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Andrew NDB 09-25-2017 10:59 AM

AICN founder Harry Knowles accused of sexual assault

All of the Talkbacks are being shut down on but there's a couple still active. They're very worth going to, especially this one:

A lot of people already saying goodbye on there.

ProactiveMan 09-26-2017 08:48 AM

Wow.. I haven't thought about Aint it Cool in about a million years. I used to read it religiously in the late 90s, and I have to say at the time, even to a dirty teenage boy, Knowles came off as a bit of a perv.

plastroncafe 09-26-2017 09:01 AM

Yeah, I heard about this this morning.
Reading the goodbye messages from long-time contributors took me aback.

Andrew NDB 09-26-2017 10:00 AM

This is now the only remaining Talkback I can find. Even that one from yesterday has been deleted, and tons of others.

Mayhem 09-26-2017 04:28 PM

I suppose the question is, if true, why now, why not years ago when Harry was a megastar and probably had more to lose (like money in settlements)...?

Andrew NDB 09-26-2017 04:32 PM

It seems very weird. And it's long past the statute of limitations.

plastroncafe 09-26-2017 04:54 PM


On Sept. 11, it came to light that former Birth.Movies.Death editor Devin Faraci -- who stepped down from the Drafthouse-owened publication in October 2016 after an accusation of sexual misconduct -- has been subsequently employed by the Drafthouse as an in-house copywriter.

The ensuing scandal has cast a dark shadow on the Austin movie institution, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. One Fantastic Fest programmer resigned in protest, Faraci published and retracted a statement, Drafthouse owner Tim League explained his actions in re: Faraci, the apologized, then stated he wouldn't be attending Fantastic Fest.
This is why it came up.

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