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bushido 12-05-2014 03:32 PM

Bushido's collection
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Here my modest toys collection :

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Reputator 12-05-2014 03:37 PM

I'm sensing a theme. :P

bushido 12-05-2014 03:39 PM

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TheCanadiandrome 12-06-2014 12:09 AM

Nice pics my friend

bushido 12-25-2014 04:54 PM

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Now the books, comics and games :

TMNT : Chroniques des tortues ninja vol 1 & 2 (unfortunately I don't have vol 3&4). It's the french adaptation of random issues from The Tales of TMNT vol 2.
Attachment 8382

French TPB of IDW vol 1 & 2 (published by Soleil)
Attachment 8383

French TPB of IDW vol 3 & 4 (the french publication is now on stand by after only 4 TBP and no Micro or Mini)
Attachment 8384

French adaptation of First Comics Book 1 (pretty rare) and french adaptation of The River story arc by Rick Veitch with a Tanino Liberatore cover (I find it ugly personally)
Attachment 8385

bushido 12-25-2014 05:04 PM

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French adaptation of Archie Comics n5 & 6 (vol 1) and n7 & 8 (vol 2)
Attachment 8386

French adaptation of Archie Comics n9 & 10 (vol 3) and n11 & 12 (vol 4)
Attachment 8388

French adaptation of Archie Comics n13 & 14 (vol 5) and n15 & 16 (vol 6)
Attachment 8389

French adaptation of The Ultimate Visual History and Kevin Eastman's tmnt artobiography (IDW) in english.
Attachment 8390

bushido 12-25-2014 05:10 PM

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No need to explain...
Attachment 8391

LeoLover 12-25-2014 06:28 PM

Nice collection! What set are these from standing on the manholes ( second set on the man hole covers )? I want a set for sure.

bushido 12-25-2014 07:37 PM


Originally Posted by LeoLover (Post 1398700)
Nice collection! What set are these from standing on the manholes ( second set on the man hole covers )? I want a set for sure.

It's the classic movie figures :

TheCanadiandrome 12-25-2014 10:52 PM

Nice collection

LeoLover 12-25-2014 11:18 PM


Originally Posted by bushido (Post 1398720)

Aaaaaaand added to the wish list. Thanks for the link man.

bushido 01-12-2015 12:04 PM

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little update :

TMNT Les nouvelles aventures vol 1 (french edition of New Adventures). It's the FCBD and the n2 (yes no n1, don't ask me why). Ninja Turtles : Next Mutation complete serie (not a fan but it's just for the collection).
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TheCanadiandrome 01-12-2015 02:25 PM

very cool additions

bushido 03-17-2015 02:23 PM

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TMNT Les nouvelles aventures vol 2 (french edition of New Adventures). It contains issue #1 and issue #4 (yes I know...thanks to Soleil to screw up the french edition)
Attachment 8826

TheCanadiandrome 03-17-2015 02:25 PM

harcover to, looks cool

bushido 03-17-2015 02:30 PM


Originally Posted by TheCanadiandrome (Post 1433289)
harcover to, looks cool

Yes hardcover but Soleil f**cked up the publication...

TheCanadiandrome 03-17-2015 02:46 PM

bummer dude

papa_smurf73 03-17-2015 05:33 PM

This is a prime example of the magic of TMNT man. It's so awesome to see examples of the Turtles show up in other countries. I know even the OT toy line made it as far as Japan and Argentina in some form or another. But seeing IDW covers with French titles is f**kin bad ass, I must say. Its the mutagen that binds us. haha.

I was listening to a segment of Kevin Smith's Fatman on Batman today. They talked about global distribution of comic books, and how they bring communities, and in this case countries together on a common interest. There are few mediums that can do this as well as a comic book. Sorry for the rant. You have a great collection there my dude. Thanks for sharing. :)

bushido 03-17-2015 07:32 PM

Thanks ! That's the turtle power !

bushido 06-15-2015 12:01 PM

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Little update with new toys and the complete first season of 4kids cartoon :

Attachment 9208Attachment 9209

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