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Shredder 06-23-2009 12:43 AM

New DTV TMNT 25th Anniversary Crossover Special!
As I'm sure many TMNT fans know by now, an original direct-to-video animated movie commemorating the 25th anniversary of the TMNT will debut this year! While new details are still emerging about the project, it appears that the special will feature a crossover between the new (2003) cartoon and original (1987) cartoon versions of the Turtles!

4kids plans to premiere the special (or at least a nearly complete version of the film) at the San Diego Comic Con (July 23-26) and the direct-to-video release will follow later this fall. A few brief scenes from the film can be seen in at the end of this clip on the 4kids website (choose the first option called "TMNT 25th Top Ten Promo" and the scenes from the special are about 30 seconds into the clip). Also, check out the 4kids blog for teaser screenshots and more information.

Feel free to discuss this exciting new project in this thread, where new information about it is being posted regularly. Keep checking back for updates and for an official release date!

Thanks to Blade Raider for the links and information!

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