'd rather not see him again. Definitely, it's hard to imagine finding a good way to integrate him into a more plausible TMNT universe.

Hypno Potamus and Repo Mantis are clever and funny names, but I'm not in favor of more animal mutants in general. I like the underlying premise of Turtles much better when they're more or less the sole unique anomalies in an otherwise relatively grounded reality.

Lastly, I'm so strongly offended by Rise in general that I'd prefer if the whole ordeal could be buried and forgotten. Resurrecting anything distinctly characteristic to it will only tarnish any future TMNT iterations for me.

One big exception is that I really like most of what I know about the Rise version of Splinter. Other than the battle nexus connection, I think he might be my favorite Splinter. How's that for an unpopular opinion? :D

Torterra 09-12-2020 10:43 PM

For me I'll go for Big Mama she pretty interesting I could see her as a king pin of some underground city of mutants being sort of a shaky ally/enemy for the turtles or just being on her as a villain. Plus they can make her look even more creepy and scary than how rise drew her.

sdp 09-15-2020 01:28 PM

I meant to vote albearto but clicked someone else instead :(

miru 09-25-2020 12:03 PM

Not sure. Maybe the Purple Dragon leader in this series would be neat, she could be added to the extant line-up as their techie and token chick. (Turn her into a love interest, I don’t even care)

IDW haven’t even used Nick villains yet, so when will they ever pick up Rise material? Doubly so, as there ain’t no TNM stuff in there.

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