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Nturtle 06-28-2005 09:15 AM

Couple Updates
First off it looks as though all the petitioning might have done some good as Cartoon Network finally returns the new TMNT show to the 5:00 PM timeslot on Miguzi starting July 4th.

Rick Remender, who penciled the "Worms of Madness" series is back again for Tales of TMNT #14. The preivew reads:

Starring not one but four Leonardos! Plucked from the past present and future, the four Leonardos find themselves in anchient Africa in batttle against feline demi-gods out to kill an innocent child. But what happens to the other Leos if one of them should die?
Also, the TMNT will be making an appearence on Animal Planet in an episode featuring Comic Book creatures! Check the link for days you can see it.

[Thanks to tOkKa and Kali for the heads up!]

Savanti Romero 07-08-2005 12:25 PM

Are the Turtles going to be in that Animal Planet show.

Nturtle 07-08-2005 12:33 PM

yes, at the times it says in the link.

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