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Originally Posted by DrSpengler View Post
Here's my review of TMNT #17 at TMNT Entity.

Alright, as a lifelong hater of the Neutrinos, I've gotta admit this was pretty great. Keeping the neo-pompadors and ridiculous outfits whilst simultaneously trying to portray them as badass commandos was just hilarious. And slipping in Zenter, Gizzla and Tribble was an obscure bit of fanwank, but not a distracting one either (the fanwank in IDW's Transformers comics can't say the same thing).

I do kinda hope we get an explanation as to how Dask and Zak survived getting shot in #14, though.

What I really loved were Ben Bates's pencils. Dude's really good. I was skeptical, as I'd only ever seen him on Sonic and Mega Man, both of which employ highly cartoony art styles, so I wasn't sure how his take on the TMNT would look. It's great stuff and he's shaping up to be my favorite of the three regulars the ongoing has had thus far. Loved the smug look on Karai's face and little touches like Stockman's reflection in Krang's cockpit window or Mikey goofing off while dodging lasers. And he gets basic fundamentals like perspective and scale better than either Duncan or Kuhn did when they first started.

I hope he sticks around.
Nice review! For the record, however, that wasn't Zak and Dask killed in issue #14 -- just some other Neutrino Resistance Fighters with sweet haircuts.


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