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BountyHunter 09-10-2020 03:50 PM

Testing Testing
Yay, I'm activated!!

Hi everybody!!

garsh 09-10-2020 10:49 PM

Hi! :D

You're a turtle fan, right? How and when were you introduced to them?

newfan 09-11-2020 01:01 AM

Hi, welcome aboard :)

Original TMNT Cartoon Fan 09-11-2020 02:24 AM

Welcome into the Technodrome.

Wesley 09-11-2020 09:43 AM

Welcome. I really liked Usagi in the 2003 series. He stole every scene he was in.

BountyHunter 10-12-2020 04:14 PM


Originally Posted by garsh (Post 1860774)
Hi! :D

You're a turtle fan, right? How and when were you introduced to them?

Thanks everyone.

And yes, I'm a turtle fan. Ever since issue one of the original series came out.

Not gonna lie though, I'm more of an Usagi Yojimbo fan, but totally love everything turtles!!

(Well, except Rise, but we won't get into that lol)

garsh 10-13-2020 06:43 AM

Nice! You're a fellow long-hauler. Personally, I didn't discover Mirage right away. My very first peek at turts was this ad in Nintendo Fun Club News Letter, so NES game first, then Playmates, then cartoon, then Archie comics, and finally Mirage some time later.

As for Usagi, I didn't realize he came from his own comic at first. He just blended into the menagerie with all the other furries, just as the perpetrators involved intended, I'm sure.

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