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Nturtle 05-20-2005 07:36 AM

Portsmouth ablaze with Turtles!
Portsmouth, NH is abuzz with turtle talk it seems as the creators head back for the PBBZ ComicCon and Small Press Fest. In Redhook Brewery, Portsmouth on the Pease International Tradeport on Sunday, May 22nd from 10am to 3pm for an admission price of $5.

Seacostonline has an interview with Peter Laird, the introduction to the limited edition issue #1 reprint written by Ralph DiBernardo and this article all from Portsmouth's Hearld Spotlight.

Also, Digital Webbing Presents #24 will feature a new turtles story in July written by Dan Berger and penciled by Andie Tong (Masters ofthe Universe), inks by Darren Close (OZ Comics), and colors by JeremyRoberts (G.I. Joe).

[Thanks to tOkKa for the scoop!]

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